Monday, December 31, 2018

Risking it All by Cami Checketts {Review}
Risking it All by Cami Checketts
Kindle Edition, 180 pages
Published December 7th 2018 by Birch River Publishing 
Source: Kindle Unlimited
A world-renowned extreme athlete. A motivational speaker and philanthropist. He thinks they're a match destined for heaven. She's convinced they're polar opposites.
Bridger Hawk has been in love with Avalyn Shaman since childhood. He knows he'll never be worthy of her charitable heart so he throws himself into a life-threatening extreme sports career. When they reconnect at his brother's wedding, he can't resist kissing her at every opportunity. She demands he stay away from her and her heart. After multiple rejections, he gathers what's left of his pride and leaves.
Avalyn has always loved Bridger but he shredded her heart in high school and she knows given a chance, he'll do it again. When she's kidnapped and forced to be the pawn and prize in dangerous events that risk her life and her virtue, Bridger is forced to compete in the deranged challenges and is the only hope she has to survive. Can Bridger win and prove to her that his love isn't just a show for his fans?
Bridger knows he has to save Avalyn at all costs ... even if it means he can't have her.

My Review: 5 Stars

It's true that this story is a little over-the-top at times, but it got my heart pounding (in more ways than one) and was a totally fun escape! This was just what I needed to disappear into on a cold Saturday afternoon. There's no such thing as too much kissing, right? 😉

Bridger seems to have absolutely no fear of anything. In fact, when he sees his long-time crush at his brother's wedding, he walks right up and kisses her. Talk about sweeping someone (me) off her feet! He's gorgeous and he's a playboy, but when it comes right down to it, he's been madly in love with Avalyn for years. She just can't accept that someone like him would go for someone like her. Although Bridger is a player and doesn't take things seriously, he's loyal and dedicated to what really matters and I loved that about him.

When Ramsey, Bridger's completely certifiably insane friend, issues the ultimate challenge, with Avalyn as the pawn/prize, all bets are off. This time was full of crazy danger, thrilling intense situations, and swoony sparks.   

I honestly can't imagine enduring even half of the stunts that Bridger and Avalyn go through. I'm a homebody and chicken at heart, I guess, but it was satisfying to take some vicarious risks through these characters.

Content: some light innuendo; mild+ swoony romance (kissing); a lot of dangerous stunt elements; very mild religion

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