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The Captive (Griffin Force #1) by Julie Coulter Bellon {Review}

The Captive (Griffin Force #1) by Julie Coulter Bellon
Kindle Edition, 251 pages
Published December 14th 2015 by Stone Hall Book


From award-winning author, Julie Coulter Bellon, comes the first book in her new romantic suspense series, Griffin Force.

Former Navy SEAL Jake Williams is the newly appointed head of a task force assigned to rescue a kidnapped American diplomat. Their only hope is Mya Amari, the daughter of a notorious Algerian hostage negotiator, but she is full of secrets and complications-something Jake takes as a personal challenge. As they grow closer, the threat to the mission escalates and time runs out for the hostages. Can Jake unravel the web of deception to save them all without getting caught in the crossfire?

Mya Amari has been in hiding nearly her entire life to escape her father's enemies. But when her sister is kidnapped along with an American diplomat, she'll do anything to bring her home-including walking into the enemy's lair. She doesn't trust anyone, especially the too-handsome-for-his-own-good Commander Williams, but when all her careful plans explode out of control, he's the only one she can turn to with the truth about her family. Is it too little, too late?


My Review: 5 Stars

I came away from this book feeling almost emotional battered. I got so caught up in the story, I felt like I was trying to negotiate for some hostages, right along with this team. I enjoyed every minute of it and I'm sooo grateful that I don't have to really live a life like this.

Jake is a Navy SEAL and is very dedicated to his job and in doing it well. In fact, he's so brusque that he has to take a few lessons on compassion and gentleness from his foster sister, Chivonn. His mission is to offer protection to Mya, while also rescuing an American diplomat. Mya's father has a hand in dangerous business and no one is sure who to trust, who will betray, and what is truth. I couldn't help but to like Jake right off the bat, in spite of his abrupt and gruff manner. He's someone I would definitely want to watch my back and have on my side. Mya is kind of prickly, but once those thorns are removed, a surprising woman is uncovered. 

Within these pages, I found a ton of adventure, many moments of suspense, some sweet romance, and a bit of mystery. I loved the quick pacing and the way things unfolded in twists and turns. I hope more in this series will be written!

Content: moments of peril, kidnapping, mild violence; mild romance (kissing); Clean!

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*


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About the Author:

Julie Coulter Bellon Julie Coulter Bellon is the author of more than a dozen romantic suspense novels. Her book All Fall Down won the RONE award for Best Suspense and Pocket Full of Posies won a RONE Honorable Mention for Best Suspense.

Julie loves her work partly because she gets to travel to distant lands to research and add an authentic feel to all of her books. Her favorite cities so far are Athens, Paris, Ottawa, and London. She taught journalism for fourteen years and that kept her on the cutting edge of current events and world news---which is where she gets her story ideas.

Julie offers writing and publishing tips as well as her take on life on her blog ldswritermom.blogspot.com. You can also find out about all her upcoming projects at her website juliebellon.com.


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