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Earthman Jack vs. The Secret Army by Matthew Kadish {Guest Post and Giveaway}

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Earthman Jack vs. The Secret Army (The Earthman Jack Space Saga, #2)Earthman Jack vs. The Secret Army
(The Earthman Jack Space Saga #2)
by Matthew Kadish
YA Sci-Fi
Paperback & ebook, 663 Pages
September 15th 2015 by Twelve Oaks Media

After his heroic battle against the Deathlords on the Ghost Planet, Jack Finnegan is looking forward to arriving at Omnicron Prime, the capitol planet of the Galactic Regalus Empire -the largest and most advanced civilization in the universe.

Things are looking bright for Jack. He has his unconventional group of friends, his mystical spaceship, and the girl of his dreams -Princess Anna. Not to mention a secret mission that could save Earth and everyone he cares about.

But things get complicated when he arrives at Omnicron. Not only is Jack uncomfortable being thrust into the spotlight for his courageous actions to save the universe, but he soon finds life in the Empire isn't everything he'd dreamed it would be.

His friends abandon him to pursue their own interests. Greedy and cunning politicians conspire to steal his spaceship. Even his relationship with Anna is strained now that she's gone from being "the girl next door" to the most powerful woman in the universe.

But beneath all that lies a new and terrifying threat from the Deathlords. A threat that grows in secret, slowly spreading throughout the Regalus Empire like a plague, and it threatens to destroy from within the only thing powerful enough to stop the Deathlords and their malicious rampage throughout the galaxy -the Empire itself.

Worst of all -Jack is the only one who knows about this new threat, and no one will believe his warnings.

Suddenly, the Empire is no longer safe for Jack and his friends. Even the people they've come to rely on the most can no longer be trusted. As those he's sworn to protect turn against him, how can Jack hope to save the day?

Fighting the Deathlords was one thing. Fighting the "good guys" is quite another. Will Jack be able to find the strength to be the hero the universe needs?

Or will he finally be defeated by this Secret Army?

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Also in the Series

Earthman Jack vs. the Ghost Planet (The Earthman Jack Space Saga, #1)
Earthman Jack is like Harry Potter meets Star Wars. A sweeping, epic space opera full of adventure, humor, magic, and coming of age. Fun for readers of all ages!
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Guest Post:

Top 9 Heroes Of Sci-Fi & Fantasy Young Adult Fiction

I like my heroes in Young Adult fiction like I like my coffee – strong, sweet, and full of caffeine.  (Okay, maybe not full of caffeine, but you get my drift.)  And when it comes to science fiction and fantasy, the literary world has no shortage of great teenage heroes.  Who are the best, you should ask?  Well, you’re in luck, because I’m going to share with you the top 9 heroes of sci-fi and fantasy Young Adult fiction.

Harry Potter (Harry Potter) – Who wouldn’t like a version of Star Wars if it was written by Roald Dahl?  Only instead of The Force, this young hero uses magic and thinly veiled Latin!  No other young adult character exemplifies the classic Hero’s Journey better than everyone’s favorite lightening-scarred Gary Stu.  And though Harry is a reluctant hero, he always does what it takes to do the right thing in the end, which is probably what makes him so endearing and gosh-darn likable.

Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson & The Olympians) – Percy is a bit of a “bad boy” when it comes to the
pantheon of YA heroes, but that doesn’t make him any less awesome.  Daddy issues aside, this Demi-
God had it all – he can control water, has enhanced strength/energy/healing, can communicate with
horses, and has a totally sweet sword that collapses into a pen!  Oh, and he fights epic monsters and
Gods, and always wins.  Of all the YA heroes out there, Percy is definitely the most powerful, yet also remains the most relatable.

Edward Cullen (Twilight) – Even though he’s not the main character of the Twilight novels, it could be argued that Edward Cullen is the hero of the books.  Why?  Because he’s always the one who swoops in and saves Bella’s sorry butt every time she gets into trouble (and she gets into trouble a lot)!  And what else would you call a guy who constantly resists his animalistic urge to eat his delicious smelling girlfriend, other than heroic?

Artemis Fowl (Artemis Fowl) – Though technically he’s an “anti-hero,” good ol’ Artemis still deserves some recognition.  Styled as a “12 year old James Bond villain,” Artemis is a child prodigy and is known to have the highest IQ on the planet.  He is a plotter and a schemer with the ability to visualize any hypothetical situation and calculate the likely outcomes, which makes him a formidable opponent to antagonists of any age.  Oh, he’s also fluent in Gnomish, is ambidextrous, and uses magic to travel through space and time.  Need I say more?

Eragon (Inheritance) – Okay, so he’s kinda whiny and not all that bright.  He’s also a thinly veiled fantasy version of Luke Skywalker.  But so what?  He rides a DRAGON!  Who cares if his family tree is more confusing than a New York Times crossword puzzle?  Eragon is a master swordfighter, uses magic with ease, and kills people by the hundreds then feels bad about it (he has a heart, y’all!).  Did I mention he rides a freakin’ dragon?

Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games) – You know there’s something special about a heroine when she can single-handedly inspire an entire generation to take up learning how to shoot a bow and arrow.  The only thing Katniss has more of than courage is heart, and she inspires readers almost as much as she inspires the oppressed people of Panem.  She also has a keen fashion sense and two hunky men pining after her.  What more does a YA heroine need?

Thomas (The Maze Runner) – Though Thomas can’t remember who he is, that doesn’t stop him from
being the most awesome dude in the world’s most overblown science fair project.  Surrounded by a
huge maze?  No sweat, Thomas will find a way out.  Attacked by giant robotic spiders?  Pah!  Thomas will kill them!  Stuck in a post-apocalyptic world?  Thomas will fix that nonsense!  Just how awesome is Thomas?  Well, turns out the ONLY GIRL left alive, who doesn’t remember anything, knows who he is. That’s right, ladies.  The mojo is strong with this one.

Beatrice “Tris” Prior (Divergent) – She was born into a society that likes to stick people into categories.  So what does Tris do?  She becomes uncategorizable!  That’s right, this chick doesn’t let ANYTHING define her other than herself.  And what does she want to be?  A chick who kicks butt and takes names, that’s who!  She knows how to fight with guns, knives, and her bare hands.  She jumps from speeding trains for fun.  She starts revolutions like most people start Facebook posts – without even thinking.  I bet she eats uncooked meat whenever she has the opportunity too!  Don’t get in this girl’s way, because she will mess you up – guaranteed.

Earthman Jack (The Earthman Jack Space Saga) – Rounding out this gang of kick-butt young adult
heroes is everyone’s favorite wise-cracking teenage slacker turned intergalactic hero.  Jack not only has his very own magical spaceship, but he also has the ability to use quantum physics to create anything with his mind and kick major alien butt all the way!  (Just don’t ask him to do math.  He hates that stuff.) 

Funny, endearing, and packing more courage than Dirty Harry packs heat, Earthman Jack is quickly
becoming a favorite among YA readers everywhere.

Aren’t familiar with Earthman Jack?  Well, now you can pick up his debut novel, Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet, for free over at  Then you can rank him for yourself against all your other favorite YA heroes.

About The Author:  Matthew Kadish is a Renaissance man, certified evil genius, and novelist.  Much like Scottish cuisine, the bulk of his creations are based on dares.  He is the most talented writer ever.  His mother tells him so every day.  Get a free copy of his book Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet at  His latest novel, Earthman Jack vs. The Secret Army, is available now.

Author Profile Headshot

Matthew Kadish is an independent author and world-recognized evil genius. When he isn't writing or being evil, he enjoys relaxing at the beach and videos of puppies. Much like Scottish cuisine, most of his literary works have been based on dares. He currently lives in Las Vegas and always bets on black, because Westley Snipes has yet to steer him wrong in life. He is the most talented author ever. His mother tells him so every day.

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