Friday, December 18, 2020

One Silent Night (Romeo Family Romance Book 9) by Jennifer Youngblood {Review}

One Silent Night (Romeo Family Romance Book 9) by Jennifer Youngblood

Kindle Edition
Published December 9th 2020 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given.
A standalone Christmas romance with a whole lot of heart and the perfect dash of suspense!

A woman searching for healing, a man desperate for a second chance, and the web of deceit that could destroy them both.

Recently divorced with a young son, Noelle Staley needs a win in her life. She goes back to her hometown of Franklin, Tennessee to live with her aunt, Birdie Romeo. Starting over isn’t easy. All Noelle wants is a quiet Christmas so she can get her bearings and heal from the trauma of her failed marriage. She has no intention of reconnecting with her first love, Holden Hunt, the celebrated football coach who broke her heart.

Forget that Holden is a walking billboard for masculinity with his incredible muscles, deep dimples, and quicksilver personality. Forget that Noelle’s heart goes into overdrive every time she’s near him. Noelle can’t go back down that path again … no matter how much Holden assures her that he’s changed.

With a series of unexplained fires and nasty rumors about the Romeos, Noelle’s quaint hometown might not be safe haven she thought. Why does Noelle get the feeling that she’s being watched? Are dangers lurking in the shadows, or is her paranoia getting the best of her?

Meanwhile, the entire Romeo family is gathering for their annual celebration at the ranch for what they hope will be their best Christmas yet. However, a series of unexpected events throws the family into a state of turmoil as they battle a danger that could destroy all that they hold dear.

My Review: 4 Stars
The Romeo family is one of my favorites and it was a treat to get the second chance story of Holden and Noelle. While there were undertones of suspense and a definite Christian theme running throughout, it was the threads of romance that held the story together in this sweet holiday romance. 
Holden is a changed man but has to prove that to Noelle, while she struggles with trust and getting over the past. They were both likable characters, but there were times when I wanted to hush Noelle, as she would get a little too worked up in front of her son when talking to her terrible ex and his family. I loved the way she and Holden interacted and the way he treated her son.

I adore the loyalty this family shows each other and I love how each member has a unique story to tell.

Content: mild romance; mild suspense; mild+ religious elements

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