Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Christmas in Love by Karen Thornell {Review}

Christmas in Love by Karen Thornell

Kindle Edition
Published December 5th 2020 
Source: Kindle Unlimited
A basement flood, a winter storm, and a little holiday magic (okay, maybe a lot) might be just what the doctor prescribed for Natalie and Cade.

Cade hasn't been home for the holidays for three years. Not since the Christmas he planned to propose to Natalie... before she dumped him. This year's Christmas gift? Having to see her again. Surprise!

Natalie is finally settling into a new town. Her bed and breakfast is up and running, she's in charge of the Christmas parade, and she has absolutely zero plans of cozying up to someone special this holiday season. They wouldn't want her anyway. Not with her baggage.

But when Cade shows up at Natalie's B&B, needing a place to stay, the pain of their past begs to be dealt with. Can her secret stay secret? And, more importantly, can her heart stay under lock and key?

Probably not.

My Review: 4 Stars
What are the chances of staying in your ex-girlfriend's B&B in a new, small town? It must be fate that brings Cade and Natalie together again after a series of unfortunate events, but this time, they (or I should say, she) might be ready to seal the deal. 
There's something so sweet about a second chance in a small town that warms my heart. Having grown up in a small town myself, I adored the traditions in this place. It felt like coming home to celebrate with these new friends and to watch a romance unfold before my very eyes.

Both Cade and Natalie are very likable characters and I was cheering them on, especially with the hiccups of their pasts. These are the types of characters who feel like friends and it was a treat to read it by the light of my Christmas tree.

Content: mild romance

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