Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Christmas House: A Hickory Grove Novel by Elizabeth Bromke {Review}

The Christmas House: A Hickory Grove Novel by Elizabeth Bromke
Kindle Edition
Publication: October 8th 2019 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given.   

Christmas comes but once a year. Unless you never take down the decorations.
When a pipe in her home freezes and bursts, antiques collector Fern Gale knows her holiday season is off to a bad start. Her house was already a mess and all she wants to do is drink hot chocolate and binge-watch Christmas movies. 

The winter catastrophe pushes Fern to spruce things up at 313 Pine Tree Lane. And that's when she stumbles across a collector's item. The discovery sparks an idea, and for the first time, Fern sees a way out of her clutter. 

But then, her estranged husband turns up, looking for something he left behind when he moved out years ago. Something Fern isn't ready to part with.

If the small-town magpie can reconnect with the love of her life then maybe she'll be more than the lonely woman who lives in The Christmas House.
**Book Two in the Hickory Grove series is a stand-alone romance about a second chance that comes a little later in life. Order your copy in time for the holiday season.**

My Review: 5 Stars

There's something about Bromke's writing style, characters, and stories that resonates with my soul. I think my soul longs for a gentler, simpler time and not this crazy, busy, fast-paced world I live in. Maybe I live in the wrong place or was born in the wrong era, but I love that I can escape to Hickory Grove and find that pace I'm craving.

Fern, whom we met briefly in Book 1, is somewhat of an intimidating recluse and we discover why in this story. I loved the chats that brought two introverts together, the movie buff references, and the neighborly friendship that wakes Fern up and allows her to move on in her life. But most of all, I loved watching two soul mates connect with the magic of the season.

Hickory Grove is a beloved small town in Indiana (almost Kentucky) that oozes a Southern hospitality and charm. I was so excited for their Christmas tree lighting event and could picture it vividly. I loved getting to know previous characters even deeper, although this story can stand alone. If you love small town stories that warm the heart like a Hallmark movie, then this series is for you!
Content:  mild romance (some light innuendo, kissing); very mild religion (the committee in charge of the lighting ceremony is a church-related ladies group and there was one prayer)

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