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Chasing the Breeze by Juliana Rose {Review}

Chasing the Breeze by Juliana Rose
Kindle Edition, 90 pages
Published January 4th 2017

Lucy Young’s best friend Anna is getting married in the Windy City. According to Anna, it’s the perfect opportunity for Lucy to meet her own Prince Charming. Despite Lucy’s protests, she finds herself enduring set-ups with terrible new suitors, all while balancing her overwhelming maid of honor duties and her demanding job. Will Lucy find new romance, or be steamrolled by Anna’s good intentions?


My Review: 2 Stars

The premise of this story is fun--who doesn't love the magical romance of a wedding? I didn't feel the blurb captured what the book was about though, because it wasn't the light, funny, romantic story that I was expecting.

Lucy is a miserable person, stuck with the bulk of her friend Anna's wedding plans and working a terrible job. She works at a hotel and most of the interactions there are either employees secretly breaking the rules or dealing with incredibly rude, angry guests (are there really that many difficult hotel guests?). I sure felt sorry for her.

Lucy's first meeting with the best man, Alejandro, is anything but sweet. Seriously, what a jerk! After the first few meetings, he tries to be nicer, but she's not having it and I don't blame her at all. Unfortunately, I couldn't feel a connection between them--she was all claws and anger and he isn't very likable. There are times when he tries to redeem himself, but he always does something to completely contradict his intentions.

I also had a hard time believing the friendship between Lucy and Anna. Lucy waffles between mourning Anna's wedding and the loss of their friendship and feeling intense anger and impatience towards Anna for her bridezilla behavior. Anna doesn't treat Lucy very well, and their relationship feels all over the place.

I did like that Lucy finally starts to stand up for herself. I guess when enough is enough, a person will find the determination to take a stand and she definitely gets to that point with this mess she's in. Her strength is the highlight of the book for me.

Content: mild-moderate language (not a ton, but more than Bible swears); mild violence in one scene; mild romance, but moderate innuendo. Side note--I'm so glad that I don't drink. These people get plastered all the time and are either incredibly ridiculous, mean, or insane.

*I received a copy from the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


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