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Review: Teaching Christ's Children about Feeling Angry by Corine Hyman

Teaching Christ's Children about Feeling Angry by Corine Hyman
Kindle Edition, Published July 29th 2015 by Teaching Christ's Children
Source: I downloaded it from Amazon and it was free at the time
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars 


Does your child have trouble expressing their anger? Do they call names when angry or hit when mad? Teaching Christ’s Children about Feeling Angry helps children understand and manage the difficult emotion of anger from a biblical perspective. Once again, Corine Hyman breaks down what the Bible says in a way that children can understand. Like all of Corine’s books, Teaching Christ’s Children about Feeling Angry is designed to speak directly to the child, and acts as a discussion starter for children and adults to use together.

My Review:

I do love the way this story teaches children that anger is a normal and natural feeling, but it needs to be controlled. Each page has a nice illustration and has a scripture from the New Living Translation Bible to go along with the thought. The writing is on a child's level, which makes it easy to relate to and I thought it was done in a way that can open up great discussions between a parent and a child. 

I am Christan, but I use a different translation of the Bible. I do think this is a great way to help a child learn to control feelings in a way that Christ would do, as we are all God's children and need to be treated as such. There are some scriptures listed at the end of the book that would be good for a family to memorize. I think those could be helpful for a child who struggles with anger, to help remind him or her the value of self-control.

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 About the Author:

Corine is the author of several Christian Children Books including: Why We Give Gifts at Christmas Time; What is Love; My Journey with Jesus Christ and Why I Give. She enjoys gardening, cooking, and dancing. While she has no biological children, she has had the privilege of helping raise four children through foster care and a host of nieces, nephews and other little people. Among the little people, she is known as Aunt Cor. To learn more about Corine visit


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