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Just a Kiss in the Moonlight (A Georgia Moon Romance Book 2) by Cindy Roland Anderson {Review}

Just a Kiss in the Moonlight (A Georgia Moon Romance Book 2) by Cindy Roland Anderson
Kindle Edition
Published August 1st 2016 by Winsome Press Publishing
Taylin Nichols has the perfect job as a nurse in the newborn unit in her hometown of Mitchel Creek, Georgia, but as for the perfect boyfriend—not so much. She knows she needs to dump the guy, but figures it will happen naturally if she’s accepted for the work abroad program. On a day when she should’ve stayed home, she runs into Luke McKay—literally. He’s new at the hospital and already has a reputation as an unfriendly, brooding male. Even though he’s hotter than a Georgia summer, he’s not Taylin’s type—at least that’s what she tells herself, but after spending time together, she can’t deny her feelings anymore. The only problem is Luke has baggage from a lousy marriage and isn’t ready for a relationship. He desperately tries to keep Taylin in the “friend zone”, but it doesn’t take long to realize that will never work. Just when he and Taylin decide love is worth the risk, Luke’s past presents an unexpected challenge, leaving both of them to wonder if their love will be enough.
My Review: 5 Stars
I absolutely adored Book 1, Under a Georgia Moon, and fell just as deeply in love with the characters and setting in Book 2. This book can stand alone, although some characters from Book 1 play minor roles. You can read my review here.
Taylin is a new baby nurse. Short and sweet, with an adorable personality and good looks, she is very competent at her job and a good, selfless person. After a bad breakup, she's content to just float in her personal life--until a new anesthesiologist, Luke, shows up. Sparks fly and the chemistry sizzles right off the pages like a hot summer day in Georgia. Luke is gorgeous and chivalrous, but he's been burned big-time in the relationship department and just wants to fish and forget about women. But who can resist that magnetic pull that keeps tugging at the two of them?
This author does a fantastic job at showing the struggles of emotion that both Taylin and Luke face. The push and pull is realistic and understandable. There are conflicts that arise in both relationships and experiences that really connected me with the story and characters. I honestly felt that I was living within these pages--these people are real friends and I didn't want the book to end. It was really hard to pull myself away. I'm very hopeful that I'll get to experience more of Georgia and invest more of my time with these people in the future. 
As always, the romance is my favorite part and some of these scenes fairly ignited the pages (in a clean way, of course). The emotions and chemistry are both palpable and completely swoon-worthy, but I really enjoyed that there is more to the story than just the romance. There is depth all the way around-- this story is just brilliant and another one to add to my favorites list!   
I highly recommend this one for those readers who love a good, clean, contemporary romance. 

Content: mild romance (kissing, swoony and a little steamy, but clean).

*I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review*


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About the Author

Cindy Roland AndersonCindy Roland Anderson writes clean, contemporary romance with a combination of humor, romantic tension and some pretty great kissing scenes. She and her husband, John, live in northern Utah, and have five amazing children. Their family has expanded by adding a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law, and five adorable grandchildren. She is a registered nurse and has worked in the NICU as well as the newborn nursery. She loves to read, almost as much as she loves writing. And she loves chocolate, probably a little too much. To contact her or to see other projects she is working on go to