Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Librarian and Her Beast by Laura Ann {Review}

The Librarian and Her Beast (A Middle Prep Novella)
by Laura Ann
Kindle Edition
Published May 10th 2018 by Angel Music, LLC 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given.
Welcome to Middleton Prep, a place where fairy tales and modern day collide. Where fair maidens spend their time developing lesson plans and valiant knights do battle with unreliable wifi signals; all in the hopes of finding True Love.

Librarian Piper Belmont’s world turns topsy turvy when new football coach Nash Wilde joins the staff at her school. Tall, dark and handsome, he’s every girl’s dream...until Piper realizes he only speaks in grunts and nods. Determined not to judge a book by its cover, Piper agrees to go out with him.

Just as they are getting to know each other, a family emergency forces Piper to leave town. Will she ever get the chance learn the secrets behind Nash’s silence? Or will the staff’s reigning beauty queen catch Nash’s interest before Piper gets back?

The Librarian and Her Beast is the first book in the Middleton Prep series. Each book is a stand alone story, but the series is best read in order. Every installment is a loosely based, contemporary retelling of a favorite fairy tale, full of swoon worthy kisses and, of course, a Happily Ever After.  
My Review: 3 Stars

I love cute fairy tale retellings and this one is sweet. Piper is the librarian at school and the new football coach, Nash, catches her eye, but he's a little beastly.

This is a fun story with some interesting characters on staff. In fact, I'm curious about all of their stories and couldn't help but speculate about which fairy tales would fit each character.

Nash only speaks in grunts, nods, and one syllable words--how in the world can he teach or coach a team that way?! I was really dying to know, as this story doesn't show any of the students at the school. Most of the book takes place before or after school hours and is strictly the tale of the teachers/employees. 

I enjoyed Piper's sparkling personality, and I especially had fun with her exclamations, such as--Heavenly Heathcliff, Wacked Wesley, Dancin' Darcy, Rumpled Rhett, and Ornery Obiwan, to name a few. She's such an entertaining person! Nash is hardly to get to know and I really enjoyed watching this story unfold in a slightly predictable, yet enjoyable, way.
Content: mild romance

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