Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Her Stand-in Fake Fiance by Cindy Roland Anderson {Review}

Her Stand-in Fake Fiance by Cindy Roland Anderson
Kindle Edition, 201 pages
Published December 21st 2019 
 https://amzn.to/3674snA    https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/49754639-her-stand-in-fake-fianc
She secretly has a crush on him. He knows she’s off-limits. What happens if they break all the rules?

Presley Windsor is preparing for the new season of American Ninja Champions, leaving her zero time for anything as frivolous as a boyfriend. When someone posts a picture of her trying on a diamond ring with a mystery man, they assume she’s getting engaged. Instead of telling the public it was all a misunderstanding, Presley’s publicist decides this is the perfect launch for her career and confirms the engagement. Things escalate quickly, and the network wants to reveal her fiancé on national TV, leaving Presley scrambling to find someone to play the role long enough for the special to air. Kade Hunter is her brother’s best friend and makes Presley breathless just looking at him. She’s secretly crushed on him, never dreaming he might have a thing for her too. When he volunteers to be her fake fiancé, Presley keeps reminding herself he’s doing it as a favor to her brother. Everything changes after they kiss under the mistletoe, leaving Presley hoping the magic of Christmas will bring her a real fiancé after all. 

My Review: 5 Stars

Presley is an American Ninja competitor, Princess Warrior, and a mistaken social media post finds her in a situation where she needs a fiance--stat! Kade is only too willing to step in and be that man, but the situation turns out to be more than either of them bargained for.

Secret crushes on a brother's best friend, along with a fake engagement, lead to some very intense swoon with this book. The chemistry showered off the pages like New Year's fireworks and I loved every minute of it. There were some obstacles to overcome, but the deep, mutual respect these characters had for each other, along with a growing adoration and family support, helped them arise to the tasks. My brothers are all younger, but it's fun to imagine if I had an older brother with a hot friend to crush on, so yes, I lived vicariously through Presley in a flashback to the past.

This author's writing style never fails to completely immerse me and I felt like I was a fly on the wall. The characters were fantastically written, both strong yet flawed, and the situations were a combination of heartwarming, hilarious, and realistic. The romantic tension was perfectly captured and captivated me, heart and soul. I couldn't read this one fast enough, but I also didn't want it to end. This is exactly the type of Christmas romance that I love best!

Content: mild+ romance (kissing, sizzling swoon)

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