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Review: Lord Fenton's Folly by Josi S. Kilpack

Lord Fenton's Folly (Proper Romance) by Josi S. Kilpack
Paperback, 336 pages
Expected publication: October 6th 2015 by Shadow Mountain 
My Rating: 5 Stars
My Source: I won an ARC and I'm providing an honest review and receiving no compenstaion
Description: Lord Fenton is a gambler, a dandy, and a flirt—and he must marry or else he will be disinherited, stripped of his wealth and his position. He chooses Alice Stanbridge for two simple reasons: he once knew her as a young girl, and she is the least objectionable option available to him.

However, Alice has harbored feelings for Fenton since their first meeting ten years ago, and she believes his proposal is real. When she discovers it is not, she is embarrassed and hurt. However, a match with the most-eligible bachelor in London would secure not only her future but that of her family as well.

Determined to protect herself from making a fool of herself a second time, Alice matches Lord Fenton wit for wit and insult for insult as they move toward a marriage of convenience that is anything but a happy union. Only when faced with family secrets that have shaped Fenton’s life does he let down his guard enough to find room in his heart for Alice. But can Alice risk her heart a second time?
My Review:  This story fit my mood exactly. I love a good, proper romance, especially one filled with anticipation and little subtle hints of romance--those moments kept me reading and left me wanting more.

Lord Fenton (Charles) and Alice had met when they were a lot younger and the encounter always left Alice a bit in awe of Fenton. He's an eligible man, but he's a silly dandy and when he's forced to settle down and make a match, Alice is the one he chooses--and not for the reasons that she hopes for.

Alice is a spunky young woman and is determined not to let Fenton hurt her. They are both very strog personalities and I love the witty banter they had between them. I can't imagine living in a time when loveless marriages are the norm. I've always thought it's possible for two people to make a marriage work, when both are determined and have that common goal, and this story showed that it's not as easy to do as I believed. The journey this couple takes is necessary to get to where they ended up, with a lot of misunderstandings and hardships along the way. Sometimes growth means thinking outside of your own needs and wants and all growth is hard to go through.

The secrets that are revealed are tough to deal with and I enjoyed the way the characters came together. I especially loved Fenton's mother. What an example of selflessness and charity! The lessons taught are priceless. I loved the setting and was able to visualize it. I recommend this for clean Regency romance lovers.

Content: mild romance; nothing else of note. Clean!

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About the Author:


Josi S. Kilpack hated to read until her mother handed her a copy of The Witch of Blackbird Pond when she was 13. From that day forward, she read everything she could get her hands on and accredits her writing “education” to the many novels she has “studied” since then. She began writing her first novel in 1998 and never stopped. Her novel, Sheep’s Clothing won the Whitney Award 2007 for Mystery/Suspense. Lemon Tart, the first book in the Sadie Hoffmiller Culinary Mystery series was a finalist in 2009. Josi currently lives in Willard Utah with her husband, children and super-cute cat.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Review: Cupcakery by Toni Miller

Cupcakery: Party-perfect Cupcakes in a Flash by Toni Miller
239 pages, Published June 9th 2015 by Cedar Fort, Inc.
My Rating: 4.5 Stars
Source: I received a copy in exchange for an honest review 

About the Book: 
There is nothing quite like a row of pretty little cupcakes lined up in a bakery display case. Who can resist so many fun flavors and adorable sprinkles?

Now you can skip the trip and the cost of bakery-style cupcakes and learn how to make them right in your own home, starting from a cake mix! Anybody can follow these easy recipes and create these adorable designs. And with so many unique flavors, you’ll want to try them all.

Blueberry-Stuffed French Toast
Monster Cookie Dough
Root Beer Float
Chocolate Caramel Irish Cream
Blue Velvet Coconut
Mocha Peppermint Crunch

Popular blogger Toni Miller’s baking has been featured online by Better Homes & Gardens, The Cooking Channel, Yahoo!, Mashable, and Good Housekeeping. And she’s won four national contests with her adorable cupcakes.

Tasty and tempting, these treats are simply irresistible. Perfect for all of life’s celebrations!

My Review: 
Cupcakes. Who can resist cupcakes? I sure can't! I really enjoyed the way this book broke it down. I'm not a creative person and I once tried to do pretty frosting and it ended up a disaster! This book starts out with explaining different methods of baking, frosting, and decorating. Even I could do this! Then came the good stuff--recipes. Lots and lots of different recipes. Each section is separated into similar types of cupcakes. Such as, kiddie flavors, traditional flavors, seasonal flavors, breakfast flavors. I never would have thought to make a Cotton Candy Cupcake. And Neapolitan? Yum! There were so many different kinds--I'm going to be baking for awhile yet to come.

Out of the ones I tried, my favorite was the S'mores Cupcakes. Ooh, so good! This cupcake is made with a yellow cake mix and graham cracker crumbs are added to the batter. A chocolate fudgy ganache tops it with a creamy, fluffy marshmallow cream frosting. Seriously divine!

The instructions are easy to follow and the explanations of technique were very helpful. Using a cake mix is so very simple, but I would have love to see a basic batter recipe. I'm trying to eat healthier and although cupcakes are nowhere near healthy, at least a mix from scratch doesn't have the preservatives and added things in it. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to bake a better, more professional looking, and delicious tasting cupcake.

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http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/cupcakery-toni-miller/1120872798?ean=9781462116263 http://www.amazon.com/Cupcakery-Party-perfect-Cupcakes-Toni-Miller/dp/1462116264/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1435285338&sr=8-1&keywords=cupcakery

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About the Author:
Toni’s sweet adventure began with her love for parties and creative knack. What started as a hobby of self-taught home cake baking and decorating quickly grew into a successful baking blog and a love for all things adorable sweet. Her work can be found on many websites and publications around the world, including Better Homes and Gardens, Good Housekeeping, Today, Yahoo!, and more.

*Images are provided by the author*

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Review: Best Friends....Forever? by Krysten Lindsay Hager

Best Friends......Forever? (Landry's True Colors Series Book 2) by Krysten Lindsay Hager
212 pages, March 24th 2015 by Clean Reads
My Rating: 5 Stars
Source: I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

Description: Landry Albright hopes the new year will start off in an amazing way—instead she has to deal with more frenemy issues, boy drama, and having most of her besties make the cheerleading squad without her. Suddenly, it seems like all anyone can talk about is starting high school next year—something she finds terrifying.

Landry gets her first boyfriend, but then gets dumped just as things come to a head with her friends. She feels lost and left out, but finds good advice from what she considers an unlikely source. Landry has to deal with learning how to speak up for what’s right, tell the truth (even when it hurts), and how to get past the fear of failure as she gets another shot at competing in the American IngĂ©nue modeling competition.

My Review: Best Friends.....Forever? picks up right where True Colors left off. Definitely read True Colors first! You can see my review here.

I swear Ms. Hager stole my middle school journal, read it, and adapted it for her book. What I really love about this story is the way it is told from a 14 year old girl's perspective and her voice is so realistic to that age. The way she thinks and analyzes every little thing and the way she interacts with her friends and parents is true to the age. It took me back to when I was going through similar things (years ago) and the way I would thought processes I would go through, as well as the way I would act. Seriously--it's realistic.

For some reason, there are mean girls everywhere and Landry really gets a dose of them in this book. I couldn't understand how she could be around some of these girls, but she's such a nice person and really tries hard to accept everyone around her. I love the journey that encompasses a first boyfriend, another big modeling job, friend drama galore!, and preparing for high school. Landry goes through a lot of growth and has big decisions to make that really shape who she is and who she is becoming.

The emotion is great! I could feel Landry's pain, awkwardness, confusion, indecision, joy, and triumph. This is such a tough age to be and everyone has to go through it. I really don't want to give too much away. I thought Landry's journey was very inspiring and would be a great read for middle grade readers or for anyone needing a dose of reality to remember what it's like to go through this time of life.

Content: Clean!

Buy Links:

Krysten L About the Author:
Krysten Lindsay Hager is an author and book addict who has never met a bookstore she didn’t like. She’s worked as a journalist and also writes middle grade, YA, humor essays, and adult fiction. Her debut novel, TRUE COLORS, will be out June 17th from Astraea Press. She is originally from Michigan and has lived in South Dakota, Portugal, and currently resides in Southern Ohio where you can find her reading and writing when she’s not catching up on her favorite shows.

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The Sheik's Ruby by Jennifer Moore $25 {Spotlight}

The Sheik's Ruby

sheiksThe Sheik's Ruby by Whitney Award Winning Author Jennifer Moore

Shelby wants to break away from the mold of her small town and make a name for herself in the big-city journalism world. While skiing, she meets mysterious stranger Hakim who is actually the prince of the Middle Eastern kingdom of Khali-dar. When his enemies learn of Hakim’s connection to an American girl, they target Shelby. Fleeing to the safety of Khali-dar, Shelby falls deeper in love not only with the prince, but with his country. As she struggles to survive terrorist attacks, withstand the Sheik’s prejudice, and find her place in a world she doesn’t understand, she must choose which life she is willing to sacrifice—the comfortable one she has worked so hard to create, or the one with the man she loves.

I read this last month and absolutely loved it! You can see my review here.

“Does your father know you’re asking me?”
Hakim gazed over her shoulder and took a deep breath. “He knows.”
“But he doesn’t want me to come, right?”
“I will bring a companion of my choice tomorrow.” He locked his gaze onto Shelby’s and leaned toward her. “You are my choice. Will you please come?”
The Sheik apparently doesn’t buy into the whole “guests are gifts from Allah” idea. “Of course, I would love to come.” She smiled, but knew it didn’t appear convincing. She hated feeling like she was the source of their discord.
“You are nervous. Please do not feel uncomfortable.”
“I’m worried I’ll say or do something stupid.” She winced. “I’m not exactly a refined debutante who knows how to act in formal situations. I don’t want to embarrass you, Hakim.”
“I do not want you to be a refined debutante. I have spent enough time with those people to know they are not what I want.”Hakim maneuvered his horse until he faced Shelby and their legs were nearly touching. He leaned closer, his gaze earnest. “What I want is you, Shelby Jo.” He cupped her cheek in his hand.
Shelby felt her heart flutter and her nerve endings tingle as she lost herself in the deep brown pools of his eyes.
His thumb stroked her skin, leaving a trail of heat in its wake. He slid his hand into her hair and drew her closer, his lips covering hers.
When she drew away, Shelby inhaled deeply and grinned. “Hearing you put it that way, how could I possibly refuse?”
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Praise for Sheik's Ruby

“What a fun read! THE SHEIK’S RUBY is a fabulous Cinderella story with both ancient and modern tones you don’t want to miss.” ~Josi Kilpack ~*~

“THE SHEIK’S RUBY is a perfect blend of romance and adventure, set in locales both familiar and exotic. When I finished, I wanted to start over and enjoy it again. ~Nancy Allen

JenniferAuthor Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore is a passionate reader and writer of all things romance due to the need to balance the rest of her world that includes a perpetually traveling husband and four active sons, who create heaps of laundry that is anything but romantic. She suffers from an unhealthy addiction to 18th and 19th century military history and literature. Jennifer has a B.A. in Linguistics from the University of Utah and is a Guitar Hero champion. She lives in northern Utah with her family, but most of the time wishes she was on board a frigate during the Age of Sail.

Also by Jennifer Moore: 
Becoming Lady Lockwood (2014 Whitney Award Winner), Lady Emma's Campaign 
& Miss Burton Unmasks a Prince.  

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Review: Betrayed by the Ocean (Ocean Series Book 2) by Christine Steendam

240 pages, January 9th 2015 by Hazelridge Press
My Rating: 4 Stars
Source: I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Description: Brant Foxton won the girl, gained a legitimate life, and created a family for himself. But when his happily-ever-after comes crashing down he turns to the only thing he knows to try and find himself: the ocean. 

Cutting ties with everyone he ever cared about, Brant begins a journey that he hopes will bring him back to the path he once walked, only to become more lost than ever.
Now he must learn to trust again and look for hope outside of his beloved ocean or his life may just come to an abrupt close at the end of a noose.


My Review: This is Book 2 in the series, but can stand alone. Personally, I enjoyed reading the first book before this one. I understood the background and the characters better because of it, but I don't think a reader would be lost if Book 1 wasn't read first.

I was a little distressed about how Book 1 ended and wondered what was in store for these characters in the next installment. Things didn't end up the way I wanted them to and I wondered if they would be resolved in a satisfactory way. This author has a great way of weaving twists and turns into a story that leave a reader reeling, yet looking for more. I was once again surprised by some of the events.

Brant is a very passionate character and when things fall down around him, he turns to his one true and first love--the ocean. He has a lot of struggles and I enjoyed the journey he took, from hitting rock bottom, to finding hope, to seeking redemption.

It was great to see glimpses of characters from the first book and to see where they are in their lives. I found the new characters to be just as likeable. This adventurous pirate story is great!

Content: very mild romance; moderate religious elements (faith and finding God play a big role in the journey, but it's not preachy); mild-moderate violence (pirate activities--murder, plunder, fights, etc); no language. Clean!

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About the Author:
Christine Steendam 
Christine Steendam is the award-winning romance author of the Foremost Chronicles and the Ocean Series. She also flirts with sci-fi and comic book writing and is a yearly participant in NaNoWriMo.
Christine makes her home in Manitoba, Canada on a sprawling 15 acre ranch with her husband, two young sons, and a brood of animals including Guinness, her beloved chocolate quarter horse, Beau, her St Bernard/Golden Retriever cross, and a gaggle of barn kittens.

Twitter  *  Website  *  Amazon  *  Goodreads  *  Facebook

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Review: Working With the Enemy by Brandan C. Hadlock

Working With The Enemy by Brandan C. Hadlock
79 pages Published June 2015 by Beacon Enterprizes
My Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Action, Thriller, Adventure
Source: I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Description: John Case is an ordinary man: he attends church with his family; he mows the lawn; and he pays his taxes. He's also been out of work for months. Two foreign powers want the top-secret missile schematics that someone named Big J has clandestinely auctioned. Intelligence operatives have narrowed their search, and tonight, John and his family will be swept into a terrifying adventure of international espionage and extortion.

If you've been looking for a thrilling, clean, family adventure, this is it!

My Review: John is just your average guy, working hard to try and make ends meet and to provide for his family. When he is mistaken for someone else, a big and dangerous adventure ensues.

I was amazed at how well this short story was done! There was plenty of action and the characters were developed enough that I was able to find them likeable and their relationships believable.

I found myself wondering how I would act if I were in John's place. He was level headed and calm, for the most part, which made me like him more, since I would be a mess in his shoes. The pace clipped along, but it was just right for the story. I am curious to see what will happen next.

Content: Nothing graphic--just good, clean, intense action.

Buy Link:


About the Author:
Brandan Hadlock was born in the Four-Corners area of the southwest, the son of two of the greatest parents one could have. He grew up in sunny Arizona. Thankfully, (as he remembers) he was in the mountains when the temperature in Phoenix hit 122 degrees Fahrenheit. His future wife lived briefly in a near-by city, but they weren't blessed to meet until years later when they were both living -- yes, in the mountains (of Utah).

His interest in writing may have been sparked by two second- or third- grade teachers who said he'd write the next Star Wars® (Thanks Ms. Livingston and Ms. Bea). In junior high he helped edit and publish the school's literary magazine and was an editor and writer for the school newspaper (if his memory is correct). In college, as part of a class project, he contributed to a freshman survival guide and a writing handbook.

He'd love to hear from his readers. You can contact him at bchadlock@bjamble.com

Monday, June 22, 2015

Review: Eyes Unveiled (Unveiled Series Book 1) by Crystal Walton

Eyes Unveiled (Unveiled Series Book 1) by Crystal Walton
360 pages, January 2015 by Impact Editions, LLC
My Rating: 4 Stars
Source: I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Description: Twenty-one-year-old Emma Matthews lost the song in her heart the same night she lost her dad. With an unfulfilled promise and an ultimatum shadowing her junior year of college, maybe it’s better that way. You can’t hurt if you can’t feel.

But when the reflection she sees in musician Riley Preston’s eyes borders dangerously close to the one she’s spent the last five years searching for, Emma discovers her walls can’t guard her heart from its fiercest desire. Terrified of what she’s experiencing, and even more afraid of what she might lose, Emma grapples for the courage to hold on to one dream without abandoning the promise of another.

Contemporary Inspirational Romance novel Eyes Unveiled lets you relive those heartfelt moments when you don’t know how you’d survive a day without your best friend, when you’re trying to figure out who you are and what you’re supposed to do with your life, and when falling in love changes everything.

My Review:  I felt so many emotions, including being annoyed with the characters to feeling their joy, sorrow, hopes, and dreams. Great emotion!

Emma is dealing with a lot and a relationship is the last thing she needs, but she can't help being interested in Riley, a musician, while A.J. shows interest in her. There's a big love triangle in this one, which is an aspect of a book that I don't mind at all.

I love that Emma has a great relationship with her brother and with her roommate. She is a kind soul and tries really hard to make everyone around her comfortable and happy, but it doesn't always work out right when others get the wrong idea about a situation. Emma has trouble getting a backbone when she really needs one--it's almost like she's so afraid of offending and hurting others that she takes the easy way out by ignoring the situation until it's too late. That flaw makes her seem very real. 

I liked getting to know all of the different characters, but felt they were almost introduced a little too fast and until I got into the story a little bit, I had a hard time remembering which was which. A few things seemed a little sudden. Emma is madly in love and has a new best friend after only a few short weeks. Even though she's in love, she can't quite commit and is very indecisive for much too long. I felt for the guys and wished she would've made up her mind. Once again, this flaw makes her real (I can be indecisive too).

I thought that music would have played a bigger role in the storyline than it did, so I was a tad disappointed, but maybe future installments will showcase that more. That said, there were so many positive messages sprinkled throughout and I really appreciated the clean content in the New Adult genre.

Content: kissing (clean); mild violence (a fight); no language that I recall. Clean.

Buy Link:

About the Author:
Crystal Walton 
Amidst multiple moves up and down the east coast, Crystal received her bachelor of arts from Messiah College in PA, married her exact opposite in upstate NY, and earned her master of arts from Regent University in VA, where she currently resides with her husband. Crystal writes contemporary inspirational romance fueled by venti green teas from Starbucks.

When not working her accounting day job, she's delving into the wonder of words, supporting her Starbucks habit, or laughing over movie quotes & singing eighties songs with her husband.

She'd love to connect with you at http://crystal-walton.com

The Children of Darkness by David Litwack $100 Book Blast

Children of Darkness The Children of Darkness, book one of the dystopian trilogy, The Seekers by David Litwack

"But what are we without dreams?" A thousand years ago the Darkness came--a time of violence and social collapse when technology ran rampant. But the vicars of the Temple of Light brought peace, ushering in an era of blessed simplicity. For ten centuries they have kept the madness at bay with "temple magic," eliminating forever the rush of progress that nearly caused the destruction of everything. Childhood friends, Orah and Nathaniel, have always lived in the tiny village of Little Pond, longing for more from life but unwilling to challenge the rigid status quo. When their friend Thomas returns from the Temple after his "teaching"—the secret coming-of-age ritual that binds the young to the Light—they barely recognize the broken and brooding man the boy has become. Then when Orah is summoned as well, Nathaniel follows in a foolhardy attempt to save her. In the prisons of Temple City, they discover a terrible secret that launches the three on a journey to find the forbidden keep, placing their lives in jeopardy. For hidden in the keep awaits a truth from the past that threatens the foundation of the Temple. If they reveal that truth, they might release the long-suppressed potential of their people, but they would also incur the Temple’s wrath as it is written: "If there comes among you a dreamer of dreams saying 'Let us return to the darkness,' you shall stone him, because he has sought to thrust you away from the light."

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Praise for The Children of Darkness

 “A must-read page turner.” Kirkus Review

 “Litwack’s storytelling painted a world of both light and darkness–and the truth that would mix the two.” Fiction Fervor

“The Children of Darkness is a dystopian novel that will stay with you long after you finish reading it.” C.P. Bialois

 “A fresh perspective on our own society...[an] enjoyable read that will make you wonder just how society will judge us in the future.” Lexie  

David Litwack Author David Litwack

The urge to write first struck when working on a newsletter at a youth encampment in the woods of northern Maine. It may have been the night when lightning flashed at sunset followed by northern lights rippling after dark. Or maybe it was the newsletter's editor, a girl with eyes the color of the ocean. But he was inspired to write about the blurry line between reality and the fantastic. Using two fingers and lots of white-out, he religiously typed five pages a day throughout college and well into his twenties. Then life intervened. He paused to raise two sons and pursue a career, in the process becoming a well-known entrepreneur in the software industry, founding several successful companies. When he found time again to daydream, the urge to write returned. After publishing two award winning novels, Along the Watchtower and The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky, he’s hard at work on the dystopian trilogy, The Seekers. David and his wife split their time between Cape Cod, Florida and anywhere else that catches their fancy. He no longer limits himself to five pages a day and is thankful every keystroke for the invention of the word processor.

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Review: Attractive Nuisance (Legally in Love Book 1) by Jennifer Griffith

Attractive Nuisance (Legally in Love Book 1)
by Jennifer Griffith
Kindle Edition, 154 pages
Published February 11th 2015 
My Rating: 4 Stars
Source: I received a copy from eBooks for Review in exchange for an honest review
Description: Camilla Sweeten is serious about her job in the County Attorney’s office. She’s even working up the courage to ask her boss to consider her for promotion to deputy.

Then, into court walks the gorgeous Zane Holyoake, and disaster strikes—in the form of a total brain fog right in the middle of her closing arguments. In front of both her boss and the meanest bear of a judge in the county, Camilla hears herself saying, “Like, I totally made my point,” as though she’d flown in from1980s California in a time machine airplane.

Now her boss will never consider her for deputy—especially since Zane turns out to be a new lawyer, possibly brought in to steal her dream job.

But when a notorious criminal is caught in their county, Camilla must focus on getting the thief convicted and not on Zane, who smells heavenly and is bent on distracting her with lunch offers and wacky Boy Scout stories that may melt her many resolves.

It’s going to take incredible willpower to ignore this attractive nuisance.

My Review:  I love a persistent and determined man who knows exactly what he wants and that's just what Zane is. When Zane walked into the courtroom, all reason flew out of Camilla's mind and she ends up making a fool out of herself. 
In a way, these two remind me of the Loony Toons characters PePe Le Pew and Penelope. Camilla is desperate to avoid the clutches of Zane and will do anything possible to shoot him down, avoid him, and escape his presence. Zane, on the other hand, will do anything to trick Camilla into a date, to woo her with his charms and good looks, and to capture her time and attention. He's not perfect and does things to drive her crazy, but she has a hard time resisting his smooth charisma.

Camilla is very committed to work, since she doesn't have a family. That kind of loyalty is good, but she takes it too far, leaving no room for romance. It's explained why she does this, but I still had a hard time understanding it. Zane doesn't take much seriously and has very good reasons for his light heart. I enjoyed their banter and the way they learned to work together, trying to capture a criminal. I'm looking forward to what else this series will bring.

Content: mild romance (kissing); nothing else of note. Clean!
Buy Link:
About the Author:
unnamedFDRE9K6NJennifer Griffith studied French, German, Japanese, and a wee bit of Spanish in her school days. Her grandmother was Norwegian, and Jennifer grew up with lots of Scandinavian traditions floating around, including fabulous cardamom laced cookies called Krumkaker, made on a fancy waffle iron. However, she’d never dream of trying to teach someone any of those languages. And she might botch the cookies. Instead, she writes novels in English, drives her five kids a million places, and laughs with her husband, who came up with the plot for Immersed because he’s just a cool muse like that.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review: Once Upon Two Kingdoms (A Royal Romance) by Anna del C. Dye

Once Upon Two Kingdoms (A Royal Romance) by Anna del C. Dye
2015, Smashwords Edition
My Rating: 4 Stars
Source: I received a copy in exchange for an honest review


Freedom to Choose is Paramount for any human

An arrangement made when Elizabeth was just a babe ties her to someone she has never met, never spoken to, never loved. Now she desires freedom—a way to choose her own path—her own husband. The moment Elizabeth meets Patrick she knows he is her soul mate. But when you are bound to a crown how is any choice your own?

My Review: 

I've always had a fascination with royals and used to dream about being a princess. Stories like this make me realize that it would be a lot harder than I think because often times, a princess doesn't get to choose things for herself. It would be hard to have a marriage arranged for you from birth, especially when your heart belongs to another, and this is the exact situation that Elizabeth finds herself in. I don't know if I could go through with that and Elizabeth's struggles really show.

Elizabeth is a kind young woman, but is really resistant to her parents' wishes. Patrick is a very resourceful young man and he is very likable. I loved the banter and flirting between these two. They had a little dialogue that is repetitive, with questions and answers, but it is so, so sweet and I couldn't help but smile when they went through it each time.

This story is gentle and sweet, yet there are moments of mystery and adventure. Someone is out to take over some kingdoms--who and why? I came away with a smile at the antics and events that occurred, especially with the way the villain was confronted. This is a must read for anyone who loves a good, clean romance involving a princess.

Content: very mild romance (although two characters spent a few nights together, nothing happened); no language or religious elements; mild violence (fighting, deaths--nothing at all graphic). Clean!

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http://www.amazon.com/Once-Upon-Kingdoms-Royal-Romance/dp/150774188X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1434400981&sr=8-1&keywords=once+upon+two+kingdoms  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/once-upon-two-kingdoms-anna-del-c-dye/1121144742?ean=9781507741887

About the Author:
Anna del C. DyeAnna del C. Dye was born in Valparaiso, Chile, amongst some of the world’s most famous beaches. After meeting Rodney, a native of Idaho, in her hometown, two years later, Anna traveled to Utah on Christmas Eve and married him two weeks later. Their love story, Why Him? was published by Covenant in the book entitled Tender Mercies. Anna and Rodney reside in Taylorsville, Utah and are the parents of three princes and a princess. They love to camp, canoe, explore ruins and have sword fights.

Anna del C. Dye is an accomplished, multi-award winning author. Her short story “Amerine—Fairy Princess” won 2nd place in the Oquirrh Writers contest. The first book in her new YA Romance Series entitled “A Kingdom By The Sea” won 2nd place in The Absolutely Write contest. Book three of “The Silent Warrior Trilogy,” won a bronze seal in the League of Utah Writers. Shahira and the Flying Elfs won Honor in the Oquirrh first chapter contest. Emerine’s Nightmare, a pre-teens short story, won 1st place right before it was released in digital formats for the Kindle and Nook.

Anna’s works include “The Silent Warrior Trilogy,” the beginning saga of her young adult elf series. Book one, “The Elf and the Princess” book two, “Trouble in the Elf City” and book three, “Elfs in a Conquered Realm.” Her stand alone books: “Curse of the Elfs,” “A Royal Elf of Abalon”, now “Shahira and the Flying Elfs” and also her children’s book “Emerine’s nightmare”

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