Monday, December 9, 2019

Hollywood and Ivy by Judy Corry {Review}

Hollywood and Ivy by Judy Corry
Kindle Edition, 270 pages
Published November 18th 2019 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given.
He's got a million fans, but I'm not one of them.

Sure, I’ve watched every movie he’s starred in.

And yes, I read all the tabloids he’s on the cover of.

But that’s only because it was my job as a gossip blogger.

I stopped actually caring about him the night he stood me up for our high school prom.

So when he shows up at the bed-and-breakfast where I’m filling in, I make sure he knows I won’t treat him like royalty just because he’s famous now.

Because I can see through the facade he has his fans believing.

Only, meeting him again isn’t what I expected.

He’s not as full of himself as I thought an A-list star would be.

And when he asks if we can start over, I find myself falling for his charm.

But it could just be a part of his act.

Giving him a second chance would be stupid, right?

My Review: 4 Stars
Have you ever assumed something and then looked back, after realizing the truth, and felt like you've wasted your life away? I think everyone has regrets in life, but Ivy's grudge hurt my soul. And Justin's heart. Because things aren't always as they seem to be.

Ivy and big-time actor, Justin, have a past and when he shows up again years later, Ivy realizes that everything she's thought about him over the years might be wrong. Time and maturity has a way allowing a person to forgive and give a second chance. This story was a fun escape and it's always fun to see a Hollywood hunk as an every day, normal man.
Everyone has a past to overcome and hard challenges to deal with, but I loved how this book handled them in a great way, without bringing the mood down. I completely fell for Justin's charm, as well as the charm of this lovely small town. 
Content: mild romance

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