Thursday, September 20, 2018

Lies We Tell Ourselves by Amy Matayo {Review}
Lies We Tell Ourselves by Amy Matayo
Kindle Edition, 333 pages
Publication: September 20th 2018 by SYG Productions
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given.
Presley Waterman is a rescuer: of animals, of businesses, of people. Like the stray cat she's allergic to, but continues to care for. Like her small-town newspaper, a business that’s been dying a slow death for the better part of a decade. And like Micah. Her best friend and the man she has loved since they were kids, back when no one else cared.  

As for him…

Micah Leven loves Presley. She’s the girl who’s always been there to help, the one who knows all the ugly things about him and makes him believe he can be a better man, the one who will never leave because she’s promised over and over. 
But he also loves Mara. 

Mara is his ideal. She’s the dream he conjured up as a boy and never wavered from. She’s beautiful, ambitious, driven, a fellow newscaster at his Atlanta station, and the perfect asset for the life he’s always wanted. Together, they could conquer the world and their respective careers. Even better, with Mara he could prove that he did—in fact—finally amount to something. Maybe then his father would be proud.  

There are just a few things Presley and Micah have both forgotten. One, just because you rescue someone doesn’t mean they’ll love you for it. Two, some dreams disappear when reality wakes you up. Three, the only way to silence lies is to face the truth head-on.

This is the story of the man torn between two existences, the woman who finally took the choice away from him, and what happens when you stop listening to lies once and for all.

Even if the biggest liar is you. 

My Review: 5 Stars

What lies do you tell yourself? Some lies are told (and believed) because of what others say about you and they become such a part of you, they're nearly impossible to set aside. It's simple--the truth hurts, but not nearly as much as the lies. This story pierced my soul, swiftly and deep, and left a lasting impact on me.

Sometimes a gritty and raw story needs to be told in a visibly emotional way. Don't get me wrong--I love the fluffy, sweet stories, but the powerful and realistic ones have a solid place in my heart and that's exactly what Lies We Tell Ourselves is. And the message is exactly what I (and I'm sure others) desperately needed to hear--it's very powerful and I can't stop thinking about it.

Micah and Presley have a history and the way they helped each other, both past and present, was heartening and amazing. They are "that person" for each other, but the lies they tell themselves threaten to rip apart and destroy their relationship, especially when Mara enters the picture. We all tell ourselves lies, but when we start to believe them is when the trouble begins. I love the way these two are able to shed their pasts and march on to fulfill their destinies. 

Speaking of lies, I'm not going to tell one when I say that Micah was kind of a jerk throughout a good chunk of the book, but he's the type of guy that I love to hate and hate to love. Presley is adorable and I admired her when she finally stood her ground, despite the aching pain it caused. The feels are real with this one and I loved every single minute--even the extremely painful ones.

Content: talk of physical/emotional abuse (moderate); mild+ romance (some innuendo, kissing); mild+ language (a handful of Bible swears and 2-3 slightly stronger words)

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