Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Topaz Reign by Teresa Richards {Blog Tour Review + Giveaway}

Topaz Reign (Altered Stones #2) by Teresa Richards
Published September 29th 2017 by Evernight Teen


Fairy tales are simply tales, told and re-told, but changed over time.

It has been four months since Maggie learned the dark truth behind the tale of the Princess and the Pea and freed Princess Lindy from the cursed Emerald. Lindy is now back in the past where she belongs, queen of her tiny Scandinavian country, and Maggie is a fully reformed ex-stalker.

Except … she can’t stop doing internet searches on Lindy and her country.

One morning, Maggie wakes to find history turned on its head. Apparently, you can’t destroy a centuries-old curse without consequence. In order to prevent the changes in history from wiping out the present, Maggie resurrects her stalking gene and learns that fairy tales don’t stay dead for long.

Or at all.

Back in 1623, Lindy is juggling a threat to her family, a handsome new guard she’s not supposed to have feelings for, and a cursed Topaz with ties to the tale of Thumbelina. When past and present collide, Lindy and Maggie are brought together again, and another of Andersen’s tales turns from twisted fiction to chilling fact.


My Review: 5 Stars

I fell deep, head-over-heels in love with Book 1 and was so excited to continue on right where that one left off. Be sure to read this series in order to get the full effect.

Maggie and her brother, Tanner, are very likable and adventurous characters. Although teenagers, they do care for one another and I love how they really have each other's backs throughout this book. This story goes back and forth between modern times and the past, just as the other one did, and I love that process because I felt that I really got the full story, even though history keeps re-writing itself because of the time travel. 

Lindy and Goran are my favorite characters from the past and when their interactions meld and merge, my favorite scenes unfold. The action is very intense and I felt like I was going off to battle the evils of the world, right along with them. Some mysteries and secrets are uncovered and I was taken by surprise by some of them.

Somehow, when I read the synopsis, I missed which fairy tale this story was connecting to and I was a little disappointed to think that it wasn't going to tie in to one. About halfway through, my doubt was resolved and I found that Thumbelina was the lucky choice. I love how the fairy tales that are recreated aren't the typical, over-done stories, but are ones that are lesser known, which really gives the book a fresh vibe.

The romance is sweet and stabs at the heart a little in this book, but it's the magic and adventure that overpower this tale. The story is left hanging a little and a little clue within the pages makes me think that one more book (at least) will be written and let me just say, I CAN'T WAIT! And I really hope that one little detail that's been bugging me will be answered.

Content: mild romance; mild+ violence.

*I received a copy, which didn't affect my opinion in any way.*


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http://amzn.to/2xU13K2  https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/topaz-reign-teresa-richards/1127157783?ean=2940154566138



  1. This is unique to me and thank you for letting me know about these books. I love twists on fairy tales and this one sounds exciting.

    1. I hope you get a chance to read them--they're fun!

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