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Prancing Around With Sleeping Beauty by Stacy Juba {Review}

Do you love sweet romance novels that make you laugh? Then you'll want 
to check out Stacy Juba's brand new chick lit novel, Prancing Around With 
Sleeping Beauty, the second book in the Storybook Valley series.  The book 
was released March 5, and while it's a follow-up to the popular Fooling 
Around With Cinderella, both novels can  also be read as stand-alones. Come 
discover Storybook Valley, a fictional theme park in the Catskills of 
New York. If you love small town romance with humorous characters,  
theme parks, fairy tale fun, and amazing love stories, then Storybook Valley 
will be your new favorite series.
Prancing Around With Sleeping Beauty funny chick lit
This Sleeping Beauty isn’t sure she wants to wake up…
Dance instructor Rory Callahan likes to play it safe. When she meets Kyle, 
he’s impulsive, persistent, and her exact opposite. He’s pushing her to tango 
way past her comfort zone and keeping Rory on her toes more than twenty 
years of dance teachers ever had.
Unfortunately, he’s the grandson of her family’s archrival and she doesn’t 
want to disappoint them. After all, her parents imagine her as a proper 
princess - hence her  namesake Aurora, AKA Sleeping Beauty. Complicating 
matters, Rory’s also dealing with a surgeon boyfriend who’s perfect for her 
(sort of), an obnoxious boss, and desperate dance moms. Kyle wants to 
change her whole life, but Rory doesn’t like the stakes. After all, princesses 
are the ones who get the happy endings . . .aren’t they?
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My Review: 4 Stars

Imagination an adventure park with princesses roaming around and fairy tale themed rides--isn't that every little girl's dream? That's exactly what you'll find in Storybook Valley, and the little girl in my heart loved it, too. 

Rory (Aurora Rose) is a dancer with an overbearing boss, but loves her family and their business. She has thoughts of more, such as owning her own dance studio, but she works hard and is loyal, almost to a fault. 

In a little Romeo and Juliet twist, she accidentally meets Kyle, one of her family's fiercest business competitors. His family owns the local zoo and because of a rival with their grandfathers, they aren't supposed to fraternize. At all. Let alone, spark an interest in one another.

Have I mentioned lately that I need to become more assertive? Rory's my girl because she needs to do that, too. Not in a bad way, but she needs to make her wants and wishes known...in a respectful way, of course. I absolutely loved watching her grow a backbone and develop the strength and courage to follow her dreams, even though I could almost taste her fear. Kyle is great--his personality almost forces Rory to loosen up and take chances.

Storybook Valley is such a charming place and this series delivers the feels and romance, typical of what you'd expect from those beloved fictional favorites. I loved the characters and the setting and look forward to more books set in this delightful place.

Content: mild romance (light innuendo, kissing); mild+ language

*I received a copy, which had no influence on my thoughts and opinions*  
Twilight had descended over the strip mall which also contained a pizza 
place, children’s art studio, New Age shop, bakery, and a consignment 
store with identical brick facades. A long sidewalk connected the 
storefronts. Rory’s phone chirped and  she scanned a text as she strolled 
through the parking lot. A message from her older brother Jake, who 
lived in Maine.
Happy 25th. What new rose crap did you get this year?
Instead of making her chuckle, his joke elicited a sigh. She missed Jake 
and his toddler Quinn, but he never came home anymore thanks to a 
stupid fight with their parents. They went ballistic after he got a girl 
pregnant and accused him of ruining his life. Jake and the mother broke 
up, not surprising since she was a total flake, but he got an apartment a 
couple blocks away from her to be near his daughter. His absence meant 
he couldn’t take over the theme park, leaving room for Dylan to step 
Heading toward her car, she replied: Don’t know yet. I’m on my
Augh! Rory stumbled over something and toppled to the ground, her 
phone sailing through the air. Her right hand slammed against the 
pavement, and pain seared through her. Sitting up, she glared at the 
object that had blocked her path. A spiky creature in a plastic carrier 
glared back at her.
Rory blinked. She could accept a black cat crossing her path, but she 
owed her unceremonious spill to a needle-infested rodent?
“Who leaves a porcupine in the middle of the parking lot?” she 
“Who trips over a huge animal carrier? Oh, right, someone who’s texting 
while walking.” A brown-haired guy in a khaki zookeeper uniform and 
boots loomed over her. She stiffened at his words until she noticed the 
dimples sprinkled with cinnamon freckles. He wasn’t mad, just amused. 
“And it’s not a porcupine. It’s a hedgehog.”
“What’s the difference? It was still in the middle of the parking lot.”
He crouched beside her. “For starters, hedgehogs have shorter quills that 
can’t easily come off their bodies, while a porcupine’s quills can easily 
detach themselves. On average a hedgehog has 7,000 quills while a 
porcupine has approximately 30,000. And a porcupine can grow to triple 
the size, between 25-and-36 inches.”
“It was a rhetorical question.” Rory risked a glance at her throbbing hand 
and winced. Blood dripped down her finger.
“I’ll admit that you’re worse off than Turbo. Don’t go anywhere. I’ll get 
the first aid kit.”
Mr. Porcupine Expert disappeared into a green van so garish, it almost 
distracted Rory from her pain. Painted animal heads peered out of big 
circles and orange letters proclaimed the monstrosity a Zoo Mobile—
with paw prints forming the double ‘o’ in zoo. It wouldn’t surprise Rory 
if a white rabbit in a waistcoat popped out from the Day-Glo monstrosity, 
muttering about being late . . . for a tea party at her house using Wendy’s 
bumpy placemats. She groaned, deciphering the smaller words beneath the 
paw prints. ‘Duke’s Animal World.’
She’d always considered her family’s rivalry with Duke Thorne a bit 
ridiculous, but now Rory related to her granddad’s agitation. Thanks 
to sprawling over one of Duke’s stupid hedgehogs, she might have 
sprained her finger.
Shifting position, Rory glowered through the cage at the spiky black ball 
that had caused all the trouble. It huffed and puffed, quills poking outward, 
a breathing pincushion. My . . . she hadn’t realized hedgehogs had such 
tiny eyes. And what a cute button nose. This little guy—Turbo?—
seemed skittish.
“Hey, there, Turbo,” she murmured. “Guess it was my fault, too. Did I 
scare you?”
“He’ll be okay.” The dimpled zookeeper reappeared with her cell 
phone, along with a toolbox-sized red first aid kit. He unlatched the kit, 
opened a box of gauze pads, and bent beside her. “Let’s apply pressure 
to stop the bleeding.”
“I can do it.” Rory squashed the pad against the cut, her cheeks heating, 
whether from his boyish good looks, or the mortification of falling over 
a hedgehog, she didn’t know. She hoped he couldn’t detect her blush 
under the lampposts’ dim glow. She rested her wrist on her knee. “What 
are you and Turbo doing here, anyway?”
“The art studio had a zoo night. The kids decorated animal statues and 
then I did a presentation. I was just about to load my last animal, Turbo, 
into the van when you went flying.” He jerked his thumb toward the Zoo 
Mobile. “I’ve also got a red-eyed tree frog, bearded dragon, chinchilla, 
and domestic rabbit.”
“Is it a white rabbit?” Rory muttered.
Mr. Porcupine Expert elevated a brow. “Not this time. What’s your story? 
What were you doing here?”
“I’m an instructor at the dance studio. We were having an open house. I 
got a text, and apparently, I wasn’t watching where I was going.” Rory 
battled the temptation to peek under the gauze.
“Let me get this straight. You’re a dancer? I thought dancers were graceful.” 
His brown eyes crinkled with amusement. Their shade reminded her of a 
caramel latte, warm and inviting.
“I am graceful! This was an isolated incident.”
“Uh-huh. I’m Kyle, by the way. And you’re . . .?”
“How about I make it up to you with free zoo tickets? You can come meet 
Turbo’s parents. I’m sure they’ll forgive you if I explain that you’re a 
dancer with two left feet.”
He wore such a deadpan expression that Rory almost laughed. His dry 
comic delivery must enliven his presentations. Her grandmother Lois, 
Storybook Valley’s self-appointed entertainment director, would remark 
that Kyle had charisma.
Rory might enjoy touring the zoo with him, but her granddad would 
lock her in with the lions if she ventured onto his rival’s property. 
Growing up, she had never been allowed to visit Duke’s. “Thanks, 
but that’s okay. As I was telling Turbo here, it was my fault. I should 
have been more aware of my surroundings.”
She peered into the cage. Was it her imagination, or did Turbo look 
calmer now in Kyle’s presence? His quills had relaxed, laying down 
and pointing toward the back.
Kyle picked up the animal carrier and straightened to his full height. 
“How about I show you my passengers while you’re applying pressure? 
The least I can do is keep you entertained during your misery.”
After a hesitation, Rory climbed to her feet and trailed him to the Zoo 
Mobile. With her left hand, she finished a clumsily misspelled text to 
Jake, omitting mention of the accident. Otherwise, her brothers would 
ask her for the next month if she had tripped over any hedgehogs lately.
She leaned against the van as Kyle slid the bearded dragon’s carrier out 
the side door and positioned Turbo’s cage in its place. Over the next ten 
minutes, he explained how many bearded dragon species existed (nine) 
and what they ate (insects). If Rory ever appeared on a TV game show, 
she hoped they quizzed her on bearded dragons, porcupines, and 
Kyle discussed animals the same way Brad talked about robotic-
assisted surgery. She wondered if Kyle had a college degree. Her guess 
was no. After all, how much schooling did it take to drive a Zoo 
Mobile? Once you memorized the spiel and learned  how to care for 
the animals, what else was there to learn? As an employee that far 
down the company ladder, Kyle probably wasn’t aware of the Callahan 
After the bearded dragon lecture, Rory washed her cut and rubbed in 
bacitracin ointment. Kyle unwrapped a large Band-Aid, but instead of 
extending it to her, he pressed the patch over her skin. As their fingers 
touched, a shivery sensation whispered down Rory’s spine.
I am not attracted to the zoo guy.
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Fooling Around With Cinderella funny chick lit

Ever wondered what those cheerful theme park princesses are really 
thinking? When twenty-five-year-old Jaine Andersen proposes a new 
marketing role to the local amusement park, general manager Dylan Callahan 
charms her into filling Cinderella’s glass slippers for the summer. Her reign 
transforms Jaine’s ordinary life into chaos that would bewilder a fairy 
godmother. Secretly dating her bad boy boss, running wedding 
errands for her ungrateful sisters, and defending herself from the park’s 
resident villain means Jaine needs lots more than a comfy pair of shoes to 
restore order in her kingdom...
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