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Review: All Hallows' Eve Collection (A Timeless Romance Anthology Book 13)

All Hallows' Eve Collection (A Timeless Romance Anthology Book 13)  
310 pages
Published August 14th 2015 by Mirror Press 
Source: I received a copy in exchange for an honest review
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars


Six Award-Winning Authors have contributed new stories to A Timeless Romance Anthology: All Hallows’ Eve Collection. Three historical novellas and three contemporary novellas, all with romance, thrills, and chills.

In Sarah M. Eden’s mysterious novella OF GHOSTS AND GARDENS, if Enid Pryce has one downfall, it’s that she talks to the ghost in her garden, which doesn’t make her too popular among society’s elite. In fact, she returns to her home in Wales after a Season in Bath with not one offer of marriage. Deeming herself a failure at the nearly-spinster age of nineteen, she is pleasantly surprised when an English gentleman shows up in her garden, apparently intent on finding out more about the ghost. Burke Kennard, grandson of an English marquess, quickly becomes utterly charmed by the young Welsh woman, but the ghost in the garden is more likely to push them apart than pull them together.

What a fun story to kick off this collection! A ghost in the garden is such an exciting thing and as this Welsh family learned, certain things bring the ghost about. They have no idea there is a mystery surrounding this ghost until an Englishman shows up. Burke is enthralled with Enid and uses this opportunity to get to know her better. Charming, romantic, and fun, this story is a winner!

In Annette Lyon’s enthralling story IT’S YOU, when Charlie and Anna both see the ghost of Nanny Mae, they think they’re losing their minds. Anna tries to find out more about the ghost and uncovers a decades’ old family secret. One that separated two people in love. Now, the ghost of Nanny Mae must set her wrongs to right. As Charlie and Anna explore the past, and the truth of what happened, they discover that the mistakes of the past might lead to love of the future.

I enjoyed this historical story set in the earlier part of the 20th century. Who knew that a ghost could lead two people together? I loved the mystery surrounding this ghost and the secrets that were uncovered. Another darling offering by Annette Lyon!

In SOPHIA’S CURSE, a suspenseful novella by Heather B. Moore, Joan grows up in an abbey in France, believing that she is an orphan. A chance encounter with the foreboding owner of a neighboring estate, alters everything she’s understood about her parents. She discovers she’s an integral part of changing a decades-old curse, and that her life, as well as the handsome and intriguing Simon Rousseau’s life, are both in danger unless she makes an enormous sacrifice that will change the course of her dreams. 

There's nothing worse than growing up as an unwanted orphan, but in Joan's case, she is treated well and loves the fact that she can secretly spy on her neighbor, Simon. There's a curse that surrounds both of their families, leaving them in extreme danger and in need of a quick and convenient wedding. I didn't see the resolution of the mystery coming and that made it all the more fun! Loved it!

In Lisa Mangum’s haunting story THE SIRENS’ SONG, we meet recently widowed Oliver, the lead physician on a luxury cruise liner traveling to Greece. He hopes that the change of scenery will help ease his grief over his deceased wife, Cate. After falling overboard, though, he is captured by a siren and taken to a mystical island. Through the sirens' song, Oliver is able to relive his memories of Cate—both the good and the bad—as long as he gives away his memories of her. But can he sacrifice his best memory in exchange for one last chance to say good-bye?

Oliver is grieving for his true love's death and is captured by a siren when he falls overboard while on a cruise. I was intrigued by the way the sirens interacted with Oliver and the way the story unfolded. Very creative and so heartbreakingly sweet.

In Jordan McCollum’s thrilling novella THE MAN OF HER DREAMS, homicide detective Alexandra Steen dreams about real murders before they happen, seeing the crime through the eyes of the killers. But the dreams never contain enough clues to save the victim before it's too late. Then one dream ends before a murder occurs—in a place she knows. She finds herself racing against time to prevent the deadly act, only to discover that the intended victim is a man she thought she’d never see again. Seven years might have passed since her breakup with Nick, but the years haven’t changed her feelings for him. Now, she must convince Nick that her dreams are real and find a way to prevent his death.

Dreams are incredible, but what if what you dreamed came true? Alexandra dreams of murders before they happen and when one involves someone she knows, she's in a race against time to stop it before it can happen. What I loved most about this story is the thread running through it that not everyone or couple is perfect, but sometimes an action in the best interest of someone else is misinterpreted and it's realized too late. This one is a creepy, yet fun and romantic story.

In Elana Johnson’s chilling story THE GHOST OF MILLHOUSE MANSION, Naomi knows her crush on Colt Jennings is unreasonable. When he invites her to his reclusive mansion to restore an old wooden rocking horse, Naomi can’t resist accepting the job. The more time Naomi spends touring his home, the more interested she becomes in Colt. Until she sees a man in the library who vanishes into thin air. She thinks she’s losing her mind until Colt tells her about the ghosts he’s been seeing for years.

I love a good ghost story, but I don't know how I would feel living in a house full of ghosts! Colt is back and has an old rocking horse that needs restoring. Naomi is perfect for the job and can't wait to get her hands on a job in that interesting old house. Tender, sweet, and spooky, this one is a perfect ending to the collection.

My Review:

I do love Halloween and a good ghost story and I love the way these six authors were able to deliver stories that had a common thread, yet were so different from one another. 

The first three stories are historical and I loved the way they are done. It seems to have been a big thing to have haunted houses back in those days and I love the way the ghosts played such important roles in each story. 

The next three were contemporary and I had no idea how they would play out. Each has a very interesting take on the paranormal. It was fun to read a story about sirens, one about dreams, and one about spirits.

Most of the characters are flawed, yet issues are resolved, which always surprises me, since each story is a novella length. As usual, it's so hard for me to choose a favorite, but if I could pick a story to be the main character in, I think I would choose Annette Lyon's or Elana Johnson's.

This would definitely be a fun book to read in October and I can't wait for the next anthology!

Content: some have violence or talk of murder, but nothing is graphic; mild romance; nothing else of note. Clean! 

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