Tuesday, October 29, 2019

28 Days With a Billionaire by Kimberly Krey {Review}

Kindle Edition, 258 pages
Publication: October 29th 2019 by Candle House 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given.
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 https://amzn.to/2PpCXjp    https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/48559353-28-days-with-a-billionaire
After a billionaire jerk nearly ruins her life, Camila gets her dream job at a beachside villa. But that job looks more like a nightmare when she meets her new boss—aka the billionaire jerk.

When private chef Camila Lopez meets billionaire James Benton for the first time, he ends up with egg yolk on his diamond-crusted cufflinks. It was an accident on both parts, but James’ cruel date makes sure Camila pays a price by losing her swanky clientele over the mishap.

Luckily, Camila is offered a month-long job at a beachside villa. She’s certain it will give her career the boost she’s been praying for. But what happens when she finds out she’ll be working for none other than James Benton—the guy with the cufflinks who ruined her life?

James Benton has one strict rule: No getting personal with the people who work for him. But when he escapes to deal with his brother’s tragic death, rescue comes in the face of his beautiful private chef. Never has breaking a rule looked so good.

Will it lead James to the love of his life or leave him with another lesson learned and a broken heart?
My Review: 5 Stars
Sparks aren't the only things that fly with this couple's first meeting. Quail egg yolk does too and that's what puts James and Camila's relationship on the wrong foot. I love a romantic tale of two broken people who help each other piece the shattered shards together one kiss at a time. 
James is a billionaire with trust issues and a broken heart and when fate throws Camila back into his life as a personal chef at a luxury resort, who is he not to take control of the flames their chemistry has ignited? Camila has a huge secret, yet the way she has risen above her past is extremely admirable. I love how opposite these two are in all the ways, from how they handle their pain, to their outlooks on life, to their financial and social backgrounds, but true love will find a way to conquer all that.
Kimberly Krey is a master at steamy clean romance and this one was no exception. The characters are worthy of falling in love with and the food descriptions are almost as mouth watering as the kisses. I love solid characters with a charming plot and completely enjoyed my escape to The Royal Palms.
Content: mild+ romance (swoony kisses) 

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