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How to Not Fall for Your Ex (How to Not Fall Series #4) by Meg Easton {Review}

How to Not Fall for Your Ex (How to Not Fall Series #4) by Meg Easton

Kindle Edition, 195 pages
Published November 30th 2020 by Mountain Heights Publishing 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given
They dated twelve years ago. Because of an anonymous dating app, they’re about to unknowingly date each other again.

Timini Jensen doesn’t think there’s a point to dating. Relationships drag people down. After all, nobody runs faster when they’re in a three-legged race, right? Plus, there’s the part where she seems to pick guys who are only pretty on the outside.

When a friend asks her to test a new dating app his company made that doesn’t allow users to see pictures of potential matches, she tries it out. Since it’s all anonymous and she’s not even looking for someone to date, it’s harmless.

Except she really connects with a guy she’s been messaging—Jackson.

He’s sweet. And great to chat with. The fact that he’s her opposite makes their conversations that much funnier and more interesting.

And she’s about to find out that he is actually her high school ex-boyfriend, Jack Oliver. The guy whose personality flipped when his family’s business suddenly started doing extremely well. The guy who ripped her heart out.

Now she doesn’t know if she can trust that he’s the sweet, funny Jackson she has gotten to know so well through messages, or if he’s the too-good-for-everyone Jack she remembers from high school.

All she knows is that chances are good that she is not going to fall for her ex.

My Review: 5 Stars
One of my favorite things to do is dive into a book without knowing much about it. For me, that only works best when I know and trust an author and love the series--and what a fun surprise! That's exactly what I did with this one. 
I couldn't wait for Timini's story and was slightly unsettled when she succumbed to her friend's new dating app, especially when she matched with and formed an instantaneous connection with an old boyfriend, Jackson--but didn't know it was him! I could see the collision coming and couldn't look away, and that clash led to some awkward and tense moments, but also brought some significant swoon. The witty banter caught my heart and attention and I was completely engrossed in their tale.
As with all of the books in this series, one of the delightful nuggets is the whole cast of characters and their interactions with each other. I feel a part of this fictional group of friends and adore them and their differences, strengths, and weaknesses so much. Timini is a perfectly imperfect short-and-sassy character and Jackson is flawed and fantastic. Together they rocked the finale (I think) of this series as they navigated their way through this story. Loved. It!
Content: mild romance (kissing)

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