Friday, September 14, 2018

Rule #1: You Can't Date the Coach's Daughter by Anne-Marie Meyer {Review}
Rule #1: You Can't Date the Coach's Daughter
by Anne-Marie Meyer

Kindle Edition, 178 pages
Published August 1st 2018
Source: Kindle Unlimited
There are two types of people in high school: the ones that you can date and the ones you can’t. Unfortunately for me, I’m the latter. Even though I’m around hot football players every afternoon, they are not allowed to date me. If they even come close to flirting, my dad, Coach “The Boss” Davis, makes them run laps around the field until they puke.

Nothing scares off a boy more than the threat of physical pain.

Not only has he forbidden me to date anyone at all, he’s even made me the football team’s water girl so that he can keep tabs on me. Apparently, over protective dad is a fabulous guy deterrent. Outdoor shops should find a way to bottle it and sell it. They’d make a killing.

What Dad doesn’t know is that I spend every last second of those two blissful hours of practice in the scorching California heat, staring at Tyson Blake. He is the epitome of perfection in a six-foot-two, incredibly toned, smells-good-even-when-he-sweats, senior body. And when he smiles, angels sing. Literally.

And Dad hates him.

It feels a bit cliche to say I fell for the one guy that would send Dad’s already high blood pressure over the the top. But it’s true. There’s something about Tyson. Something he’s trying to hide. But I can see through his cocky persona and I know there’s something more.

My Review: 4 Stars

I'm in such a mood for high school romances and this one was a lot of fun. I can't even imagine going to the same school where my dad was the football coach, but that's what Destiny (aka Tiny) does. And Rule #1? No talking to, flirting with, or dating the coach's daughter. With her eye on the quarterback, and her new chemistry lab partner, Tyson, this rule may just become broken.

Tiny comes across as very awkward and shy at first, but once she gains her confidence, she's a force to be reckoned with. Tyson is hard to read--does he like her or not? Is he a serial flirter or not? As the story breaks down and personal details are revealed, the characters true colors are shown and first impressions aren't always accurate. 

There are two mingling love stories in this book and I love the way they are interconnected and gradually develop. The sometimes fragile relationship between Tiny and her dad is endearing as they go through the journey of their story. They have such a bond and there are factors that arise that threaten to destroy Tiny and her connections, especially with her dad, which really adds to the flavor of the book.

I'm definitely going to continue on with the series because this book was so cute and fun, and it hit that sweet spot.

Content:  mild romance/kissing (recommended for 12 and up)

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