Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Holiday Hunting Lodge by Jennifer Griffith {Review}

The Holiday Hunting Lodge by Jennifer Griffith
Kindle Edition
Published 2019 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given.
Snow, a hunting lodge, and a flight—both to and from—love.

Music composer Jesse Parrish has a dream contract! He’s been signed to write the soundtrack for a film with award potential. This one job could make his whole career. Twelve themes, all due to the producer at Christmas—but he’s completely blocked. He doesn’t have a single theme, let alone twelve.

He needs to get out of Vancouver and somewhere he can think.

Aspiring private pilot Mattie Daines has been crushing on Jesse since before he started dating Mattie’s older sister. His music makes her heart sing—but what kind of creep-o falls in love with her sister’s boyfriend? That’s half the reason she’s been working as an outdoors guide anywhere but Vancouver for the past couple of years.

When Mattie hears that Jesse is desperate for a private plane to take him to a friend’s mountain lodge, she leaps at the chance, if only to prove that she can be around him without her knees going weak.

Mattie whisks Jesse off to the mountains in her plane, but when bad weather threatens the flight, will this dangerous plane ride also threaten Mattie’s firm resolve not to let feelings for Jesse back into her life?
My Review: 4 Stars
I'm passionate about music and loved the role it played in this story. I wish I could hear the music that Jesse composed, especially as he was inspired by nature and Mattie. 
One thing that I love about this author's books are the metaphors and similes that she uses. They make me smile and when added to the sweet, slightly intense, romance, my heart sang. I wish I could hear the music that Jesse composed because he was intense, focused, and so talented. 
Mattie and Jesse have a somewhat complicated past, but I loved the chemistry that oozes throughout the pages and songs. This is a great holiday romance with some great feels and kisses in the most romantic setting ever.

Content: mild romance

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