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Review: Playing for Keeps by Ranee S. Clark + Giveaway

Playing for Keeps by Ranee' S. Clark
228 pages, June 1st 2015, Covenant Communications 
My Rating: 5/5
Source: I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Description: Football-loving TyAnne Daws has long admired BYU's star quarterback from afar. This semester, she's determined to step away from the sidelines and she has the perfect game plan for winning the heart of Anthony Rocket Rogers. When some smart moves land her in one of his classes, she finds herself in the perfect position to make her play. But as she gets to know the real Anthony, away from the lights of the stadium, Ty realizes that this is no game; she's falling in love . . .
Anthony takes full advantage of his all-star status, holding girls at arm's length for one reason: it keeps him from repeating the same mistakes that once led to a devastating heartbreak. When he meets Ty, his assumption that she's just another pretty face is quickly proven wrong. Though he's completely drawn in by this sweet young woman, her intriguing mix of amusing football know-how, and her quiet selflessness, he will not let himself fall in love. But when faced with the reality of losing the woman he's come to care for despite himself, Anthony's resolve is tested. It's getting harder to keep his head in the game when his heart's on the line.

https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25264002-playing-for-keepsMy Review: Having a game plan really helps with a football game and it can't hurt to make one for a potential romance. Just ask TyAnne. She really knows her stuff where football is concerned and when she learns there's an empty seat in a football coaching class at BYU that the star quarterback, Anthony "Rocket" Rogers, is taking, she can't resist signing up and taking a shot at getting to know him.

Ty is completely herself, which is refreshing to Anthony. Her football knowledge catches his attention and her sweet, spunky, selfless personality keeps it, which scares him, as he's not looking for a relationship. Her motives start out a little fan girl, but they quickly change. Ty is loyal to her family, friendly to all, and constantly thinks about being kind, even to her stalker. The whole creepy stalker element added a lot to the story, as well giving the reader a deeper glance into the characters relationships.

Rocket is a star and has the attitude that he can love 'em and leave 'em. The growth that he goes through throughout the story is natural and one can't help but fall for him, right alongside Ty. He's just the right amount of possessive and is very protective, especially to those he really cares about. I love his relationship with his sister and with his football buddies, who were also great men. I would LOVE a story about some of those guys.

I really can't say enough good about this book--it has all the elements that I love and isn't cheesy or cliche. The clean romance really had me swooning--so many romantic moments--and the struggles the characters fought to overcome really drove the story. Everything was propelled and tied up in such a way that I couldn't put it down!

Content: mild romance (kissing); no language; very mild violence (stalking, threats of beating up, etc); mild religious elements (mentioned church and BYU, but no preaching). Clean!

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Ranee S. ClarkDuring her early years of reading, Ranee` S. Clark devoured fantasy books, which continued into her adulthood—since she often believes that a well-written romance novel is a delightful fantasy. Though raising three boys can sometimes hamper both romance with her own Mr. Charming and her writing, she tries to get a little of both in every day. And most of the time she succeeds. 

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