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Review: Christmas with Miss Austen by Laura Briggs

Christmas with Miss Austen (Christmas Holiday Extravaganza) by Laura Briggs
Kindle Edition, 59 pages
Published (first published November 29th 2011)  
My Source: I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Julia Allen is a waitress by day, painter by night, and…a famous 1800s authoress on weekends?

Moonlighting as Jane Austen for a historical open house is a strange hobby for a contemporary artist, but Julia loves the role–until she falls asleep and gets locked inside after all the visitors are gone! Rushing home from the dark, historical mansion, she collides with a stranger in the snowy park, and discovers later her shortcut cost her the rare copy of Austen’s Northanger Abbey borrowed from a friend’s treasured collection.

Book historian Eliot Weston thinks he imagined the Regency-era figure, but the book he finds in her wake proves otherwise. The first edition of Jane Austen’s novel is authentic and incredibly rare, but he fails to find any trace of its owner. Reminders of the unusual encounter keep popping up, however, like the pretty modern artist eager to buy an identical volume. Coincidence? Or Divine intervention making it clear this is anything but an ordinary Christmas for these two hearts.
My Review: 
What a interesting concept for a Christmas story! Julia is a girl of many talents and trades--she paints, in an edgy way (modern meets history), she's a waitress, and she dresses up as Jane Austen for various events. One night, she falls asleep on her Jane Austen job, and in her rush to get home, she drops a very valuable book. In an effort to locate it, she finds herself meeting book historian, Eliot, who is the man she glimpsed in her midnight run home. Different event bring these two together time and again.
Julia is such an intriguing character. She marches to her own drum and almost seems embarrassed about some of her hobbies. She has so many facets to her personality and character and it's entertaining to watch them all come to light. Eliot is more serious and scholarly, yet he has the streak of a dreamer in him. They're both on quests for different things and I loved watching things unfold.

My favorite thing about the story is the interactions. Julia and Eliot have the beginnings of chemistry and Eliot and his sister have such a fun sibling relationship. This is a fun addition to any reader who loves Jane Austen and Christmas.

Content: no language; mild romance; mild religious elements (thought prayers). Clean!

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About the Author:
Laura BriggsLaura Briggs is a professional writer whose debut short work from Pelican Book Group "Only in Novels" garnered attention in the book review world and with fans of both Christian and contemporary romance. Since then, she has continued publishing novels both traditionally and independently and both Christian and mainstream Sweet Romance, as well as co-authoring a series of Grimm-esque fantasy-themed fairytale retellings known as The Dark Woods Trilogy.

Best known for secular contemporary romances "The Wedding Caper" and "Late to the Wedding", Briggs's latest releases include the Regency-inspired lighthearted romance "Dear Miss Darcy" as well as a return to her Inspirational Romance roots with the playful but poignant "Ghosts of Romances Past" from Pelican Book Group. When not writing, she reads, relaxes, and spends time with her cats and dogs.

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