Friday, February 9, 2018

The Gentleman's Bride Search by Deborah Hale {Book Spotlight}

The Gentleman's Bride Search
(The Glass Slippers Chronicles #4)
by Deborah Hale

The time has come for strong-willed Evangeline Fairfax to leave her position as governess to the Chase children so she can oversee the founding of a new charity school. But the children’s father, mill-owner Jasper Chase has made no effort to hire a replacement. Evangeline decides to take matters into her own hands by finding her employer a wife. Jasper is livid when he discovers Evangeline has organized a house party and invited several eligible young women. He only agrees to cooperate with her matchmaking efforts if she will give him lessons in courting. Jasper proves a promising pupil, but his lessons with Evangeline soon persuade him that there is only one woman he wants to marry!

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