Thursday, October 22, 2015

Monster Mash Book Blitz Countdown Event Day 10 -- All Hallows at Eyre Hall by Luccia Gray
 Twenty-two years after her marriage to Edward Rochester, Jane Eyre is coping with the imminent death of her bedridden husband. while Richard Mason has returned from Jamaica, revealing unspeakable secrets once again, and drawing Jane into a complex and malevolent conspiracy. 
Experience the mystery and magic of a Victorian, Gothic Romance set in Eyre Hall, the mansion Jane Eyre rebuilt after her marriage to Edward Rochester, and rediscover the allure of the mature Jane Eyre. You will encounter suspense, secrets, lies, villains, love, ghosts of the past, and a sinister sin-eater in this absorbing narrative. 

Purchase your copy here: Gray was born and brought up in London, where she graduated in Modern Foreign Languages. She currently lives in the south of Spain with her husband and her dog. She has three children and three grandchildren, who visit often. When she's not reading or writing, she's teaching English at an Adult Education Centre, or lecturing at the UNED (Spanish Distance University).

Q and A with the Author

Is there a message you would like readers to get out of this book? What is it?
I want my readers to travel to the 19th century and visit a world where there were candles instead of light bulbs, hearths instead of radiators, people told stories and read aloud instead of watching TV, they wrote long letters instead of phoning or texting, and carted water from wells instead of using taps/faucets! A five mile trip was an adventure, and a sea journey was like a space odyssey. Magic flickered in every shadow, every full moon disclosed a secret, and seeing a lady’s ankle or wrist was sensual and forbidden. A simple infection or a pregnancy could mean death, and periodic fatal epidemics were expected. There was plenty of raw passion and adventure, because every minute was precious and every feeling authentic. I’d also like my readers to feel curious enough to want to read or reread 19th century authors, such as the Brontes and Dickens, who are the real masters of the novel.    

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Top Ten Interesting Facts about the Author

  1. I live in the south of Spain
  2. I love swimming in outdoor pools in summer
  3. I make a great paella and tiramisu
  4. I’ve been dying my hair with henna for 23 years
  5. I reread Jane Eyre regularly, like every other day!
  6. My favourite 20th century novel is Rebecca
  7. My favourite museum is the Tate Modern
  8. My favourite place to go for a walk is along the South Bank 
  9. I auditioned for the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama when I was 18
  10. I speak four European languages

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  1. Thank you for posting about my novel :) I really appreciate the shout out. If you're interested in reading and reviewing please let me know. If I can do anything for you, please let me know, too.

    1. You're welcome! I hope this blitz has helped spread the word of your book!