Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Trouble With Christmas by Robin Daniels {Review}

The Trouble With Christmas by Robin Daniels
Kindle Edition, 98 pages
Published October 23rd 2019 by Bluefields 
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Chrissy Jensen lives in a town full of Christmas fanatics. Too bad she hates everything about the holiday. Aside from her justifiable grievances, the endless barrage of displays and events is enough to make any girl gag. Nothing has ever been able to thaw her frozen yuletide heart. But when her brother brings a handsome friend home for the holiday, she starts to reconsider her contemptuous attitude. The deliciously yummy houseguest LOVES Christmas. Pretending to share his sentiment couldn’t hurt. Right?

Wrong. The sudden personality transplant doesn’t sit well with her best friend Nate. He perpetuates the deception in order to get even, which causes an agonizing dilemma. Now, Chrissy must keep up the charade—with a cheerful disposition—or risk being caught in her lie.  
My Review: 4 Stars
You'd think with a name like Christmas Eve and living in a town that lives and breathes Christmas, a girl would embrace it all, but not Chrissy. She despises everything about her name and her hometown--until her brother's college roommate comes to town. 
This is such a cute holiday story, with a bit of a love triangle, and I loved the way Chrissy learned to embrace herself and her roots, while maintaining her sassy personality. I enjoyed the Christmas events and traditions of this small town and loved the whole cast of characters. This story played out a bit like a modern-day (gender swapped) Grinch story and it completely melted my heart.
Content: mild romance

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