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Campfires and Kisses (Harvest Ranch Romance #13) by MK Dymock {Review}

Campfires and Kisses (Harvest Ranch Romance #13) by MK Dymock

ebook, 189 pages

Published April 19, 2021

Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given



A fake engagement, two sworn enemies—what could go wrong?

Rielle rarely saw her parents, but she found a surrogate father in John, the owner of a nearby children’s camp. Now he’s left half of it to her. A dream come true—except she has to share her inheritance with John’s neglectful son who abandoned his father years ago.

Sutton wants nothing more than to sell the rundown camp and its bitter memories—his dad was the perfect dad to every kid except his own son. 

The camp has fallen on hard times, and Rielle doesn’t have the money to buy out Sutton. With their last dollar, they plan a singles camp—promising adventure and love. Someone starts the rumor the old enemies are engaged, and suddenly the camp sells out.

All Sutton and Rielle need to do is fake the engagement for a week. Then they can finally disappear from each other’s lives . . . if that’s what they still want.


My Review: 4.5 Stars

Rielle and Sutton have a deep hatred for one another, yet they are bound together in a risky business attempt to cut ties once and for all. An entrancing enemies-to-love with characters thrust into a fake engagement was just the thing for a weekend of reading.

Rielle and Sutton each have thick layers of hurt to unravel and I loved how these coverings were slowly peeled away through the course of the story. Honestly, Sutton wasn't very likable at first. He came across as cold and unfeeling, while Rielle was a bucket full of sunshine--until it came to dealing with him and his exasperating ways.

The premise of a week-long love-finding adventure in the hills around the glorious small town of Harvest Ranch was an exciting escapade, especially when trouble arises, bringing these opponents together. This is my first Dymock book and it won't be my last. I really enjoyed the way this author blended growth and entertainment. My only wish was for a few more sparks earlier on.

Content: mild romance; mild scene of danger/peril 

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