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The Candy Cane Kiss by Maggie Dallen {Review}

The Candy Cane Kiss by Maggie Dallen
Kindle Edition, 180 pages
Published November 1st 2018 
 https://amzn.to/2ZuH8xB   https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42615418-the-candy-cane-kiss
Fake kisses shouldn't taste so sweet.

When the new star quarterback at Briarwood High winds up in the hospital over Christmas break, he's sure that's as bad as it can get. 

He's wrong. His day is about to get so much worse. First he's stuck with that irritating new girl from school who's currenly dressed as a holly jolly Christmas elf as she volunteers on his floor. Then his ex shows up and asks his permission to bring her new boyfriend to his family's Christmas party, and then...well, then he makes it all a million times worse by kissing the closest girl at hand, who just happens to be that weirdo candy striper with a penchant for Grandma cardigans and candy-cane striped tights. She also happens to be the only girl at Briarwood who doesn't like him. He couldn't have chosen a worse fake girlfriend if he'd tried. So the question is...if this relationship is all wrong, why does it feel so right?

Lola is a self-proclaimed freak and a military brat just waiting to graduate so she can take the first bus out of Briarwood. She's also more than a little obsessed with all things retro. Including swing dancing. The only problem? Swing dancing requires a partner. Where on earth is she supposed to find a willing dance partner in the sea of conformist mediocrity that is her new high school? Fortunately for her, the arrogant jerk in the hospital bed needs her more than she needs him if he stands any chance of winning back his ex. So yeah, she'll help him. For a price. But the closer they get, the more she hates the idea of handing him over to his perfect ex, and the more she has to wonder. Will she be the one paying the price...with a broken heart?
My Review: 4 Stars
I'm all about characters who are unique and can be true to themselves and that's just how Lola is. She's quirky and has a style all her own (hello, retro?), but this girl has a heart of gold and doesn't seem to care about things that other teens do. What a breath of fresh air! A funny first meet with her complete and total opposite, a jerk, I mean jock, from her school opens the door for all sorts of hilarious trouble. Lucas needs Lola, and Lola needs Lucas...for different reasons, but a fake relationship with each other is exactly what results. 

I'm way past my teen years, but my inner teen loved this story and the way it played out. There were so many instances when things weren't as they seemed and I loved watching these young characters overcome prejudices to accept what is real and different.

This Christmas story is randomly sprinkled with angsty complications, but the overall feeling is sweet and simple. This is just the type of feel-good story that will appeal to teen readers, or the young at heart.

Content: moderate language (one or two more crass words, but mostly a lot of one mild word), mild romance

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