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Pleasance's First Love by Kristin Holt {Review}

Pleasance's First Love (Grandma's Wedding Quilts #5) by Kristin Holt
Kindle Edition, 149 pages
Published January 13th 2017 by Kristin Holt, LC

Colorado, 1878
His worst mistake was letting her go.
His second-worst mistake? Bringing her home.

No one will ever know how badly Pleasance Benton's abandonment threw Jacob Gideon. He landed hard, hard enough he didn't care to find a replacement. Now that he needs a woman, he figures the safest way is to order one from a catalog.

Pleasance is back to reclaim her rightful place at Jacob's side. One way or another she'll remind him theirs is a match made in heaven...once the shock wears off. The teensy-weensy problem? Jacob doesn't know that she--his first love--is his catalog bride.
PLEASANCE'S FIRST LOVE is a sweet and wholesome western historical mail order bride romance novella. This title is Book 6 in the multi-author series Grandma's Wedding Quilts, but is also Book 3 in the Six Brides for Six Gideons Series. Jacob Gideon is one of the six Gideon brothers separated when they were young, and as this is the first story in which the men make inroads toward finding each other, there is no need to read the other titles in this series first.


My Review: 5 Stars

This historical romance is a first love, second chances delight. Although there are about four years age difference between Pleasance and Jacob, the neighbors fall in love as teens, through an unconventional courtship, thanks to their mothers.

I recently saw a quote that said, "It's better to look back and say 'I can't believe I did that,' than to look back and say, 'I wish I did that.'" Pleasance has an amazing singing voice/talent and wants to take a few years to train and use it. So Jacob lets her go. I get it--he's older and ready to settle down, but this couple could've used a few lessons in communication. When she's ready to come back, she poses as a mail-order bride--for Jacob--without him knowing it's her. Let the fun and games begin.

The characters come to life as they each come to terms with their past and their future. Through a series of misunderstandings, hard work, and attraction, Pleasance and Jacob deliver a fun, sweet story. I love how the grandma's wedding quilt fits into things, as well as the quiet support of Tuck, Jacob's foreman. This one's a hit!

Content: mild romance

*I won a copy in a giveaway, which did not affect my opinion at all.*


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About the Author:

Kristin HoltKristin Holt, USA Today Bestselling Author writes Sweet Victorian Romance set in the American West. She writes frequent articles about the nineteenth century American west--every subject of possible interest to readers and amateur historians. She contributes monthly to Sweet Romance Reads, Sweet Americana Sweethearts, and Romancing the Genres.

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  1. Thank you, Katie, for your kind and enthusiastic review of PLEASANCE'S FIRST LOVE. I'm so glad you liked this story.
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    1. It's my pleasure! I love your writing and this is such a fun story. :)