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Honeymoon for One by Jennifer Peel {Review}

Honeymoon For One in Christmas Falls
(Return to Christmas Falls*Book 2)
by Jennifer Peel
Kindle Edition, 147 pages
Publication: October 23rd 2017
Is there room for two on this honeymoon for one?

Piper Wyatt's Christmas wish is to get promoted to manager at Blackstock Hotel and Resort. Not only does the promotion mean more money, but it means more time with her son and proof that she's not such a disappointment after all.

Jace Petersen, successful owner of a national chain of sporting goods stores, finds himself alone and miserable on what should have been his honeymoon. That is until he literally falls onto the lovely Piper Wyatt. He's intrigued with this woman who can fix a car in high heels. Too bad for him, he makes a horrible first impression, and Piper's not allowed to mingle with the guests.

While Piper tries her best to steer clear of Jace during his stay, she can't help but notice he's not the man from their first meeting. But is he worth risking her promotion? Or is Jace right, Piper deserves more than she ever thought possible for herself?

Find out in this charming Christmas tale about finding love in the most unexpected place, a honeymoon.

Seven fabulous authors bring you this holiday romance series about a group of special friends returning to their hometown at the request of their high school mentor. Each book is a standalone, but read them all to fully enjoy the journey of these remarkable women and their emotional reunion with their mentor, an incredible woman who changes their lives and helps save a small town community forever.

My Review: 5 Stars

Life doesn't always go according to plan--trust me--I feel like I know that just as well as anyone. And like Piper, my expectations for myself are higher than anyone''s are. Piper's path in life detoured six years ago, but she's making the best of things. Piper is a pleaser (I can be like that), which makes her very easy to relate to and very likable. I understand her rule-abiding ways, her loyalty to family, and her hesitance to jump back into the past and rekindle old friendships.

Jace doesn't leave a good first impression on Piper, or on the reader, but don't let that fool you. First impressions aren't always an accurate portrayal of a person, especially a person who isn't really in his right mind because, hello! he was jilted on the day of his wedding. He's a very determined man and knows what he wants, but he is open to different ways of thinking about things, especially where his business and relationships are concerned. After that dreadful first meet, I found him to be very charming and sweet. And I mean, VERY.

One of the things that I love best about Peel's writing is her ability to take two flawed characters and give them a magical story. Who doesn't want some magic in life? The charm and romantic tension ooze off of the pages, while they each struggle to find themselves and their happy ending. The road to love isn't ever easy, but it's a very enjoyable process when it's traveling through the pages of a Peel story.

One last note, that I'm sure I've mentioned before: I love it that Peel writes in the first person point of view. I honestly feel like I'm a part of the story and a dear friend of the characters. I hope she doesn't ever change that. This is a great holiday story that is sure to warm your heart.

Content: mild romance with some light innuendo; mild language

*I received a copy, which didn't influence my opinion in any way.*


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Support Your Local Sheriff by Melinda Curtis {Blog Tour Excerpt + Giveaway}

On Tour with Prism Book Tours.

Support Your Local Sheriff
(Harmony Valley #10)
by Melinda Curtis
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 384 pages
October 1st 2017 by Harlequin Heartwarming

Will he pass the daddy test?

With his job in jeopardy, it couldn't be a worse time for Sheriff Nate Landry's recent past to come back to haunt him. But it would take an army to stop SWAT team leader Julie Smith. The fellow cop—and sister of his ex-fiancĂ©e—wants one thing from the beleaguered lawman: custody of the toddler son that Nate didn't know he had.

He may not be natural daddy material, but he quickly takes a shine to little Duke. And then there are the feelings Nate's been hiding for years. Only now Julie's running for sheriff of Harmony Valley—against him. Time to retreat? Not if he wants a future with the woman he loves.


Clod-clump. Clod-clump.
The gray-haired residents of Harmony Valley had probably never done the wave at a sports stadium. But their heads turned in the same rippled effect to stare Nate’s way, starting from the back of the church and moving forward. Grins and coos rippled through the assembled, almost as if—
The little hand returned to Nate’s shoulder, followed by a hot-breathed “Hi.”
Mystery solved. Residents were doing the neck-craning wave to watch an angelic toddler putting on a show behind Nate.
When Nate turned his head, he received another gentle forehead bump. “You’re an awesome little dude.” Nate ruffled the boy’s hair.
The boy’s gray eyes widened in delight. “I Duke.” He tapped his skinny chest and grinned.
The majority of the assembled chuckled. The majority being over age sixty-five and being grandparents or great-grandparents who appreciated precocious children.
Behind Nate, someone emitted a heavy sigh. Feminine hands drew the toddler out of view once more.
“For years…” Doris half glanced behind her as if sensing she was losing her audience. “…you four have ruled Harmony Valley. Well, no more! The people want to be heard. The people want a say. The people want to vote for a sheriff of our own choosing!”
Nate sat back against the pew. He wasn’t the hand-shaking, promise-making, run-for-office type.
“Now, Doris…” Mayor Larry hated discord and looked as if he was ready to break Robert’s Rules of Order and escape out the back. He started again. “Now, Doris—”
“Don’t you Now Doris me. I want action and I want it now!”
“She slipped up there,” Flynn noted. “She said I.”
The people…” Doris was quick with a correction. “The people want action now!”
“I’m going to remind the speaker,” Mayor Larry said carefully. “That there is a review process written in the town bylaws—”
“By you.” Doris scoffed.
The mayor tilted his head down and stared at Doris over the rim of his rectangular readers. “Written by the town council over seventy years ago.”
“Hi!” Duke shouted, completely stealing the limelight and bringing some much-needed laughter to the proceedings.
Doris spun, so upset at being upstaged her short hair seemed to tilt forward and take aim at the upstager.
The few residents not enamored of little Duke straightened and quieted like school children caught misbehaving. The rest kept on smiling and scrunching their faces in funny ways designed to encourage the boy, not calm him down. He really was a cute kid. Not even Doris was immune to his charms. Her expression seemed to soften.
“We should wrap this up so we can all meet that adorable young man in the back.” Agnes spoke into the microphone. “These are all good points, Doris. Therefore…” Agnes waited until Doris faced her again. “I move we hold a sheriff’s election as soon as possible. Say…this week, so as not to hinder our Spring Festival plans.”
Voices disappeared beneath a rush of sound, as if Nate was passing a semi truck on the highway with his windows down. His position was an inconvenience to the Spring Festival? His livelihood? His future?
The assembled were just as shocked as Nate. The church had fallen into a stunned silence. There wasn’t so much as a peep from Doris or Duke.
During the lull, Agnes elbowed Rose.
“Uh…” Rose looked as confused as Nate felt.
Mildred, who had a slight resemblance to Mrs. Claus, pushed her thick lenses higher up her nose and sighed. “I suppose…I second?”
Anticipating peace, the mayor beamed at the council. “All in favor?”
All three town councilwomen said, “Aye.”
“Motion passed.” The mayor closed out the meeting.
“An election?” Nate’s plain-and-simple world was suddenly not so plain and simple.
“Don’t sweat it.” Flynn stared down at his newborn son with a whole lotta love in his eyes. “You signed a new contract and you’re the only qualified candidate in town. You’ll win by a landslide.”
Nate’s future was out of his control. He didn’t think he’d sleep for a week.
“I Duke.” The little dude gripped Nate’s shoulder.
The woman’s hands drew him back.
Juju,” the boy scolded.
In the past eighteen months or so, there’d been an influx of younger residents to Harmony Valley and a baby boom. Nate turned more fully in his seat to see who held his new friend.
Familiar gray eyes collided with his.
A storm cloud hovered over Nate. And flashed with lightning.

An election, a son he didn’t know about, and a woman who abhors him (yet he loves). All I can say is Nate’s life doesn’t get better. It only gets worse.

Melinda Curtis is an award-winning USA Today bestseller. She writes sweet romance for Harlequin Heartwarming, sweet romantic comedies and sexy traditional contemporary romances. Her latest release, Support Your Local Sheriff, is an ode to the quiet heroic sheriffs her mother made her watch with her on Sundays when there was nothing else on TV.

Other Books in the Series

About the Author

USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Author, Melinda Curtis is the award winning author of contemporary romance that spans the sexy scale - from sweet romance to sweet romantic comedy (written under the Melinda Curtis brand) to fun, sexier romances (written under the Mel Curtis brand).

Melinda loves writing romances about women who don't realize how strong they are until a hero comes along to show them, while simultaneously capturing the wry humorous power struggle of falling in love (because, really, who lets the man have the last word?).

Tour Giveaway

- 1 winner will receive autographed copies of Time for Love, A Memory Away, A Man of Influence, and Marrying the Single Dad
- US Only. International will receive ecopies.
- Ends November 1st

Monster Mash Countdown Blitz Day 7: The Golden Hour: A Nora Tierney English Mystery by Marni Graff

Marni Graff writes two award-winning mystery series: The Nora Tierney English Mysteries and The Trudy Genova Manhattan Mysteries. She teaches writing workshops and mentors the Writers Read program, and is Managing Editor of Bridle Path Press. 

Graff also writes the crime review blog Auntie M Writes,

Connect with the Author here: 

American writer Nora Tierney is house hunting in Oxford to solidify her little family that includes her almost-year old son, Sean, and her partner, Det. Insp. Declan Barnes. But why does she feel like she's being followed? 

When tracking devices confirm Nora has a stalker, it sets off a chain of events that connect to Declan's murder investigation of a young Oxford art restorer, and will bring bioterrorism and a psychopath into their lives, while Sean's hangs in the balance. The fourth Nora Tierney English mystery is the most tension-filled yet, a meditation on what is family and home, combined with art theft and an international conspiracy.

This is the fourth book in the series and while it can be read as a standalone it is so much more enjoyable if you read the series in order! So find the entire series below.

Find the links to the entire series here:
~ Amazon ~ Amazon UK


(From Ch 2:)

 “I wanted to talk to you again about the money Paul left me, Declan.”

“And I’ve told you each time you bring it up, Nora, that I don’t need the gritty details. That money’s for you and Sean.”

“Yes, but surely you must have questions, and with this house hunting—”
“You’ve said it’s adequate to take the burden off you, and to buy a house alone.” Was this her way of asking if he wanted to live with her? “That’s all I need to know. It’s tough to be jealous of a dead man, Nora.” His thoughts tumbled over each other.

Did he really mean that? Was Nora really over Paul Pembroke? She’d told him it would never have worked with Paul, yet she’d recently developed a relationship with his parents. But then, they were her baby’s family, too. “I’m just glad it’s relieved your financial pressure,” he ended. At least that was a true statement.

“True British reticence,” she muttered, shaking her head.

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Grand Finale for The Keeper of Her Heart by Stacy Henrie

On Tour with Prism Book Tours.

Book Tour Grand Finale for
The Keeper of Her Heart
By Stacy Henrie

We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you missed any of the stops
you can see snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below:

Launch - Note from the Author

There are some stories, some characters, which grab ahold of you and won’t let go. THE KEEPER OF HER HEART and its heroine Ada Thorne are just such a story and character for me. So it’s with much anticipation, that I share this book with readers...

"The Keeper of Her Heart has earned a special place in my heart. This well-written, poignant story is bittersweet and heartwarming at the same time. British settings are a favorite of mine, and historical detail of the World War I era is conveyed in a way that pulls you right into the story. . . . I thoroughly enjoyed The Keeper of Her Heart and look forward to more from Stacy Henrie."

Backing Books - Excerpt

Desperation strangled Ada’s breath, making her light-headed. “If I am not to marry for love, then what is the purpose of such a union?"

“To maintain the life you have always known,” her father said, his voice rising again. “You will marry a man of good breeding and fortune who will see that you want for nothing.”

An image of a content and pampered lap dog came to her mind. No wonder she preferred horses and their strength and power to other creatures meant to sit silent and look lovely.

"Stacy Henrie is a master at historical fiction, especially during the World Wars. In this offering, we are treated to the story of Ada, a young woman of class, in the early 1900s in England. . . . I found it fascinating and loved watching Stacy Henrie bring this time in history to life in a way that I never could have imagined."

Colorimetry - Excerpt

“It’s war, Ned.” Ada didn’t bother to disguise the pleading in her tone. “I don’t want to have to say goodbye; I don’t want you gone.”

“I don’t want to go,” he admitted in a low voice. His next words sent another shudder through her. “But if it’s right, Ada, I need to go.”

When he pulled her to him, she went. She shut her eyes and leaned into his touch. Was there anything she could say to persuade him differently? For the first time in their marriage, she suddenly understood what Ned had felt whenever he longed to protect her from something. That’s what she wanted to do in this moment—to protect him and herself.

Remembrancy - Review

"Through it all, this book weaves World War I history and life in London into the story. As readers follow Ada’s journey, her sprouting faith is encouraging in the midst of the challenges thrown out her. . . .Stacy Henrie’s newest book is a reminder of the One who gives hope in the midst of our darkest hours as well as second chances—at forgiveness, healing, and even love."

underneath the covers - Excerpt

“Thank you, Minnie.” Ada rose from her chair. “Rosie and I are lucky to have you and Thomas and the children.”

Tears glittered in her friend’s eyes now. “We’re the lucky ones. And don’t you go forgettin’ it. ’Specially the next time you go disappearin’ into yourself. All right?”

“I won’t.” She offered Minnie a smile—and this time it wasn’t forced.

Wishful Endings - Review

"THE KEEPER OF HER HEART is a story of love, perseverance, friendship, and second chances.The characters are genuine and easy to relate to, while the story is touching. Fans of the genre will find much to love here! . . . I loved how the story pulled out my emotions. It was engaging, sweet, and inspiring. It's one I definitely recommend!"

Paulette's Papers - Excerpt

“What did your gran have to say?” Ned asked from behind.

Ada jumped to her feet, her back to him, and hurried to remove the evidence of her tears before he caught sight of them. She wouldn’t have Ned thinking they were tears of regret.

“She’s well. And what’s more”—Ada spun around, pasting on a bright smile—“she wishes us happiness here in London.”

Heidi Reads... - Review

"This book starts out mild and unassuming, then packs an emotional punch, and wraps up with the happy ending you didn't think would happen. I slowly fell in love with each of the characters and their strength during times that become increasingly dangerous. . . . I loved the romance, the history, and the emotion in this unforgettable story!"

"There is so much sadness and yet they keep pushing forward to find happiness again. Very uplifting. . . . I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy history and a good love story. It’s packed full of goodness!"

Teatime and Books - Excerpt

Deep down, though, a germ of fear attempted to sprout inside her. She’d never known deprivation or difficulty or hard work. But she was determined to see her decision through—she would prove that marrying for love wasn’t the swift path to misery and regret that her parents believed it to be. She loved Ned. And she trusted that his current employer, Hugh Whittington, would follow through on his promise to help find Ned a new job.

Reading Is My SuperPower - Review

"The Keeper of Her Heart by Stacy Henrie is poignant and inspiring, the highs and lows of Ada’s life drawing the reader in wholeheartedly. The theme of God’s presence in times of joy as well as sorrow and fear walks hand-in-hand with Ada’s determined spirit and her compelling courage. Life doesn’t always work out the way we planned but in God’s hands we are held through it all."

And don't forget to enter the giveaway below, if you haven't already...

The Keeper of her Heart
by Stacy Henrie
Inspirational Historical Romance
ebook, 271 pages
September 26th 2017 by Beyond the Page Publishing

If you like the novels of Deanne Gist and Lauraine Snelling, you’ll love USA Today bestselling author Stacy Henrie’s inspirational romance set against the backdrop of World War One!

Even at a young age, Ada Thorne knew that she would marry only for love, never money. So when she finds herself irrevocably drawn to Ned Henley, the lowly gamekeeper on a neighboring estate, she defies her parents and society by eloping with him to London to build a new life.

Without her family’s support, life in the city is far more difficult than the one of ease and privilege Ada has always known. She’ll find herself relentlessly tested in ways she never imagined—especially when Ned, answering the call of duty, enlists to serve his country in World War One.

Alone and near poverty with a child to raise, Ada’s resolve will be strained at every turn. And as she struggles to remain true to her convictions and live life on her own terms, Ada will embark on a journey of courage, faith, and love that will surpass even her own humble dreams . . .

Advanced Praise for the Book

“Stacy Henrie possesses superior storytelling skills, her historical accuracy and attention to detail are unsurpassed, and she knows how to create characters we can identify with and whom we really care for.” —Fresh Fiction

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Stacy Henrie is the author of western romances and the Of Love and War series, which includes Hope at Dawn, a 2015 RITA Award finalist for excellence in romance. She was born and raised in the West, where she currently resides with her family. She enjoys reading, road trips, interior decorating, chocolate, and most of all, laughing with her husband and kids.

Tour Giveaway

- 1 winner will receive a $40 Amazon e-gift card and an e-book copy of any of Stacy's books (winner's choice)
- Open internationally
- Ends October 25th

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Christmas at Gate 18 by Amy Matayo {Review}

Christmas at Gate 18 by Amy Matayo
Kindle Edition, 154 pages
Published October 10th 2017
Supermodel Rory Gray just wants to go home. After wrapping up a three-day high-fashion photo shoot overseas, she’s exhausted and ready for the holiday. A holiday that involves Hollywood parties, air-kissing the industry elite, and a whole lot of fakeness…but whatever. Once she gets through that torture, she’ll head to her beloved Seattle and the life of anonymity she misses so much. In less than twenty-four hours, she’ll be there.

Colt Ross has spent the past six months detaching himself from the Hollywood world he grew up in, and home is the last place he wants to be. But he’s been called back by his overbearing father for reasons he can only imagine. Likely reasons that involve taking over the family corporation or fund raising among Hollywood elite—something Colt has no interest in being part of. Not that he has a choice; when you’re the son of an industry executive, rubbing elbows comes with the territory. In less than twenty-four hours he’ll be home. After all this time away, home no longer appeals to him. Especially not at Christmas. Leave it to his father to ruin a holiday.

But when a late-season hurricane grounds both of their flights in the Dominican Republic, Rory and Colt find themselves stuck at the airport far longer than anticipated. As weather conditions worsen, they both begin to realize that this Christmas will be spent with strangers packed inside a single airport terminal—specifically at gate 18.

Rory and Colt are faced with a choice: band together in their misery or make this Christmas one they will never forget. For two people who aren’t real fond of the holiday, this Christmas might turn out to be the best they’ve ever had.  
My Review: 4 Stars
As hard as I try not to judge people, I still do (*shame on me*) and I think that's how it is for most people. There are some prejudices about certain types of people in place and it's always surprising that when you really get to know a person, those ideas aren't always true. Case in point with Rory. 
Rory is a supermodel and when she gets stuck in an airport during a freak hurricane just before Christmas, she comes across as a diva who always gets her way. However, as the book progresses, it becomes apparent that those preconceived notions are not true at all and that she's got a lot of inner strength and naivety. 
Colt is a mystery man and waffles between wanting to turn over a new leaf and allowing himself to succumb to his old ways of, well...women. A chance encounter in the airport leaves these two and their palpable chemistry imprinted on a reader's heart.
I love the message of second chances and judging, and it's especially fun with these two spunky, feisty, protective characters. Although the book isn't too long, it covers the real emotion in a tangible way that is enjoyable. I only wish it was longer because not all of the secrets were revealed. Rory carries around a bag and said she'd explain everything that was in it later and never did and I wanted to know! I also would have loved to know what makes Colt tick.
All in all, this is a sweet Christmas tale unlike any you've ever read before.
Content: moderate romance (steamy clean kissing, innuendo, talk of her career as an underwear/swimsuit model, a few of Colt's slightly gutterish thoughts); mild language.
*I received a copy, which had no influence on my thoughts and opinions*
Buy Link:

Pistols and Poplin Book Blitz with Giveaway

USA Today bestselling author Kirsten Osbourne knows how to write romance. Each book is an experience that transplants the reader, indulging them in decadence, intense emotion and sweeping love.

Hailing from the state of Wisconsin, she has lived in Texas for over thirty years as a mother, writer, and wife. Married to the love of her life for more than fifteen years, she knows that true love exists and shares that vision with the world.

She writes contemporary and historical romance as well and also ventures into the realm of paranormal romance. She invites you to join her in her world of fantasy, love, and make believe, no matter the location, where there is always a happily ever after at the end.

Connect with the Author here: 
Facebook ~ Goodreads ~ Amazon ~


Amelia C. Adams is the author of twenty-five sweet Western romance novels, the mother of four children, and the eater of chocolate cake and tacos. Many tacos. Too many tacos to count. Because cheese. And meat. Meat and cheese.
She has hit the Amazon bestseller list three times and has the screenshots to prove it. Even though she’s only been publishing Westerns for two years, she plans to do it forever and ever, or until the cows come home, whichever happens first. She credits her own pioneer heritage for this new interest, and is glad that she doesn’t have to wear twelve petticoats to be considered modest. 

Connect with the Author here: 
~ Facebook ~ Website


Peggy L Henderson is an award-winning, best-selling western historical and time travel romance author of the Yellowstone Romance Series, Second Chances Time Travel Romance Series, Teton Romance Trilogy, and the Blemished Brides and Wilderness Brides Western Historical Romance Series. When she’s not writing about Yellowstone, the Tetons, or the old west, she’s out hiking the trails, spending time with her family and pets, or catching up on much-needed sleep. She is happily married to her high school sweetheart. Along with her husband and two sons, she makes her home in Southern California. 

Connect with the Author here: 
Facebook ~ Blog ~ Amazon ~


Carra Copelin is an award winning and Amazon Best Selling Author in contemporary and historical romances but, unlike so many other authors, didn't write from childhood or read long into the night beneath the covers with a flashlight. She found romance novels as an adult. After reading about a million, she discovered numerous people residing in her head, all looking for a way onto the printed page.
She's a member of Romance Writers of America and Past President of Yellow Rose Romance Writers, plus she regularly contributes to romance blog, Smart Girls Read Romance. She is a member of The Daughters of the American Revolution and The Daughters of the Republic of Texas.

Carra and her hero live in North Central Texas, in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex where they enjoy family and their three beautiful grandchildren. In addition to writing and researching with her fabulous critique partners, she enjoys playing Bridge, working on crochet projects, and tracking down relatives through genealogy.    

Connect with the Author here: 

A transplanted Scot, Margery now lives on a lake in Canada.

Although she grew up as far away from the old west as possible, she’s always had a love affair with the men and women who settled the untamed land west of the Mississippi. Glued to TV westerns like Maverick, Rawhide and Gunsmoke, and reading stories of Annie Oakley, Roy Rogers and Rin Tin Tin, it was only natural that when she started writing, she wrote what she loved to watch and read. When she’s not writing or travelling in search of the perfect setting for her next novel, you can usually find her wielding a pair of knitting needles or a pool cue.
Connect with the Author here: 

"Five brand-new sweet Western novellas by five of your favorite authors!

Mail Order Miller by Kirsten Osbourne

No one wants to employ Doris Miller, and no man is interested in her. Traveling two-thousand miles across country to marry a stranger may seem strange to some, but it’s the answer to her troubles.
Harvey Butler’s children are the scourge of the town of Salmon, Oregon. When one of the women of the town insists he needs a bride, he’s certain he could never find someone willing to marry him. When he receives a response from Doris Miller, he’s convinced it will be a marriage of convenience, and they will simply coexist. Will Doris be able to change his mind about his future?

The Risk and the Reward by Amelia C. Adams

Sybil James has worked her way up and is now employed as the ladies' maid for Lady Douglas, a wealthy woman of distinction. When Lady Douglas decides to travel to America to visit her son, she gives the girl a chance to see the world and experience things she could only dream about before.
Grant Douglas is enjoying his life as an American businessman, all the while knowing that he'll eventually return to England to run the family estate. Circumstances force his hand early and he must drop everything to set things to rights--one of those things being the stewardship of a lovely young ladies' maid who finds herself without a home.
Two very different worlds collide . . . two hearts must decide what it is they most want.

Emmeline: Bride of Arkansas by Carra Copelin
Emmeline Weidner was left at the altar by her intended. Seeking to heal her bruised feminine ego, she moves in with her sister. While learning to cope with her new life, she discovers she isn’t content to live the life of a spoiled society woman. Can she let go of her newfound independence when the right man comes along?
Lincoln Bass returns to Flat Rock Point, Arkansas a year after the accident that almost cost his life. His former employer has asked him for help at the lumber mill. He is apprehensive, but feels he owes the man who saved his life. Then he crosses paths with the most delectable, yet bewildering female he’s ever encountered.

In His Thoughts by Peggy L. Henderson
Assigned to a position in the newly formed Yellowstone National Park, life seems like it couldn't get any better for Ben Ferguson. But patrolling for poachers is fraught with danger, and he soon finds his future looking bleak. Images of a blue-eyed guardian angel are the only thing he has to pull him from the edge of death.

Crazy. Worthless. Demon-possessed. Clara Youngblood has been labeled many things by people who cannot understand the challenges she must confront every day within her own mind. When all seems dark, a glimmer of hope appears in the form of a retired soldier.

Ben and Clara wouldn't have chosen the circumstances that brought them together, but they soon discover their importance in rescuing each other.

The High Stakes Bride by Margery Scott

Chloe Taggart has one goal—to leave Rocky Ridge as soon as possible and see the world. She has no intention of ever being under a man’s thumb, and she has no desire to spend her life cooking and cleaning when she could be sailing the Pacific or touring ancient Greek ruins.

Even though Austin Hayward is content with his life on his ranch, it would be perfect if he had a wife to share it with. Unfortunately, there is only one woman he’s interested in marrying—Chloe Taggart. Chloe and Austin have known each other for years, but she’s never looked at him as anything more than a friend.

When Chloe’s father loses his diner to Austin in a poker game, Austin makes her a proposition—her father will get his diner back, and Austin will get Chloe."

Note: the formatting issues mentioned by some of the reviews have been corrected, and we apologize! :)

Mail Order Miller by Kirsten Osbourne


He reached out and put his hand on the doorknob, knowing he was about to lose his new bride when she saw the mess his children had made of the house in his absence. He pushed open the door, and immediately scolded the boys. “I told you not to tie Mrs. Johnson up again!”
Doris bit her lip as she saw Mrs. Johnson tied to one of the kitchen chairs. “Would you like some help, Mrs. Johnson?” She grabbed a kitchen knife from a block and cut the twine tying the woman’s hands behind her. “I’m Doris. It’s nice to meet you.”
Mrs. Johnson shook her head. “It was my idea to send for a mail order bride, but I feel bad for you. You might want to run now, before it’s too late.”

Doris shrugged, a grin on her face. “I’m not even a little bit afraid. Thanks for watching the children while we got married.” She looked around, and it seemed that Harvey was already gone, dealing with his offspring.

“I hope you’re stronger than you look.” Mrs. Johnson left with that quick parting shot. 

   Fun random facts About Kristen Osbourne

·        Kirsten Osbourne has an unhealthy obsession with men named Bob.
·        Kirsten just made a cross-country move with her husband and son, neither of whom have ever lived more than twenty miles from where they were born in Texas.
·        Kirsten runs a Facebook group for lovers of historical Western romance called Pioneer Hearts.
·        Kirsten is obsessed with the television show, When Calls the Heart.

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