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The Stolen Princess (Desolation #3) by Kortney Keisel {Review}

The Stolen Princess (Desolation #3) by Kortney Keisel

ebook, 362 pages

Published April 26, 2021

Source: I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given



She's falling for a man she hates. He's betting on her trust.

Princess Mykaleen Adler would do anything to save her dying father. But, when she's kidnapped by a rival kingdom's commander, her devotion wavers. Developing feelings for her enemy could destroy her future and her kingdom. Unless her charming captor is the one person telling her the truth. 

Drake Vestry's focus is on finding King Adler's deadly weapons. Unfortunately, the only way to the weapons is through the king's daughter, who happens to be the most distracting and entertaining assignment he's ever had. Gaining the princess's trust might mean losing his heart forever.

She's fighting for her kingdom. He's committed to his mission. Can they find their way together, or will broken trust be the most destructive weapon of all?

Perfect for fans of The Selection Series.This is the third book in the Desolation Series and should be read AFTER The Promised Prince. 


My Review: 4 Stars

***First of all, you must read The Promised Prince before opening this book up.***  

Myka and Drake have an adorable first encounter, but then things take a little spin and quickly set them completely against one another. Although there is an undercurrent of undeniable attraction, there is also a thread of hurt, anger, and almost hatred. I had to laugh at Myka's antics as she tried to resist the kidnapping, but never fear. She's a very capable and resourceful young woman and it was entertaining to watch her ingenuity come to life.

I loved Drake from TPP and my love for him only grew throughout this book. He's loyal, funny, and a protector. The cast of kidnappers was great and I loved Myka's names for them. The events that occured surrounding that event hung heavy with a sense of foreboding, but there were moments of humor, intrigue, and discovery that lightened it up at times.

Keisel did a good job of connecting the intersecting missions with some adventure, romance (who knew a pinkie could be romantic?!), and danger. The culmination of this story was gasp-worthy and I loved the build up. Such a good story.

Content: mild+ violence (kidnapping, deaths/murders, near attack, etc); mild romance

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