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Unbreak My Heart (A Snow Valley Romance) by Kimberley Montpetit {Review}

Unbreak My Heart by Kimberley Montpetit
Kindle Edition, 130 pages
Published January 2nd 2017 by Spellbound Books

Caitlin Webster suffers the worst New Year's of her life when she discovers her fiancé with his old girlfriend.

Her best friend Lila doesn't let Caitlin sit at home moping, dragging her out for a night on the town where they pay a visit to Madame Tallulah on Fisherman's Wharf. The Fortune Teller makes such crazy predictions Caitlin dismisses them—until she gets a request to go to Snow Valley and use her midwife skills to take care of Rayna, the owner of the Starry Skies Bed & Breakfast.

Before she knows it, Caitlin finds herself in the snowy wilds of Montana almost run over by a red monster truck careening across the icy roads. It’s not the most fortuitous of encounters with contractor Quentin Hudson who is doing a remodel for the Starry Skies B&B.

Caitlin avoids the man him like the plague despite the fireworks that erupt between them. Is Quentin Hudson just a big burly Montana dude—all brawn and no brains—or is there more to this enigmatic man and his monster truck?

Is he the one who will capture Caitlin’s broken heart and end up saving everyone when disaster strikes?


My Review: 5 Stars

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again: I LOVE Snow Valley and really wish it was a real place that I could visit. I love how each of these novellas builds a fantastic small town with loveable inhabitants. Everyone knows everyone and these characters often make very brief appearances in each other's stories. They do not have to be read in order. This book is about hurt, moving on, and finding the important things in life in unexpected places.

Caitlin makes a startling discovery about her fiancé and now he's her ex. Brokenhearted, she takes a job in Snow Valley as her mom's much younger cousin's midwife and B&B help. But before she goes, she and a friend visit a fortune teller and that fortune is one worth listening to.

I don't know of anyone who hasn't suffered a broken heart and Caitlin's pain is relatable. She's a hardworking and sweet woman, but she's not ready to trust. I adore cute-meets and this story has a great one! Quentin is a rough and tough teddy bear who is full of surprises. Oh, how I enjoyed their cat-and-mouse banter. From sledding, to construction mishaps, to babies, and more, this story is full of charm and fun.

I love that this book makes me feel a part of things. All of the elements are here to make this a good story and it was over before I knew it--so sad. I'll definitely be on the lookout for more!

Content: mild romance (implied "affair").

*I received a copy through the author, but this didn't affect my thoughts in any way.*


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About the Author:

Kimberley MontpetitKimberley Montpetit once spent all her souvenir money at the La Patisserie shops when she was in Paris—on the arm of her adorable husband. The author grew up in San Francisco, another swoon-worthy city, loves all things Parisian and chocolate and lives in a small town along the Rio Grande with her family.

Kimberley has won many awards for her work, including the Southwest Book Award, the Whitney Award, the Arizona/New Mexico Book Award, is a Crystal Kite Finalist (SCBWI) and included in the Bank Street College Best Books of the Year.

She once stayed in a haunted castle tower room at Borthwick Castle in Scotland, sailed on the Seine in Paris, walked the beaches of Normandy, eaten in numerous French cafes, ridden a camel in Petra, Jordan, sunbathed on Waikiki, shopped the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, and spent the night in an old Communist hotel in Bulgaria.

She adores all baked goodies; brownies, éclairs, donuts, tarts, and pie, and makes a lot of chocolate chip cookies while revising.

Kimberley is, of course, hard at work on her next novel(s).

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  1. Wow, thank you for a fabulous review, Katie! I loved it! Watch for Fall in Snow Valley at the end of September! :-)