Thursday, October 19, 2017

Love Me at Sunset by Lucinda Whitney {Review}

Love Me at Sunset by Lucinda Whitney
A Destined for Love Romance: Mansions
Book 3 in the Romano Family Series
ebook, 300 pages
Publication: October 17th 2017 by Lange House Press

An ex-con reforming his life. A pregnant widow hiding her past. Will the price of her secrets cost her his love?

Catarina Romano has lost everything: her husband, her house, her lifestyle. She flees to her cousin’s empty manor in the heart of Portugal, trying to find peace and to hide from the scandal spun by the media, only to discover she is pregnant.

Afonso Cortez is done with all the lies. Fresh out of prison for trusting the wrong person, he’s ready to leave the past behind and look ahead to new opportunities. The remote Sunset Manor, in need of a groundskeeper, is the perfect solution, promising to provide Afonso with the solitude he craves while he restores the grounds to their former glory.

Catarina avoids Afonso at first, not wanting to further complicate her life. But Afonso is intriguing, and she feels drawn to him. If only she didn’t feel guilty for all the secrets she’s keeping from him.

When suspicious accidents start occurring at the property, Afonso believes his past is catching up with him. Will he be able to protect Catarina or will he lose the woman who might restore his belief in love?

Part of the Destined for Love Mansions collection:
- Kiss Me in the Rain by Lindzee Armstrong
- Roping His Heart by Jaclyn Hardy
- The Princess and The Pizza Man by Cassie Mae
- Mending Fences by Lorin Grace
- Love Me at Sunset by Lucinda Whitney
- Saving Sycamore Bay by Cami Checkets

Also part of the Romano Family series:
- Book 1- Hold Me At Twilight
- Book 2- Meet Me At Sunrise
- Book 3- Love Me At Sunset
- Book 4- Keep Me At Christmas (coming soon)


My Review: 5 Stars

I've loved the Romano series, which takes place in Portugal, and I've also loved the Destined for Love series. Combining the two is brilliant! 

Afonso is a great, standup kind of guy, especially considering what he's just endured. I cant' think of a kinder man. Ex-con or not, he won my heart from the moment I met him. Just out of prison, for reasons that unfold as the story progresses, he's working to clear his name and he sure works hard at cleaning up the grounds at a mansion of his friend's. Catarina is recently widowed and her story also gradually unfolds. Appearing as a timid, sickly little rabbit of a woman, it's quickly apparent that she has a core of steel.

I'm also up for a good, swoony romance and I'm happy to report that this one delivers. Although Afonso moves slowly, so that he doesn't scare Catarina off, the sparks and chemistry smolders throughout and I desperately wanted them to take it to the next level and start dating. I know, patience.

I love the importance of family throughout this series and it's apparent that the characters really value their support system as well. I really adore this family--is it possible for them to adopt me? I also love the way the setting is vividly portrayed. Portugal is on my list to visit now, thanks for this set, and I almost feel like I don't need to go because I've already visited a couple of times in my imagination. Almost...

As for the mansion series, it seems that there is a tiny mystery and suspense element surrounding each installment and this one has an edge that almost borders on creepy. That could be because I read it at night while my husband was out of town.

Content: mild romance (kissing, implied affairs); mild violence

*I received a copy, which had no influence on my opinions.*


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