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No Holly for Christmas by Julie N. Ford {Review}

No Holly for Christmas by Julie N. Ford
Paperback, 2, 472 pages
Published November 15th 2016 (first published January 1st 2011)

A story about how fate will carry us where we need to go whether we are willing passengers or not.

After being jilted not once, but twice by the only woman he’s ever truly loved, Brian McAlister has all but given up on relationships. Then, on special assignment for the DA's office, he steps into the middle of a politically sensitive murder case where he crosses paths with a beautiful ex-socialite-turned-social-worker, Holly Cavanaugh Winter.

Widowed, practically penniless, and reduced to shopping at Walmart, Holly is dreading the approaching holiday season. However, her angst isn't due to her husband's untimely death the previous December 25th, but to a secret that could reveal itself unless she can find a way to avoid the coming Christmas. To make matters worse, she unwittingly stumbles into the throes of Brian’s case and the manhunt for a killer who now has his sights set on her.

His case unraveling, Brian finds himself tasked with keeping Holly and her two daughters safe while bringing an assassin and the powerful man who hired him to justice.


My Review: 3 Stars

Holly is now a single mom, trying to make ends meet, while sacrificing her rich lifestyle. Her estranged sister is working on a case with Brian, who is on a special assignment for the DA. As their paths cross, unmistakable sparks fly, while danger, romance, and thrilling fear abound. Holly is pretty likable, although she can be uptight and contradictory. Brian is a horn-dog, but at the same time, a little lovable; maybe a little rough around the edges.

My likes: I enjoyed the working aspects of the characters and how they were able to do their jobs to stay safe. I also liked the relationships and how intricate they are. Holly's two girls are opposites, yet their personalities shine through the pages. I love a good thriller, especially with twists and turns, and one set during the holidays is especially intriguing, but it does move a little slow.

My dislikes: I enjoy my books a little cleaner and was a tad bit disappointed by the amount of language and sexual references scattered through the book--just my personal preference. Nothing is graphic, but there is an attempted rape, some pretty heavy innuendo, and a lot of matter-of-fact talk of sex and sexual activity.

Content: see my dislikes.

*I received a complimentary copy through eBooks for Review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


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About the Author:

Julie N Ford
A graduate from San Diego State University with a BA in Political Science, Julie N. Ford also earned a Masters in Social Work from the University of Alabama, which has only made her better able to recognize the unhealthy, codependent relationship she has with writing. Professionally, she has worked in teaching and as a marriage and family counselor. She is the author of six women’s fiction novels, including Count Down to Love, a 2011 Whitney Award finalist. When she’s not writing, she entertains delusions of being a master gardener, that is, when she’s not killing the unsuspecting plants in her yard with her good intentions. She lives outside of Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband, two daughters, and the cutest Scottish fold cat you’ve ever seen.

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