Friday, May 12, 2017

First Line Friday

Welcome to First Line Friday hosted by Bookworm Nation!
This fun meme is easy to do, simply pick up the book you're currently reading and share the very first line! There are some really good first lines out there, they grab you and suck you right into the story--
make you want to keep reading. My selection for this week is:

"Kiss a guy? I'd had sushi once,
which felt like eating a pair of lips."

It never occurred to us that there could be people in the orchard. Dangerous people.
When a mysterious explosion kills her sister, Salem becomes convinced the death was no accident—it was a conspiracy. But no one else at her high school believes her, and all she has so far are theories and clues. With Carrie’s killers still out there, Salem’s not sure who she can trust. If she can’t prove she’s right before it’s too late, the conspiracy might take another life—hers.


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What are you reading?



  1. Haha, that's a funny first line!

    1. It sure is! It's definitely lighter than the rest of the book.