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Review: Mending Hearts: Logan's Story (Second Chances Book 2) by Kimberly Krey

Mending Hearts: Logan's Story, A Companion to the Sweet Montana Bride Series (Second Chances Book 2) by Kimberly Krey
Paperback, 304 pages
Expected publication: September 7th 2015 by Candle House Publishing 
Source: I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Candice is through with married life and all it entailed:
infertility, an adoption gone wrong, and the death of
her husband’s twin brother. Now that they’ve been
separated for nearly a year, Candice is finally ready
to set Logan free. But when he steps back into her life,
Candice begins to have second thoughts. Even
though she hasn’t fully healed from the heartache
she endured over their married years, she can't
fathom the thought of losing him a second time.
Can Candice let go of past hurts and give Logan a second chance, or will her fears keep them apart?

Logan has spent the months of separation giving Candice the space she needed. But when he
discovers that Candice is about to file for a divorce, he decides he better take action quick. He didn’t spend the best years of his life with this woman, only to let her slip away. Yet just when the opportunity comes again – his chance to finally make things right – an entirely new force threatens to tear them apart. Will opposition keep the heart-broken couple from getting back together or will they have the strength to break through the barriers, no matter what their future might bring?

My Review:

I remember briefly meeting Logan and Candice in Rough Edges and was excited to learn more about their story. Why exactly are they separated?

I love a good romance and love to see the way a couple meets and falls in love, so I wasn't sure if I would enjoy one where the couple has already been married for 10 years, separated for one, and on the brink of divorce. Oh, I was so wrong! 

Kimberly Krey tackles a very difficult subject for many married couples--infertility and adoption. I never personally suffered things to the extent that Logan and Candice did, but I could relate to how  those troubles could cause difficulty in a marriage. Ms. Krey does a fantastic job in portraying feelings and reactions. I understood where the characters were coming from and the reasons behind their actions. There's nothing fun about having to schedule things and tossing spontaneity out the window.

Logan and Candice must decide whether to give their marriage one more chance or to cut their losses and move on. I loved the discoveries made along the journey, the strength the characters developed, and the steamy clean romance. There were a few surprises, which I loved and hated, but this story really captured my attention and had me rooting for two amazing people. I love these people, their extended families (especially because of the bowl), and I love their story!

Content: some mild language; no violence or religious elements; steamy clean romance (kissing/making out, talk of intimate relations between a married couple with no details after the kissing--all behind closed doors, glimpse of topless woman--not descriptive). Clean for an older reader!

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Kimberly Krey I'm a writer of contemporary clean romance, a lover of home, family, & friends, & the ultimate hater of laundry.
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