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Monster Mash Book Blitz Countdown Event Day 6 -- Cowardly Witness by Ayr Bray

 Cowardly Witness simmers with secrets and suspense.
Matthew Poe is the only witness in a case of murder and corruption in the lead mining industry. After an attempt is made on his life, he seeks refuge at Pemberley. 

Mr. Darcy, bound by honour and duty to his King and country, agrees to take him in, though his presence puts everyone at Pemberley in danger—including Darcy’s new bride, Elizabeth. 

When Mr. Poe’s secret is revealed with disastrous consequences, will Darcy succeed in protecting his loved ones and the witness, or will he be forced to choose between family and honour? 

In Cowardly Witness, Ayr Bray masterfully creates a world around Pemberley electrified with the excitement and intrigue of a riveting suspense story.

Purchase your copy here:"From an early age I have always been fascinated by the written word and the mood and atmosphere it creates for a reader; especially those books that affect me and transport me to some far-off place. These are the elements I strive to create in my books. My books in many ways record what most affects me: my feelings and experiences with family, friends, and those I have run into on my life's journey. My hope is that in my books you will find something that touches you, something which will resonate in your soul and remind you that you are strong and can overcome anything, especially if you have the support of loving friends and family." - Ayr Bray

Ayr Bray is from the Pacific Northwest, but travels as much as possible so she doesn't have to deal with the cold.

Q and A With the Author

What does your writing process look like?

I generally come up with an idea, discuss it with my husband over 5 or 10 walks through the neighborhood. Once my idea is solid, I use Martha Alderson's Plot Whisperer book to detail out and plot my novels. I then sit down and flesh out the story. Once the story is done, I send it to my editor for storyline and content edits. This is when I either have to rewrite the entire story, or can get by with some minor chapter changes. Once we have a solid story we move on to grammar and line edits. It generally takes 2 or 3 rounds to get through these. Once grammar and line edits are done I lay out the book and then we do the final copyedit.

Ayr loves to hear from readers. Connect with her at her website or on Facebook at

10 Random and Possibly Funny Facts About Ayr
  1. I wrote my first novel in 2007 while on bed rest for seven months during the pregnancy of my second son.
  2. Pompous Schemes is my 13th story published under the name of Ayr Bray, but my 14thpublished story.
  3. I eat a 26.5 oz jar of Nutella spoonful by spoonful for every 35,000 words I write.
  4. I love to learn, but I hated high school and college. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would graduate HS early get my degree online. Unfortunately those were not options back when I graduated.  Also, I should have taken classes I enjoyed rather than those that seemed practical for an economic future. Now, I have a degree which is completely useless since I’m writing books full-time.
  5. Pink is my favorite color.
  6. I love to sail.
  7. I hate … no, no, no, despise to cook and eat (other than Nutella). If I could just take a vitamin to get all of the nutrients and calories I needed to survive healthily and never have to cook or eat again I would buy it in a heartbeat. I would even be willing to give up Nutella, which is what I practically live on now.
  8. I get remarkably little sleep because my mind is always busy with thoughts of new stories. I have 7 novels outlined and just sitting in a file waiting for me to finish them up.
  9. I have been married to my own Mr. Darcy for 16 wonderful years. My Mr. Darcy and I have two awesome sons ages 10 and 8 who sometimes drive me crazy.
  10. I love to travel. I sold my home and everything I own in 2012 and now I live and travel the USA with my husband and two sons in 240 square feet. I lived in 13 houses in 11 cities in 12 years. Now, in the past 4 years I have lived in 1 house in hundreds of cities and 37 states.
BONUS: My new office is only 40 square feet, but it is 40 square feet of floor to ceiling pure awesomesauce!

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