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Review: Dreaming of Ivy (Book 2 in the Love and Flowers Trilogy) by Shannon Guymon

Dreaming of Ivy: Book 2 in The Love and Flowers Trilogy (Volume 2) by Shannon Guymon
Kindle Edition, 235 pages, July 2014
Source: I bought a copy on Amazon
My Rating: 5 Stars
Description: Ivy Nyman is used to being the screw-up in the family. And with her issues with O.C.D and anorexia, she knows she's shaky at best. So when Rayne has to leave to save her life and she's left facing the world on her own, she's not sure if she's strong enough to handle the stress. Becket Lowell believes in her though and with his faith and love for her, she's determined to be a strong woman. Asher Murphy though is doing everything he can to come between her and Becket. As Asher's insinuations and Becket's suspicious behavior begin to take their tole, Ivy is left wondering if her dreams of happiness will ever come true.
My Review: I loved it! I've loved this series and I love how each trilogy focuses on a family, but has ties to characters from other books/trilogies. This particular one is about two sisters and their bodyguard friend, Cleo. Ivy is the younger sister and has everything money can buy, but she's very inexperienced in love and relationships. She's had trials to overcome in life, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and that's just what happens with Ivy. She is very strong and comfortable with who she is. 
Becket has had issues of his own to deal with, especially dealing with the aftermath of growing up in a dysfunctional family and serving as a Marine. I truly think their hard times have shaped who they both are and I love that they can look at who a person is and not judge by the outward appearance.
Shannon Guymon writes great romance and this one is mixed with a little mystery. The romantic moments are clean, yet toe tingling. There are many oh, so sweet quotes and gestures. I love that I know exactly what I'm getting with this author.
I enjoyed getting to know other characters better--some I really liked even more and others were infuriating. I love Fircrest and the people there. This is a great addition to a fun series!

Content: kissing (clean); very mild violence (talk of accidents, shootings, attacks, but very brief and nothing graphic); mild religious elements (mention of prayer and church, but no details); no language. Clean!
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 About the Author:  
 Shannon Guymon 
In the fourth grade, Shannon Guymon wandered into the school library and figuratively never came out again. She decided one day to take her love affair with the written word once step further and wrote her first novel, Never Letting Go of Hope.
Shannon grew up all across the United States but has finally found her home in Utah, where she lives with her six children. She enjoys the mountains, gardening, being with her family, and, of course, writing.

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