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Mergers & Acquisitions (Legally in Love #5) by Jennifer Griffith {Review}

Mergers & Acquisitions (Legally in Love)
by Jennifer Griffith
Kindle Edition, 216 pages
Publication: August 29th 2017 
A chance find at a yard sale of a priceless piece of art will change lawyer Jillian Price's life forever.

Everyone would think lawyer Jillian Price has it made, with her cushy legal job at one of L.A.'s biggest talent agencies. It's most lawyers' dream come true. She even has a big name young star on her client list. But it's sucking away her life, and Jillian is secretly aching for a way out.

When she stumbles across a painting that has all the hallmarks of a never-before-seen masterpiece by a recently-deceased master, Jillian thinks she might have found her ticket out of law. Then, at a client meeting with her young star, she meets the breathtakingly gorgeous Aero Jantzen, a banker with the bluest eyes she's ever seen. Besides giving her a soul-shattering kiss, he also gives her life-changing advice: that she use the art to break into the sparkling world of art she originally dreamed of entering.

However, the second she starts the ball in motion, Aero--for some unknown reason--starts working against Jillian's success. Her greatest champion is now her biggest roadblock.

And worse, she's still crazy-attracted to him.

Will Jillian be able to negotiate a merger, or is she fighting an uphill battle against an inevitable acquisition?

With themes of trust and hope, family and dreams, all set in gorgeous Old Town Pasadena, California, this story is interwoven with Hollywood glitz, inner-circle art world innovators, the intrigue of lost paintings, and the discovery of the inner self. Plus, it has plenty of delicious kisses for readers who love a clean and wholesome romance.

Mergers & Acquisitions is a standalone novella in the Legally in Love Collection.  
My Review: 5 Stars
Jennifer Griffith is a go-to author because she has a way of combining a great plot with a swoony romance that gives me butterflies, yet it all stays clean. The books in this series can stand alone and they're all worth reading.

Jillian, or Jilly, is a lawyer and that's one profession that I don't think I could ever do, yet she's good at it. Her teenage client, Ryker, is a Hollywood star and I must say, at first I was expecting Justin Bieber, but what I got was one hilarious and quirky character that kept me on my toes, rolling my eyes, and laughing at loud.

Is it possible for a teenager to be a matchmaker? Ryker is definitely trying hard to get two of his favorite people together and his reason for it melted my heart. Aero is a great character and the yang to Jilly's ying. They're each so strong and there's no hesitation at all in their actions, yet they complement each other so well. I love characters who know who they are and aren't afraid to be true to themselves.

I love the way the author incorporates art and legalese into a story about following dreams, discovering deep down hopes, and finding passion, all while set in California. There's an almost nostalgic, throw-back feel to the setting that really drew me in. I can feel that sunshine on my face, smell the sunscreen in the air, and feel that ocean breeze drifting through my hair.

Content: mild romance (kissing)

*I received a copy, which did not affect my opinion in any way. All thoughts are my own.*


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