Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Temporary Roomie by Sarah Adams {Review}

The Temporary Roomie (It Happened in Nashville #2) by Sarah Adams

Kindle Edition
Expected publication: April 1st 2021 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given
What happens when you have to play nice with your greatest enemy? Revenge.

Drew Marshall may have let me move into his spare bedroom while my house is being renovated, but don’t think for one second his kindness comes without strings. Big, ugly, fake relationship strings.

That’s okay, though, Dr. Andrew. I’ll agree to your terms, move into your house, and act like
your girlfriend when the big day comes; but I also plan to make your life miserable—make you pay for what you did to me.

I may not be good at forgiving or forgetting, but I’m excellent at getting even.

Get ready to laugh until you cry with this sizzling, hilarious, closed-door romantic comedy!
My Review: 5 Stars
Do you ever wish you could be like someone else? I'm an introvert who always thinks of the perfect comeback hours, or even days, after I need one. Jessie is tough, feisty, independent, and has a rapid wit overflowing with sarcasm. Can I be her? Or could some of her cleverness rub off on me? She's quick on her feet and those comebacks fall from her mouth before she can even finish thinking of them. This raw talent is exactly what pits her against her best friend's brother, Drew. The banter those two had would rival any professional tennis match, with the zingers flying back and forth faster than my dog can snatch a spoonful of peanut butter. But an underlying current of attraction emerges in the middle of the battlefield, which only intensifies the emotions and raises the stakes.  
When pregnant Jessie needs a place to stay, Drew's mostly empty house is the perfect solution, but once again, it's an all-out war of unbelievable pranks that had me gasping, laughing, and even swooning. They've each met their match and it's game on.
Adams has an incredible talent of creating a story with layers. On the surface, the reader sees the humor, but as the coatings are stripped away, a raw vulnerability is discovered, treating the reader to a gamut of emotions, with love and amusement prevailing.
I've never met a Sarah Adams book I haven't not only devoured, but absolutely enjoyed on every level. The pregnant romance trope can be tricky to navigate, but Adams does it brilliantly! Kudos to her for another amazing, swoony story!
Content: mild+ romance (swoony, kissing, some innuendo, implied intimacy); mild+ language

Monday, March 29, 2021

While You Were Speaking (Harvest Ranch Romance Book 10) by Maria Hoagland {Review}

While You Were Speaking (Harvest Ranch Romance Book 10) by Maria Hoagland

ebook, 215 pages
Publication: March 29th 2021 by Red Leaves Press 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given
He wasn’t supposed to fall in love with his brother’s fiancée.

She wasn’t supposed to fall in love at all. ♥ ♥

Lucy Morrowitz has two dreams. First, to reopen the Starlight Drive-In Theater left to her by her parents. And second, to marry her celebrity crush—renowned motivational speaker Carter Hughes. Neither goal is remotely attainable, and she’s fine with that—they’d never been more than a lark—until her co-worker, WHHR’s morning drive DJ Crew Keller, convinces the Harvest Ranch community to rally around Lucy in saving the small-town landmark. Then, when Carter Hughes accepts her Hail Mary of an invitation to give the kickoff speech at the Harvest Ranch spring cleanup, suddenly, neither of her dreams feels quite as far out of reach.

Zachary Hughes, on the other hand, has never been much of a dreamer. He doesn’t have glamorous a job as his brother, but it’s steady and reliable, even if he doesn’t love it. He’s not as well-known, either, but he’s never been one to seek attention. In fact, there’s nothing Carter has that Zach envies—until he meets his fiancée. Because of her, Zach finds himself reaching for more: A job he looks forward to every day, rather than settling for the family business. A town where he’s known, and not just as Carter’s little brother. And the perfect person to spend his life with—someone who laughs with him, challenges him, accepts him, loves him. Someone like Lucy.

And yet, are these the kind of dreams that will bring either one of them happiness? Perhaps the motivational speakers are right—Lucy and Zach can reach your dreams. They just have to make sure they’re reaching for the right ones.

♥ ♥ Enjoy this fresh take on a classic '80s rom-com. A small-town, sweet forbidden romance that has you dreaming of an evening spent at the drive-in with your sweetheart. ♥ ♥

My Review: 5 Stars 
Harvest Ranch strikes again! I love this charming town and I love meeting more of its citizens. Lucy is trying to get the old drive-in movie theater up and running again and when Zach and his family descend upon the town to support his brother, Carter, who is a big-time motivational speaker helping with an event, all the sparks break loose.
The mid-90s film that this story pays tribute to was one of my favorites and I loved the modern take with the small town twist. There were a few scenes that were very reminiscent of the movie and had me smiling and laughing as they played out in my mind. Hoagland does a great job of incorporating the familiar with the original, and the events tied in nicely with the rest of the series, showing a different angle to the big events. 
I loved Lucy and Zach! From their interesting occupations to their sweet interactions to the undeniable chemistry, they slipped right into my heart. Obviously, the supporting cast of characters was as zany and quirky as I hoped they would be and I just couldn't get enough. 
This was another great addition to the Harvest Ranch series. Now...would someone grab me a Dr. Pepper and surprise me with a mix-in?
Content: mild romance 

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Love & Luck (Love & Gelato #2) by Jenna Evans Welch {Review}

Love & Luck (Love & Gelato #2) by Jenna Evans Welch

Hardcover, 303 pages
Published May 8th 2018 by Simon Pulse 
Source: Audiobook
"I wanted this to be real life, not a detour...."

Addie is visiting Ireland for her aunt’s over-the-top destination wedding and hoping she can stop thinking about the one horrible thing that left her miserable and heartbroken—and threatens her future. But her brother, Ian, isn’t about to let her forget, and his constant needling leads to arguments and even a fistfight between the two once-inseparable siblings.

But when Addie discovers an unusual guidebook, Ireland for the Heartbroken, hidden in the dusty shelves of the hotel library, she’s finally able to escape her anxious mind—and Ian’s criticism.

And then their travel plans change. Suddenly Addie finds herself on a whirlwind tour of the Emerald Isle, trapped in the world’s smallest vehicle with Ian and his admittedly cute Irish-accented friend Rowan. As the trio journeys over breathtaking green hills, past countless castles, and through a number of fairy-tale forests, Addie hopes her guidebook will heal not only her broken heart, but also her shattered relationship with her brother.

That is, if they don’t get completely lost along the way.

My Review: 4 Stars
This author has a way of grasping teenage angst and modern issues that teens face by the horns and immersing it all in an emotional story. Addie and her brother, Ian, are fighting while at an aunt's wedding in Ireland and a big change of plans, unbeknownst to their mother, leads them on a wild adventure across the Emerald Isle. 
The sibling relationships pierce the heart, while the guidebook that Addie follows was an unexpected turn. It was difficult not to feel Addie's anxiety over the big secret that is keeping her from her enjoying the normal brother-sister relationship with Ian. Rowan, a new Irish friend, added a lighter element to a somewhat melancholy feel. While there wasn't a lot of romance, the issues between friends and family were plenty, and the cast of characters and charming escapade allowed for an entertaining literary vacation.   

Content: mild language

Friday, March 26, 2021

The Austen Escape by Katherine Reay {Review}

The Austen Escape by Katherine Reay

Paperback, 320 pages
Published November 7th 2017 by Thomas Nelson 
Source: Borrowed from the library
After years of following her best friend’s lead, Mary Davies finds a whimsical trip back to Austen’s Regency England paves the way towards a new future.

Mary Davies lives and works in Austin, Texas, as an industrial engineer. She has an orderly and productive life, a job and colleagues that she enjoys—particularly a certain adorable, intelligent, and hilarious consultant. But something is missing for Mary. When her estranged and emotionally fragile childhood friend Isabel Dwyer offers Mary a two-week stay in a gorgeous manor house in Bath, Mary reluctantly agrees to come along, in hopes that the holiday will shake up her quiet life in just the right ways. But Mary gets more than she bargained for when Isabel loses her memory and fully believes that she lives in Regency England. Mary becomes dependent on a household of strangers to take care of Isabel until she wakes up.

With Mary in charge and surrounded by new friends, Isabel rests and enjoys the leisure of a Regency lady. But life gets even more complicated when Mary makes the discovery that her life and Isabel’s have intersected in more ways that she knew, and she finds herself caught between who Isabel was, who she seems to be, and the man who stands between them. Outings are undertaken, misunderstandings play out, and dancing ensues as this triangle works out their lives and hearts among a company of clever, well-informed people who have a great deal of conversation.

My Review: 4 Stars
I wanted a tale that mimicked another book with a similar premise--a jaunty trip to England to delve into all things Regency, with little side romances blooming up among the flowers. This story was entertaining and took some interesting turns, but wasn't what I was expecting..and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Although the more I think about it, this book does have characters patterned slightly after beloved book characters. 
Mary is walked all over by crazy Isabel and tied to her in inexplicable ways, yet she just can't break free. Isabel is the victim of neglect and only wants to be loved and accepted for who she is, going to extreme lengths to feel even a glimpse of those desperately longed for feelings. Nathan is amazing, but too vague in his Texas interactions with these two best friends, leaving a messy situation to be dealt with. However, the events gave way to a charming story that definitely entertained.

This author has a unique way of drawing classics into her contemporary offerings, giving them a slight depth, with good lessons and messages, mingled with fun.

Content: mild romance; vague talk of past neglect.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

It's Just Business (The Wedding Business #2) by Summer Dowell {Review}

It's Just Business (The Wedding Business #2) by Summer Dowell

Kindle Edition
Publication: March 25th 2021 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given 

I despise him. I despise everything about this business-stealing man who has eyes the color of hot chocolate and a perfectly sun-kissed tan I can’t stop thinking about...Like I said, despise.

Having grown up with a mom who had more boyfriends than a flower has petals, I have zero fairy tale aspirations of true love. It doesn't exist. But when a dreamy man with the perfect smile and a propensity for volunteering keeps running into me, I start to think maybe I was wrong all along.

That is until I realize he's the scumbag that stole my flower shop right out from under me.

I know I should be the bigger person. Move on. But somehow, revenge seems the only answer. Pity, revenge seems to be showing me that Austin might actually be a good person instead of the villain I painted him to be.

In the end, it's all just business though, isn't it?”

A laugh-out-loud, enemies to lovers romance that is full of all the sarcasm and swoons!

My Review: 5 Stars
Have you ever been mortally embarrassed for a fictional character? Yeah, that was me while reading this story. Haley and Austin have a magnetic first meet and the consequential random run-ins following only led to lots of pranks, swoon, and blushing. 
Haley is a feisty and determined wedding florist and Austin is an aspiring restaurateur, and what starts as a subtle battle for a business location ends up as an over-the-top payback--all in the name of business. The pranks become overblown and out of control, but it's sometimes it's hard to stop the ball once it starts rolling. I couldn't believe how much effort and creativity went into this devious plan, and I was laughing and cringing throughout. 
This author does a fantastic job of creating likable characters that find themselves in both heartfelt and humorous situations. I wanted to put the brakes on the antics so many times, but then they'd give way to the undeniable attraction and I'd just swoon the pages away. I loved it all and the epilogue was the bonus that dreams are made of.

Content: mild romance

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

If It's Perfect (The Wedding Business Book 1) by Summer Dowell {Review}

If It's Perfect (The Wedding Business Book 1) by Summer Dowell

Kindle Edition, 192 pages
Published October 22nd 2020
Source: Kindle Unlimited

One thing I learned this week: DO NOT flirt while at a client’s wedding. (especially with anyone in a tux)

Success-driven Hope Fletcher has some lofty goals for her life. But is it really too much to want a thriving cake design business by age 29? Marry a perfect (emphasis on the perfect) man by age 30? Then have the kids, dog, and house in suburbia by age 34? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Dean. Wonderful, dreamy Dean who loves kids (and will eventually grow to love dogs) steps into Hope's world. He's the exact type of man she's been looking for and she starts falling. Hard.

But will Hope's perfect image of Dean crumble when she finds out about his past?

A clean, loud-out-loud romantic comedy that's full of sarcasm and swoons!



My Review: 5 Stars

If you're looking for something as light and fun as buttercream frosting, this is the book for you! Hope is a perfectionist, with rigid goals and looking for the perfect man. The meet cute with Dean was humorous and sweet, and what follows was a deliciously delightful concoction of pure RomCom fun. 

This author has a wonderful sense of humor that flows right through to the characters and the entertaining situations they found themselves in. As Hope is a cake decorator, wedded bliss and all its trappings (bridezillas and all) decorated the pages like fondant flowers. Not only did this story leave me drooling for cake, but I was also in love with the budding romance and was ready to fight Hope for perfectly imperfect Dean.

In a true RomCom fashion, this book delivered snark, witty banter that sizzled, drama, secrets, humor, romance, and more, and I devoured it about as fast as I would a five tiered, multi-flavored wedding cake. This one was a winner in my book!

Content: mild romance 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

One More Chance (Romeo Family Romance #11) by Jennifer Youngblood {Review}

One More Chance (Romeo Family Romance #11) by Jennifer Youngblood

Kindle Edition, 206 pages
Published March 16th 2021 by Arbor House Books 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given
The one you’ve been waiting for … Knox and Birdie’s story, the stunning conclusion of the Romeo Family Romance Series.

Knox and Birdie Romeo have had their share of heartaches, and yet, they’ve managed to weather the storm. They’ve raised a good, productive family and are looking forward to the time when they will have more grandchildren.

Despite past indiscretions that broke apart their marriage, they’re in a good place now—they’re best friends. Do they dare reach for anything more?

Things are about to get tricky when Birdie’s former boyfriend moves back to town and tries to win her back.

My Review: 4 Stars
The Romeo Family series has been a delight and has delivered all types of romance tropes. From the start, the reader sees that the patriarch and matriarch of this family are no longer married, yet they have a very amicable relationship and come together often for the sake of their large family. This final conclusion to the series was full of suspense, romance, hope, and surprises. 
This author has a way of drawing the reader into her writing, engaging all types of emotions, and I enjoy getting lost in her books. Although I'm no longer young (physically), I personally don't enjoy romance books with main characters my age or older and that was a hard hurdle for me to get over. The characters are solid and come to life with their individually unique personalities. Youngblood does a great job with this second chance romance, answering questions and tying up loose ends, and it was fun to get an ending...with a tangent of something new.

Content: mild romance; mild moments of peril/danger; talk of death, cheating, murder, cancer) 

Monday, March 22, 2021

A Kiss to Build a Dream On by Holly Stevenson {Review}

A Kiss to Build a Dream On (Harvest Ranch Romance #9) by Holly Stevenson

Kindle Edition, 178 pages
Publication: March 22nd 2021 by Olive Leaf Press 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given 

She’s determined to save her orchard … even if it means dealing with an imposing film producer for a while.

Meg Atwood loves the orchard she grew up on and would do anything to keep it afloat, including allowing it to be used as the filming location for the next Fletcher Forsyth movie. Meg isn’t excited about having her beloved land overrun with actors and film crews, but she can’t turn down the money they’re offering—even if she has to put up with the arrogant film producer for a little while.

The moment Fletcher laid eyes on the rural Virginia farmhouse and surrounding orchards he knew it would be an ideal filming location. What he didn’t expect was the cute orchard owner to prove to be such a distraction. Meg is completely different from the women Fletcher has known, and he finds himself falling fast for the hard-working country girl. But Meg seems just as protective of her heart as she is of her property.

As Meg and Fletcher spend time together, the attraction between them blossoms like the first buds of spring and they’ll have to decide whether to let the frost of fear and doubt harden their hearts, or whether they can let love bloom where its planted.

My Review: 4 Stars
One of my favorite things about this series is to see the same events and characters from other stories make appearances from a slightly different perspective. I love this small community of Harvest Ranch and I'm enjoying the many facets and people. This story showcases an orchard and the hardworking brother and sister who run it. In order to bring in more money, Dillon allows it to be used for a film and Meg is against all things Hollywood, but steps in to help out when a family emergency arises.
The director, Fletcher, formed an insta-attraction with Meg, but there are obstacles to climb. This author does a good job of blending Hollywood and farm life with two fantastic characters who each possess some depth and stubbornness. Although Meg is fiercely independent and headstrong, she is also loyal and feels things deeply, which made her easy for me to relate to.
Most of this book took place within a day or two, so it felt like things happened quite quickly for my taste, but when you know, you know. It was heartwarming to watch these individuals come together for a common cause and I look forward to seeing these new friends again.
Content: mild romance

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Springtime Love at the Homestead Inn (the Haven Hills Homestead Inn #1) by Kimberly Krey {Review}

Springtime Love at the Homestead Inn (The Haven Hills Homestead Inn #1) by Kimberly Krey

Kindle Edition
Expected publication: March 18th 2021 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given
She's a billionaire thrust into hiding. He's a wealthy cowboy seeking solitude. When the two are roped into running his granddad's inn, they're captured by an unforeseen romance. But will the secrets of her past destroy their blooming love?


Five billionaire siblings are sent into hiding when their mafia-linked granddad makes a plea bargain that puts them at risk. Through a relocation program, they're sent to help run The Homestead Inn.

Now each must hide their secret past, adapt to their unexpected future, and learn how to answer the call when love comes knocking.

My Review: 4 Stars
What an intriguing premise! Krey has a way of captivating a reader with her elements of swoon and danger, and this series is no exception to her style. Homestead Inn is a solid place to settle down in with a fresh start, and although Andie and her brothers come across as being superior and impersonal, especially towards each other, a little digging uncovers some pretty great characters.
I enjoyed watching Andie evolve and thrive in her new role, while simultaneously finding love. The chemistry is palpable from the very first meeting with cowboy Trenton, who has secrets of his own. I love a story with themes of loyalty and family, and this book had them in spades. The hints of danger looming over the pages was very compelling.
The setting is like a warm, cozy hug--perfect for those seeking safety--and I'm eagerly anticipating the other books in the series. I can't wait to get to know these brothers better!  
Content: mild romance; brief mention of past violence

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Second First Kiss: A Romantic Comedy by Jennifer Griffith {Review}

Second First Kiss: A Romantic Comedy by Jennifer Griffith

Kindle Edition, 191 pages
Publication: March 17th 2021 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given 

A torching kiss on a long-ago high school dare just might flare up again.

Back in high school, Jasher Hotchkiss and Sage Everton shared one perfect kiss at a kissing booth.

Now, they've both returned to their hometown of Mendon. Bachelor Jasher is there against his will as the reluctant new general surgeon. Widowed Sage is the hospital’s underappreciated nurse anesthetist.

They see each other daily.

Neither has forgotten that mind-blowing kiss.

However, if Jasher is universally loathed by the town's citizens and Sage carries a potentially lethal dating curse, is there any chance at a second first kiss?

Laugh and swoon as these two medical professionals get coerced into dating each other in Kissing Dr. Hotchkiss. Read this fun, sassy romantic comedy set in a small town hospital with quirky characters and hilarious dialogue and situations.

Jennifer Griffith is the Swoony Award-winning author of hilarious romances that are like cotton candy for your soul.

Kissing Dr. Hotchkiss is set in the same world as Jennifer’s Forever Home Romances and her Christmas House Romances series. Grab them all for sweet escapes!

My Review: 5 Stars
I can always count on this author to deliver a sweet, funny, and utterly swoony story and it totally hit the spot! And one little hidden gem is that the setting has the same name as my hometown. Although it's different in many ways, I feel like I spent a little time back at home and it was so tender.

Jasher is back and the town has a grudge against him, but the silver lining is working with his former teenage crush, Sage. I adored these characters so much! The medical scene was intriguing and fun--it was almost like watching an edited version of a popular medical TV show unfold in my mind. 
The chemistry was flammable and watching it slowly ignite as Jasher and Sage participated in the wonderful experiences that Mendon had to offer was the icing on this delightfully sweet story. All I can say is, Hot Kisses from Dr. Hot Kiss...
Content: mild romance; mild violence/medical descriptions

Monday, March 15, 2021

Dashing into Disaster by Rachel John {Review}

Dashing into Disaster (An Austen Inspired Romantic Comedy, Book 4) by Rachel John

ebook, 178 pages
Publication: March 15th 2021 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given


Elinor Dashwood has found the perfect job. There’s only one little catch… her boss.

Edward’s gorgeous, kind, and taken. Well, maybe. There’s something odd about his engagement to the town’s sweetheart, and it seems like he wants Elinor to figure it out.

Nope. Detective Elinor is not on the case. She’ll just admire him from afar like every other sensible person with an unrequited crush.

Edward Ferrars was just fine pretending to be engaged until Elinor moved to town, started working for him, and decided to invade his thoughts. Now his fake fiancée has set her sights on Elinor as enemy number one, and Elinor is the last person who deserves to be called a homewrecker.

He’s ready to call off this out-of-control favor, but if he unleashes the wrath of his fake fiancée, will Elinor be along for the ride?

Dive into this modern take on Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility with all the characters you know and love.


My Review: 5 Stars  

Moving to a new town when you're down on your luck isn't easy, but I loved watching Elinor and her mom and sisters settle in. A hilarious first encounter with Edward only triggered a series of chance meetings that left me swooning and smiling. There's a mystery surrounding this handsome man and it was so entertaining to watch what resulted from the big secret. But the biggest surprise was the amount of magnetism that drew me right in and left me feeling head-over-heels in love with this charming story.

John pulls off a very pleasant modern rendition of an Austen classic and I was attracted to the plot and wonderful characters from start to finish. This story was light, flirty, and silly fun, yet it was also grounded, if that makes sense. I haven't read the rest of the series, but you can bet they're in my TBR pile now!

Content: mild romance

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Hometown Heart Beat by Amberlee Day {Review}

Hometown Heart Beat by Amberlee Day

Kindle Edition, 187 pages
Publication: March 15th 2021 by Appletree Cove Publishing 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given
City girl finds love with a country boy?

That only happens in the movies.

Or at least that’s what single mom Ronnie tells herself when she sees the hunky cowboy on her aunt’s farm. It's fine to take the occasional peek at his broad shoulders and irresistible grin, but no way is she interested in getting to know him. Why bother? She’s only in town for a couple of months, and with one giant heartbreak already hanging over her head, she has no desire to open herself up for another one.

Noah is in complete agreement. Love doesn’t have a place in his life, not after his disastrous relationship history. Even if it did, he wouldn’t choose Ronnie, who clearly thinks she’s too good for small-town life.

But something about Harvest Ranch puts Ronnie off her game, and she can’t seem to stop making a fool of herself around Noah—who is turning out to be a nice guy, darn it!

Will Harvest Ranch work its magic and help these two opposites find love? Or will Ronnie leave her heart behind in this small town?
My Review: 5 Stars 

Have you ever had a first meet that didn't go exactly as planned...even if it really wasn't planned? Noah and Ronnie do not get off on the right foot when Ronnie comes to town to check in on the elderly aunt that Noah works for. Although the tension was high with these complete opposites, I couldn't help but laugh at the sticky mess they found themselves in. This charming book read like a Hallmark movie and I loved the references to that channel. 

Day did a great job of smashing two opposite worlds into a divinely sweet romance, swirling in references to added viewpoints of events in other books in this series, which left me in a sentimental pile of goo. I love Harvest Ranch and each story adds a new dimension to my level of like.

Aunt Doe, Ellie, the newspaper, definitely the chickens, and more, were lively, humorous additions to this pleasant romance and I just couldn't get enough.

Content: mild romance

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Chasing Moonbeams by Cindy Roland Anderson {Review}

Chasing Moonbeams by Cindy Roland Anderson

Kindle Edition, 139 pages
Published February 26th 2021 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given


Her heart's been broken too many times.
He was the first one to break it.
Will fate give them a second chance?

When recently divorced Callie Stewart, an aspiring country music artist, confronts the dishonest talent agent who stole her new song, he turns the tables on her, and her world spins out of control. Without proof she composed the hit song, Callie is forced to take her twin boys with her, move out of Nashville and live with her aunt in Georgia. Having her dreams shattered leaves her trying to figure out how she will support her little family. Reconnecting with Ty Carter, her long-ago crush from high school and the guy who broke her heart, has her questioning her resolve to leave romance out of her new life. Ty isn't just a good-looking cowboy, he's sweet to her boys and makes Callie feel beautiful and alive. As her feelings for Ty grow stronger, the music reawakens inside her, inspiring her creativity and the desire to sing. Giving love a second chance might be the key to a forever love, and the start of a new music career...but can it be both?

Author's Note: This book originally appears as The Cowboy's Second Go, in the Big Sky Timeless Western Collection. Chasing Moonbeams features a never before published epilogue you won't want to miss! It also has been updated with added content that more closely ties into the Georgia Moon Romance series.


My Review: 5 Stars

Anderson has a way of writing that brings a smile to my face. Her stories are sweet and swoony, hinge on a meet cute, and are marinated in humor--and this one is no different.

Callie has been wronged and is starting over back home as a single mom of twin boys. A man from her teenage past is now a part of her present and I love the ways they keep running into each other, but I especially enjoyed their first meeting after years. Adorable! Ty regrets his last interaction with Callie and I loved how he can man-up and admit his wrongs. 

The walks by the lake and porch swing talks, combined with the sparks that are still sparking like fireflies after all these years, added to the precocious twins made for an enchantingly sweet contemporary romance. I love Anderson's writing style and I really loved the way music played such a big part of the story. I found myself wishing I could hear these songs and go through the creative process with Callie. 

I'll say it again--adorable! I loved every minute of it.

Content: mild romance (swoony, kissing)

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Rough Stock (Lost Creek Rodeo Book 3) by Heather B Moore, Rebecca Connolly, Sophia Summers {Review}

Rough Stock (Lost Creek Rodeo Book 3) by Heather B Moore

Kindle Edition, 258 pages
Published March 9th 2021
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given
Life on the road is good . . . Until he meets her and realizes what he’s missing.

Westin Farr has been focused on one thing. To match his dad’s perfect 100-point record in professional bull riding. It’s getting closer; he can feel it. Although he misses his dad, life is good. Westin spends his days on the road, his nights bull riding, and his free time with his former college rodeo buddies—the Original Six. But when he meets the feisty Silvia Diaz, Westin finds that his lofty goals might not be so important after all.

The last thing Silvia wants to do is ‘work on herself’ at Broken Hearts Ranch in the tiny town of Lost Creek, Texas. And the last thing she needs is a cowboy sweet-talking her into staying. She agrees to give the place one week, one week only, and then she’s returning to normal life. Not even a bull rider who seems to look straight into her heart can change her mind . . . until he does.

My Review: 4 Stars
I'm a big fan of the Lost Creek Rodeo setting and loved getting to know the bull rider, Westin, much, much better. According to country songs, some cowboys are good at loving and leaving a woman, but Westin is a gentleman and as loyal and honest as they come--a salt-of-the-earth type of guy. His truck is as old as his hat and he often sleeps under said truck. He's a very charming and hard working character and the perfect match up for feisty Latina, Silvia. She's a spitfire and determined to get out from under the thumb of her overprotective older brother, who just happens to be one of the Belltown Six Pack pro baseball players! I loved her spunk and sass. This mashup of characters from different series, as the Prosper family makes appearances too, warmed my heart.
This story is one that gradually wormed its way right into my heart, with the wide skies, horses, first country experiences, and swoony sparks. I could picture the rodeo events and almost held my breath with those terrifying bull rides. 
Although each character has issues to overcome in this series, their challenges aren't too heavy. I love the bits and pieces that each installment adds to build this town into something special. And as an added bonus? This book has recipes for guacamole AND barbecue sauce and I was craving some good food while reading.

Content: mild language; mild moments of violence/peril due to rodeo

Before Time Runs Out (A Charles & Company Romance, Book 1) by Amy Matayo {Review}

Before Time Runs Out (A Charles & Company Romance, Book 1) by Amy Matayo 

Kindle Edition, 223 pages
Published 9 March 2021
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given
Graduate student Bree Sanders is failing the one class she needs to get her degree. So when her professor gives her an ultimatum—ace her dissertation or risk having to repeat her final semester—she knows she has to pull out all the stops. After scrambling for an idea, she decides to create her own Ghost Club, a club that blames ghosts for unsolved crimes, the same type of club originally founded two centuries ago by Charles Dickens.

What she doesn’t expect is to find an original copy of one of Dickens’ early works, or to be transplanted into Dickens’s actual ghost club meeting, circa 1870, the instant she picks it up.

When Bree shows up in nineteenth-century England wearing cut-offs and an old t-shirt, her only option is to hide. The Cambridge of 1870 won’t look kindly on a woman dressed like her. So, when Theodore Keyes finds her tucked behind a bookcase at the Trinity College library and immediately demands to know where she came from, she knows he doesn’t belong here either. Turns out she’s right; the same book caused him to time-travel from 1947 almost three months ago and he’s been stuck in England since.

Together, the two vow to work side-by-side in their search for the lost book that will take them home. But as their feelings for one another deepen, Theo and Bree are caught between a desire to return to the lives they each left behind, and the knowledge that if they find the book, they won’t be able to leave together.

In the end, they each must decide which sacrifice is worth making—the one that will cost them their hearts, or the one that could cost them their very existence.

My Review: 5 Stars
Time travel can be a little hit or miss for me. Sometimes it's believable and sometimes it's pretty far-fetched, so I was a little nervous. WHY?! I mean, it's Amy Matayo, so of course she could pull off something so unique and interesting, still infuse a healthy dose of her typical style, and totally make it work!  
Bree is an overwhelmed college student grasping at straws to get her master's degree and suddenly finds herself flung back to 1870s England--straight into the time of her all-time idol, Charles Dickens. Theo is a fellow time traveler, but from 1947, and together they brave many challenges and perilous experiences to discover secrets and a way back home. I was so intrigued and entertained by the events that unfolded along their journey. So many minor details of the time period were suddenly forefront in my mind and Matayo did a brilliant job of merging three different times.
Bree is modern and spunky, but has an old soul stuck in the past. It was amusing to watch her navigate what she feels would be her ideal life. I enjoyed watching her interact with Theo and fell a little bit in love with his adaptability and seriousness. I honestly had no idea how things could possibly come together, yet come together they did. The twists and turns were perfectly complicated, and I'm beyond thrilled that this is Book 1 (that means more is coming--hooray!). 
Content: mild romance; mild+ language; mild moments of peril/danger 

Monday, March 8, 2021

Falling For My Sister's Ex by Catelyn Meadows {Review}

Falling For My Sister's Ex (Harvest Ranch Romance Book 7) by Catelyn Meadows

ebook, 186 pages

Published: March 8, 2021

Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given



If you love the first flowers of spring, the sunlight dancing off rain drops, and a warm breeze brushing across your skin, then you'll love Harvest Ranch in the springtime.

Come for a visit or stay for a while, you're always welcome in this small town.

She's had to force her feelings for him away.
Now that he's no longer with her sister, does she dare take a chance?

Jeremy was the boy next door.
Blaire's first love.
Her first kiss.

After he graduated from college and moved back to Harvest Ranch, his attention shifted to Blaire's twin sister, Savannah, instead. Blaire has been forced to suppress her feelings and watch their relationship grow faster than the tulips in the field her family owns.

But right in the middle of their engagement, they break up.

Savannah claims he cheated.

Jeremy's brother says she did.

Blaire isn't sure who is telling the truth, so she goes right to the source. She meant to remain an impartial seeker of the truth, but talking to Jeremy has always had the ability to scramble her senses. When she finds out what really happened, she's left with a painful decision--

Following her heart means turning against her family's wishes and her own resolve. Can she trust the man she's always loved or is she better off without him?


My Review: 3.5 Stars  

Relationships are sometimes very complicated. Twins Savannah and Blaire both fell for the same guy at one time or another--their long-time neighbor, Jeremy. Although he went back and forth between the two, Jeremy is a very reasonable and smart man, and I kept wondering how in the world he ended up engaged to Savannah. Don't worry--the puzzle pieces fall into place, just as with any good story, but I still had to question him. But...cheating isn't my favorite trope.

I already fell in love with Harvest Ranch and it was really fun to see it from a different perspective. The tulip fields and festival that Blaire's family runs was so intriguing and I loved visualizing it and smelling it in my mind. I loved the descriptions of the events and the work that went into preparing things. And although complex, I really enjoyed the intricacies of the many different relationships. I adored Blaire and the way she and Jeremy first connected as teens.

Content: mild romance (lots of cheating in marriage, engagements, relationships)

Saturday, March 6, 2021

His Small Town Fresh Start by Lucy McConnell {Review}

His Small-Town Fresh Start (Harvest Ranch Romance #6) by Lucy McConnell

ebook, 186 pages
Published March 1st 2021 by Orchard View Publishing LLC
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given


Welcome to Harvest Ranch

Settling in a small town sounds like heaven for Lucky except for the prickly cowgirl with the beautiful long hair. Winning her over could take a lifetime, but what a wonderful like that would be.

Swayzie Westbrook has no patience for rodeo cowboys. They breeze into town, looking for spring flings, and then disappear just when things start to get hot. Lucky claims he's here to stay, but it'll take more than his charming smile and washing the dishes to prove to her heart that he's worth the risk.

Will Lucky be the man he claims and hold Swayzie close? Or will his wild heart lead him back to the life he left behind?

Find out in this clean, small town romance full of romance and family.


My Review: 5 Stars

There's something so soothing to my soul about a small town full of a very loyal extended family. Harvest Ranch immediately swept me away to a place where I could almost smell the dirt and horses, feel the cool breeze on my face, and catch real-life glimpses of these delightful characters.   

Hardworking Swayzie and rodeo bronc riding star Lucky come together to help out their brother and sister, who are married to each other, but Lucky gets under Swayzie's skin like a prickly burr underneath a saddle. He loves to rile her up with his flirtatious charm, but she's a tough cowgirl with no patience for that kind of rodeo behavior. I love how intent they each were with their convictions--his was to tease the edge of danger and hers was to stubbornly resist, and this combination was an arrow of swoon straight to the heart.

I didn't want to stop reading this story about an arrogant cowboy and a sassy cowgirl. The whole family and community wrapped me up in a warm hug. I eagerly devoured every page and loved watching the bristles soften, the humor and coquetry emerge, and the chemistry start to ignite at every interaction. Yee-haw! I can't wait for more!

Content: mild+ romance (kissing)