Monday, December 30, 2019

A Kiss at Christmas by Meg Easton {Review}

A Kiss at Christmas by Meg Easton
Kindle Edition, 206 pages
Published December 13th 2019 by Mountain Heights Publishing
She wants the perfect Christmas. He wants it over already. But fate has other plans for both of them.

Kelli just wants a little perfection in her life. Have the perfect Christmas. Be the perfect daughter. Get the perfect parking spot. Be the perfect employee. And pull the perfect pranks on the adorable but off-limits Parker Brockbank in Trade Shows, the guy she went on a first date with two-and-a-half years ago. The date that was anything but perfect.

You don't always get what you want, and fate has a sense of humor.

Parker wants to ignore Christmas. He usually enjoys it, but since his fiancee broke off their engagement two months ago, canceling his Christmas plans, he doesn't want anything to do with the holiday. All he wants is to move on and go back to being the Parker that pulls pranks on the charming but off-limits Kelli Ellis from Digital and Print Ads.

Fate has a sense of humor with him, too.

Both Parker and Kelli think they're going to be spending the holidays alone. Until the owner of the company they work for--a man who has a secret knack for matchmaking--invites a dozen employees to celebrate Christmas on the beach. With a competition and a prize Kelli and Parker both want, the only way to win is by joining in on the Christmas fun.

And when it comes to winning against each other, Parker and Kelli are nothing if not competitive. Can they get past their workplace rivalry and take a chance on a second date that might just be imperfectly perfect?

My Review: 5 Stars
Have you ever read a book that completely hits the spot? Well, that was this book for me. I was in exactly the right mood for this sweet romance and with its themes of tradition, love, humor, family, and Christmas, along with a romantic beach setting, I was all in from the start.
Kelli is a klutz, plain and simple, but her quirks lead to hilarious moments that make her relatable and realistic. She has the best attitude towards life and is so much fun. Parker is charming and competitive, with a fantastic sense of humor and I loved watching the sparks fly right out of my Kindle. I adore characters such as these and I couldn't read fast enough, yet I definitely didn't want this story to end. 
The themes that connected me to the characters in this book were perfect woven throughout and brought beautiful elements to the story. Although these two come from different backgrounds, they manage to complement and merge in adorable ways. This book, along with Parker and Kelli, encompassed all that is Christmas to me. 

Content: mild romance

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