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Prince of Granola by L.A. Sartor {Blog Tour Spotlight and Giveaway}

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Prince of Granola
(Plantation of White Treasure #1)

by L.A. Sartor
Contemporary Romance
ebook, 229 pages
March 25th 2018

Cacao – long a symbol of wealth, love, and power – now the center of a powerful rivalry.

The fabled Costa Rican Plantation of White Treasure, source of the rarest form of the cacao bean, is up for sale. Though two fierce competitors have been invited to bid on it, only one can win.

For Drew Hopkins, purchasing the plantation is the perfect solution to escape a life she never wanted.

For Robert Prince, it’s the perfect route to revenge.

Drew, the founder’s daughter and now CEO of HH Chocolate, heads a company whose sales are waning. Robert, CEO of Prince Organics, a man driven by excellence, despises everything and everyone labeled Hopkins.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Will their forced proximity at the lush and exotic plantation rekindle old flames or will it fan the fires of antagonism?


“Failure isn’t an option.”
Robert Prince stood at the head of the conference table, 
leaning forward, arms stiff, palms resting on the wooden 
“And good isn’t what Prince is all about. Excellence, top of 
the game, the best on the market is what I want for our premium 
chocolate line.” Good might be enough for HH Chocolate or any 
other rival company, but he owed his father’s memory far more 
than “good.”
“I think I have a lead on getting us there. Until then, pull the 
sample products and stop the hype.” Robert met the gaze of each 
of his marketing department’s team members. As expected, he 
saw approval in each of their gazes, until he got to Melissa.
“Pulling the product … that’s going to cost us both market share 
and money.”
Knowing exactly where she was going to take this conversation, 
Robert glanced out the windows of the conference room in an 
effort to control his frustration. The bicycle riders using the 
Boulder Creek Path, obviously enjoying the soft June sunshine 
in Colorado, did little to soothe him.
He focused on her once again. “I’m not being frivolous, Melissa.” 
Then he added a harder edge to his voice. “You know as well as 
I do that launching a product that isn’t at the top of our game 
will cost us more. I’m not losing the trust of our customers on 
any product, ever again.”
Melissa narrowed her eyes, folded her arms over her very ample 
chest and leaned back in her chair. Her shrewd gaze never left 
his face.
“I think you’re making a mistake. There is nothing wrong with
the chocolate. We’re in a crowded market—it’ll take some time 
to build a following. This isn’t a problem like last year’s issue.”
The issue Melissa so coyly referred to was the launch of their 
new soy milk flavor that had garnered scathing reviews. A first 
for Prince Organics. And the last. He’d admitted publicly that 
the fault was his, and it was. He’d been too busy and allowed 
the sourcing of the flavoring to be less than consistent.
He’d delegated.
Melissa Fontaine, his director of marketing, had objected to the 
coconut-soy launch, and she’d been right.
This time she was wrong.

About the Author

I started writing as a child, really. A few things happened on the way to becoming a published author … a junior high school teacher who told me I couldn’t write because I didn’t want to study … urk … grammar. I went to college, moved a few times, came home and found the love of my life (that is another novel worthy story, but for later), and got married.

We were super busy with our respective careers, mine a custom jewelry business with my mom, who was also teaching metalsmithing at the time, and my husband a crazy law career. We had two fur babies, Fudge (and briefly her brother Smudge, but sadly he didn’t live very long) and Two. Our cats would sleep with us and when they’d stretch out to their full length, we’d end up sleeping on the edge of the mattress.

I have always been a voracious reader and one night after throwing a particularly bad book at the wall (even putting a small ding in said wall), I realized that I could do better. I told my husband, and he said go for it. I called Mom and she revealed the junior high teacher story and she told I’d been writing all the time up to that point.

That blew me away. I didn’t remember any of it. But I started writing again, nearly the next day, pen and paper, learning, making mistakes, winning contests, nearly getting an agent, becoming disenchanted with the publishing industry and moving away from novel writing to screenwriting, getting a contract for a script and doing really well in screenwriting contests.

But none of that was making me much money. After numerous scary robbery drills I wanted to move away from my bank job (yes, this is many years later and a lot of stuff in between) and write full time for the green stuff.

My husband told me repeatedly that independent publishing was becoming a valid way to publish a novel and people were making big dollars. I didn’t believe him even after he showed me several Wall Street Journal articles. I thought indie meant vanity press.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I started pursuing this direction seriously, retired from the bank and hit the keyboard, learned a litany of new things and published my first novel. My second book became a bestseller, and while I’m not rolling in dough, I’m absolutely on the right course in my life.

So if you have a dream, pursue it as hard as you can. Life can get in the way, but never give up.

Please come visit me at, see my books, some pictures, some screenplays and sign up for my mailing list. I have a gift I’ve specifically created for my new email subscribers. And remember, you can email me at

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  1. Hi Katie, thank you for hosting me on your site for the Prism book tour. Prince Of Granola was a fun book to write. I invite your readers to sign up for the various items on the giveaway and wish them good luck. Plus I always have fun newsletters with new releases and freebies.

    I love to chat with my readers, so email me if you wish.
    L.A. Sartor

    1. This is such a fun giveaway pack and I wish everyone luck as well!

  2. Beautiful cover and I enjoyed the excerpt.

  3. I love any books that have to do with food. Seeing Granola in the title makes my arm bend to pick up this book.