Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Review: Working With the Enemy by Brandan C. Hadlock

Working With The Enemy by Brandan C. Hadlock
79 pages Published June 2015 by Beacon Enterprizes
My Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Action, Thriller, Adventure
Source: I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Description: John Case is an ordinary man: he attends church with his family; he mows the lawn; and he pays his taxes. He's also been out of work for months. Two foreign powers want the top-secret missile schematics that someone named Big J has clandestinely auctioned. Intelligence operatives have narrowed their search, and tonight, John and his family will be swept into a terrifying adventure of international espionage and extortion.

If you've been looking for a thrilling, clean, family adventure, this is it!

My Review: John is just your average guy, working hard to try and make ends meet and to provide for his family. When he is mistaken for someone else, a big and dangerous adventure ensues.

I was amazed at how well this short story was done! There was plenty of action and the characters were developed enough that I was able to find them likeable and their relationships believable.

I found myself wondering how I would act if I were in John's place. He was level headed and calm, for the most part, which made me like him more, since I would be a mess in his shoes. The pace clipped along, but it was just right for the story. I am curious to see what will happen next.

Content: Nothing graphic--just good, clean, intense action.

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About the Author:
Brandan Hadlock was born in the Four-Corners area of the southwest, the son of two of the greatest parents one could have. He grew up in sunny Arizona. Thankfully, (as he remembers) he was in the mountains when the temperature in Phoenix hit 122 degrees Fahrenheit. His future wife lived briefly in a near-by city, but they weren't blessed to meet until years later when they were both living -- yes, in the mountains (of Utah).

His interest in writing may have been sparked by two second- or third- grade teachers who said he'd write the next Star Wars® (Thanks Ms. Livingston and Ms. Bea). In junior high he helped edit and publish the school's literary magazine and was an editor and writer for the school newspaper (if his memory is correct). In college, as part of a class project, he contributed to a freshman survival guide and a writing handbook.

He'd love to hear from his readers. You can contact him at bchadlock@bjamble.com

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