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Breach of Trust by Kathi Oram Peterson {Blog Tour Review + Giveaway}

Breach of Trust by Kathi Oram Peterson
Kindle Edition, 232 pages
Published February 1st 2017 by Covenant Communications

Lieutenant Commander Cooper Lane has so much to live for. With a loving husband and beautiful baby girl waiting for her back home, she is anxious to finish her mission in Afghanistan and return to her family. But in a split second, her world shatters. Her helicopter is going down in that hostile country, and there will be no survivors. Four Years Later . . . On a covert mission in an Afghan village, Navy SEAL Axe Talbot finds something no one ever expected: Lieutenant Cooper Lane—alive. Cooper survived the crash that killed her team and has been hiding behind enemy lines for four years. It’s the woman he’s been looking for and dreaming about for so long. After her rescue, Cooper is not sure she can survive the reality waiting for her back home—when she disappeared and was pronounced dead, her husband married her best friend. Cooper is lost, but her troubles are just beginning. In one horror-filled moment, her former husband is murdered before her eyes, and Cooper becomes the prime suspect. Now she must embark on one last mission to clear her name. And there are only two people she trusts to help her: her father and Axe, the SEAL who rescued her. Cooper and Axe take off, and together the makeshift team uncovers a trail of mysterious deaths that leads to unimaginable danger.


My Review: 4 Stars

Right from the start, I was on edge. Cooper is a helo pilot for the Navy and when her helicopter is shot down in enemy territory, it's a dangerous situation. But suddenly, the story skips forward to four years later. I was a little disappointed, but not for long. The story has flashbacks to her time in Afghanistan, but immediately propels Cooper into a new situation that's almost just as dangerous. The ebb and flow of suspense had me constantly wondering what would happen next.

Axe, Cooper's rescuer, shows up at a critical time and is her rock in clearing her name. I found his matter-of-fact personality endearing, especially in the way he interacts with her and her father. I love a good romance with a solid leading man. Cooper is someone so different from me--she's got some serious grit and isn't afraid of danger. I hated the sheriff. How could someone like him be voted into that position?

I thought the war portion was well done and really made me think. My only issue was that sometime things were moving along pretty slowly and then suddenly, events are happening almost too fast--I guess I wanted something a little more steady, especially towards the ending, which felt a little rushed. Overall, I thought it was a great suspense with a fun romantic element. I was immersed in the story from start to finish.

Content: mild war flashbacks, mild violence (not too graphic); mild romance; very mild religious elements; talk of being drunk.

*I received a copy through the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


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Kathi Oram Peterson was born in a small town in Idaho. Since childhood she has loved reading and writing stories. After raising her family, she put her writing on hold to earn a BA in English and a minor in Sociology. Upon graduation she worked for a curriculum publisher writing and editing concept and biography books for children. Her first published novel was a young adult time travel titled, The Forgotten Warrior, released in 2009. Her best-selling Christmas book, An Angel on Main Street, was published later that year. In 2010, The Stone Traveler, another YA time travel was published. Her first romantic suspense, River Whispers, was released in 2011. Cold Justice, a sequel to River Whispers, was published in 2012. Wanted was published in 2013. Deceived in 2014. Her new novel, Star Struck is scheduled for release in February, 2016.                
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