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Silver Screen Kisses (Echo Ridge Anthology #3) {Review}

Silver Screen Kisses (Echo Ridge Anthology #3)
Kindle Edition, 483 pages
Expected publication: March 7th 2017 by Peachwood Press


*I received a complimentary copy, which in no way affected my thoughts and opinions*

***I am going to put my review of each story in this anthology after the description.***

Silver Screen Kisses is a collection of stories inspired by movies from everyone’s favorite list. Written by award-winning and bestselling authors, these contemporary romances take the reader back to Echo Ridge in the spring, when the promise of new love is budding just like the tulips around the Emerald Inn Bed & Breakfast.

My Fair Lacey by Janette Rallison
-- 4.5 Stars
Lacey Johnson has dreamed of opening a restaurant for years. All she needs is one little loan to make it happen. But with the way Lacey talks and dresses, she looks more like someone who would hold up a bank than someone who’d ever get a loan from one. When Garrett Halifax, her roommate’s Harvard-educated brother, volunteers to change her image and teach her to speak correctly, she jumps at the chance. But she quickly finds she’s in over her head. Pretending to fit in with the town’s elite is harder than she thought, and despite her best efforts, she’s falling for Garrett. Could someone who is handsome, rich, and educated ever consider her as more than just a project? A contemporary twist on My Fair Lady, this is a story that is sure to please Echo Ridge fans.

Lacey is rough around the edges and Garrett takes it upon himself to refine her and help her get a business loan to open her dream restaurant. I love the modern take on this classic and thought that the characters were great. Lacey is sweet and tries really hard to change and help herself. I could see her falling for Garrett along the way, but wanted to see more of Garrett's feelings for Lacey, more of a connection. This rags-to-riches type story really warms the heart and starts this collection off with a bang.
You’ve Got Email by Heather Tullis -- 5 Stars
Maria never expected to fall in love with a man she’d never met, but she can’t wait to get to her laptop every night to chat with Bobwhite67. She would be happy to focus on getting to know him better, but her two jobs and two sons keep her ridiculously busy. Then there’s her ex-husband’s bookie, who’s impatiently waiting for the last couple payments on his debt.

Bret can’t help but notice how hard the beautiful Maria works and the similarities she has with the Zoomama he’s been talking with online. Though he really wants to make things easier for her, Bret accidentally gets her in hot water with both of her bosses. Can he get Maria to give him a chance in the real world and not just online?

It's so easy to be someone else from the comfort of your own home and while under a pseudonym. Maria is falling in love online, but her real life encounters with Bret leave her feeling a bit irritated. Maria is so hardworking and loyal, sacrificing much for her boys. Bret is almost too good to be true. The way the online conversations are woven in with these characters real lives is great. This story left a sweet feeling in the pit of my stomach and the gradual love story warmed my heart. What a great way to put an even more modern spin on this classic.

The Princess Bride of Riodan by Rachelle J. Christensen -- 5 Stars
When a mysterious man offers to help Elise redecorate the old Bed & Breakfast, she gladly hands him a wallpaper steamer. After she discovers his true identity, she doesn’t know whether to curtsy or run and hide. Unfortunately, hiding isn’t an option because her heart is already tangled up with the handsome prince. At the same time, Elise’s old crush from high school wants a relationship and she’s forced to decide whether to chase after a fairy tale ending or stay grounded in reality.

I've mentioned before and I'm sure I'll mention it again, I'm a sucker for royalty stories and this one delivered a swoony sweet love triangle. Elise is single and working hard to save her grandma's house, when suddenly, she has two options for love--a crush from the past and a handsome prince! I love the ties to this romantic classic and the movie quotes kept a smile on my face. For a short story, this one is full of decisions, romance, and self-discovery and I enjoyed every minute.

My Best Man’s Wedding by Cami Checketts -- 5 StarsJessica Mason made a vow to marry her best guy friend, Josh, when they turned thirty. When Josh calls with the news that he's coming home to Echo Ridge for his wedding, Jessica is determined to break up the happy couple and take her rightful place as his bride. Gentry Trine, a coworker, agrees to pretend to be her fiancé to stir up feelings of jealousy. However, Jessica didn't realize fake fiancés could kiss like champions, and make a girl smile nonstop. Can she figure out which is the right man for her before she loses them both?

A marriage pact from the past gives Jessica comfort--if she and Josh are still single by the time they turn 30, they'll marry each other. When he calls with the news of his sudden engagement, she's determined to make him jealous. Enter in one fake fiancé. The way Gentry feels about Jessica almost caused my pages to smolder. He's intense and swoony and with the chemistry between these two, I don't know why she didn't just bag Josh because..if Jessica is so sure that Josh is the one for her, why haven't they talked in years? Why does she suddenly want him now? Although she's trying to sabotage the wedding, I love how mature she is (for the most part) in the way she deals with his fiancée. This is one elegant couple.
While You Were Skiing by Lucy McConnell -- 5 StarsMia Davis’s new job in guest relations at Ruby Mountain Ski Resort gets complicated when the gorgeous Ryder Montgomery falls off the ski lift, tells everyone they are engaged, and then loses consciousness. Worried about a head injury, Mia plays along, making him lunch, kissing in the front entryway and planning a future together; a future Mia wants with all of her heart. Things become all the more complicated when Ryder’s estranged family gets involved. Caught up in the fantasy and romance, Mia has to tell the truth or risk losing a part of herself and the man she loves forever.

This is one of my all-time favorite romantic comedies and this new spin stole my heart. There are a few similarities that made me smile, especially the almost word-for-word dialogue in places, but there are enough twists to make it its own story. Mia saves Ryder and now everyone thinks they're engaged. Once again, palpable chemistry...*sigh*... I love Mia's interactions with the family and with Ryder and nearly swooned at their banter, as she helps him recover. A great ending to this set!

***Overall, I really loved this collection and loved the way each story was tied together to this fantastic fictional setting. I feel at home in this place and feel that these characters are real people and friends. I loved the connections to movies and thought each story was told in a creative and unique way, yet had enough similarities that they were comfortable. As always, I'm already eagerly awaiting more.***

Content: mild romance


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  1. Thank you for this review! I loved these stories too! When can we go on vacation to Echo Ridge? ;)

    1. You're welcome!! I would LOVE a vacation there. :) And it really means a lot when the authors love these stories as much as the readers--it shows. Thanks!