Thursday, March 19, 2015

Swoon Fest: Thursday Casting and Character Bios #3

Heidi here again, and it's time to get to week 3 of our Casting and Interviews. This week we head back to the world of Fircrest to the Love and Flowers and Love and Weddings Trilogies. We were SOOO excited to hear from Shannon yesterday that book two of Love and Weddings, Pule's Story, is done! We at Swoon Fest are all doing a happy dance and waiting anxiously to get our hands on it! Until then, here are a few castings from KJ at KJ's Book Nook, to help you out while you wait. We hope you enjoy!
                                                           Love and Flowers
Falling for Rayne
Dreaming of Ivy

A Passion For Cleo

Love and Weddings
My One and Only

Matafeo Men
The Swoony ladies and I had a hard time picking our favorite "Matafeo". We want to hear your opinion. Who is your favorite Matafeo in Fircrest and why? We'd love for you to leave a comment below!





                              Character Interview Week 3

This weeks interview is of our favorite witch couple. :) Kathy's choice!! Remember these two??!! A big thanks to Shannon once again for the fun insight to some of our favorite characters!

The Lost Witch Trilogy 
by Katie Lee O' Guinn (a.k.a Shannon Guymon)

Sarah & Zane
What do you like to do on a romantic date?
                  Zane: Sarah likes to pretend she's normal so she loves dinner and a movie. For me? I prefer flying on the beach followed by a candlelit dinner on the roof.

What do you like most about each other?
                  Sarah:  I love that Zane was never scared of me. He's so strong, he never had to be.
                  Zane:  I love that Sarah is the most extraordinary woman I know I'll ever meet.

What is your favorite way to spend time together?
                  Sarah:  Walking through town and knowing we're safe and happy.
                  Zane:  Kissing

What are  three things on your bucket list?
                  Zane:  Visit Europe and meet new witches there. Surf in Australia. Climb Mt. Everest. 
                  Sarah:  Visit Lash and Jenny. Go to Disneyland. Visit all of our friends who helped us beat Charles.
                  Zane:  Except Jericho.
                  Sarah:  Especially Jericho.

What is “your song? Accidentally in Love by the Counting Crows.

Beach or Mountains? Beach

Book or Movie?  Movie

What is the craziest date you’ve been on?
              We were down in Florida for a little getaway and Sarah decides she wants some Cuban food. So we get all dressed up and we find the best place down by the beach.  Best food I've ever had in my life. We then go on a little chartered boat ride and one of the other passengers is drunk and falls overboard. Sarah dives into the ocean and brings the man up before he can drown, but she had a little too much power flowing so she ends up flying up into the boat with the guy in her arms. I had to use a little mind control to fix a few memories.  But the guy lived and Sarah now loves Florida.  

How would you describe each other to someone else in three words?
                  Zane:  Powerful, sexy and good
                  Sarah:  Ultra powerful, gorgeous and sweet.


  1. Tate...but I think all of them are great!

  2. These have been such great reading! I appreciate all the hard work you guys have put into it. It's been fun reading the same books as my daughters. I love all Shannon's books.

  3. Tai but they are all hotties ;) love the lost with casting and interviews wooh!!!!