Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Sassy Bride: Gone With the Bride (Magnolias and Moonshine #1) by Ciara Knight {Review}

The Sassy Bride: Gone With the Bride (Magnolias and Moonshine #1) by Ciara Knight
Kindle Edition, 96 pages
Published April 10th 2017 by Defy the Dark
Abandoned by her parents and left to raise two sisters, Sadie Dixon has spent her life sacrificing for her family. When the eldest son of the rich Dumont family, Ashton, wins her heart and hand in marriage, he showers her with every advantage money can buy. But when their worlds collide, Sadie faces the first sacrifice she isn't sure she can make: leaving her family and lifelong dreams of owning a bakery behind for the man she loves.
My Review: 4 Stars
I'm the oldest in my family and I can't imagine being left to raise my siblings while I was still a kid myself, but that's just what Sadie finds herself doing. She's a girl who is full of resentment for her lost dreams and lack of support, yet she works very hard to make her way in life and to be the mom her two sisters don't have. I have to admire her dedication to family and her passion for baking.
Ashton is such a great guy! Although his family is very wealthy, he's not conceited at all and he always seems to put Sadie's needs first. Man, that guy is always thinking about her and how to ease her burdens.'s hard to choose between the family you've known and the family of your future and he's not perfect.
Usually this type of story is about a couple meeting and falling in love, despite obstacles or doubts, but this one doesn't fit that mold, which kept it interesting for me. It made me think: would I choose family over money? Love over family? Money over love?  
Although this book is less than 100 pages, I felt the author did a really good job in developing the plot and the characters, especially the one (who shall remain nameless) that I couldn't stand. This is a great beginning to a fun series (they do not have to be read in order).   
Content: mild romance
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