Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Favorite Book Couples

Happy Valentine's Day!
With this day of love, comes
a post about favorite book couples.

My friend at Bookworm Nation (see her list here)
 had a great idea
and she encouraged me to make a post of my own.

Who are your favorite book couples?
It's so hard to choose--I really have a lot of favorites,
but here are a few that stand out:

Gray and Dru
A football player and a bodyguard...both strong characters with an undeniable chemistry.
I love a woman who can hold her own and Dru can do just that. Yet...they totally need each other.
The romance is super swoony!

Josh and Morgan
There's something about a marriage of convenience that is intriguing.
The way this couple handles things, while battling their attraction, is fun, sweet,
and sizzling (in a clean way, of course).

Chase and Addie
Chivalry, spunk, and slightly embarrassing moments make up a chunk
of this couple's relationship. I love how they play off of each other and complement
each other so well. The romantic sparks between these two are somewhat fierce,
yet so natural and tender.

Will and Olivia
No one could be more different than these two. Completely opposite,
I love the way they work their ways into each other's hearts, minds, and souls
in aggravating, hilarious, and unexpected ways.

Cody and Journey
Looking over my list, it seems that I have a thing for celebrities
and sports stars...and this one is no exception. There's something about
a celebrity becoming "human" that fascinates me. Cody and Journey have an
instant dislike for one another, but things change as they get to know
each other. I love that idea--things aren't always as they seem.

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