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While You Were Speaking (Harvest Ranch Romance Book 10) by Maria Hoagland {Review}

While You Were Speaking (Harvest Ranch Romance Book 10) by Maria Hoagland

ebook, 215 pages
Publication: March 29th 2021 by Red Leaves Press 
Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given
He wasn’t supposed to fall in love with his brother’s fiancée.

She wasn’t supposed to fall in love at all. ♥ ♥

Lucy Morrowitz has two dreams. First, to reopen the Starlight Drive-In Theater left to her by her parents. And second, to marry her celebrity crush—renowned motivational speaker Carter Hughes. Neither goal is remotely attainable, and she’s fine with that—they’d never been more than a lark—until her co-worker, WHHR’s morning drive DJ Crew Keller, convinces the Harvest Ranch community to rally around Lucy in saving the small-town landmark. Then, when Carter Hughes accepts her Hail Mary of an invitation to give the kickoff speech at the Harvest Ranch spring cleanup, suddenly, neither of her dreams feels quite as far out of reach.

Zachary Hughes, on the other hand, has never been much of a dreamer. He doesn’t have glamorous a job as his brother, but it’s steady and reliable, even if he doesn’t love it. He’s not as well-known, either, but he’s never been one to seek attention. In fact, there’s nothing Carter has that Zach envies—until he meets his fiancée. Because of her, Zach finds himself reaching for more: A job he looks forward to every day, rather than settling for the family business. A town where he’s known, and not just as Carter’s little brother. And the perfect person to spend his life with—someone who laughs with him, challenges him, accepts him, loves him. Someone like Lucy.

And yet, are these the kind of dreams that will bring either one of them happiness? Perhaps the motivational speakers are right—Lucy and Zach can reach your dreams. They just have to make sure they’re reaching for the right ones.

♥ ♥ Enjoy this fresh take on a classic '80s rom-com. A small-town, sweet forbidden romance that has you dreaming of an evening spent at the drive-in with your sweetheart. ♥ ♥

My Review: 5 Stars 
Harvest Ranch strikes again! I love this charming town and I love meeting more of its citizens. Lucy is trying to get the old drive-in movie theater up and running again and when Zach and his family descend upon the town to support his brother, Carter, who is a big-time motivational speaker helping with an event, all the sparks break loose.
The mid-90s film that this story pays tribute to was one of my favorites and I loved the modern take with the small town twist. There were a few scenes that were very reminiscent of the movie and had me smiling and laughing as they played out in my mind. Hoagland does a great job of incorporating the familiar with the original, and the events tied in nicely with the rest of the series, showing a different angle to the big events. 
I loved Lucy and Zach! From their interesting occupations to their sweet interactions to the undeniable chemistry, they slipped right into my heart. Obviously, the supporting cast of characters was as zany and quirky as I hoped they would be and I just couldn't get enough. 
This was another great addition to the Harvest Ranch series. Now...would someone grab me a Dr. Pepper and surprise me with a mix-in?
Content: mild romance 

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